Biblical Topics

Aaron - Age of, at death Aaron - Character of Aaron - Children of Aaron - Commissioned as a deliverer of Israel Aaron - Death and burial of Aaron - Descendants of Aaron - Descendants of, ordained priests forever Aaron - Forbidden to mourn the death of his sons, Nadab and Abihu Aaron - His benedictions upon the people Aaron - His presumption, when the rock is smitten Aaron - Inspiration of Aaron - Intercedes for Miriam Aaron - Jealous of Moses Aaron - Judges Israel in the absence of Moses Aaron - Lineage of Aaron - Makes the golden calf Aaron - Marriage of Aaron - Meets Moses in the wilderness and is made spokesman for Moses Aaron - Murmured against, by the people Aaron - Not permitted to enter Canaan Aaron - Places pot of manna in the ark Aaron - Priesthood of Aaron - Rod of, buds Aaron - Rod of, preserved Aaron - Stays the plague by priestly intercession Aaron - Summoned to Sinai with Nadab, Abihu, and seventy elders Aaron - With Hur supports the hands of Moses during battle Abaddon - The angel of the bottomless pit. Abagtha - A Persian chamberlain. Abana - River of Damascus. Abba - Father. Abda - Father of Adoniram. Abdeel - Father of Shelemiah. Abdi - Father of Kish. Abdiel - A Gadite. Abdon - 1. A judge of Israel, in the time of the judges Abdon - 2. A Levitical city Abdon - 3. A Benjamite chief Abdon - 4. Son of Gibeon Abdon - 5. Son of Micah, called Achbor Abed-Nego - Called also Azariah, a Jewish captive in Babylon. Abel - 2. A stone Abel-Beth-Maachah - Sheba slain in Abel-Beth-Maachah - Taken by Ben-Hadad Abel-Beth-Maachah - Taken by Tiglath Abel-Meholah - A city near the Jordan Abel-Meholah - Elisha's birthplace Abel-Mizraim - Place where the Israelites mourned for Jacob. Abez - A city of Issachar. Abi - Called Abijah Abi - Mother of Hezekiah Abia - 1. Called Abijah, chief of the twenty-four courses of priests Abia - 2. Son of Samuel Abiah - Wife of Hezron. Abi-Albon - Called also Abiel, one of David's heroes. Abiasaph - Son of Korah. Abib - Enter Canaan in Abib - First month in the Jewish calendar Abib - Israelites arrive at the wilderness of Zin in Abib - Jordan's overflow in Abib - Passover instituted and Israelites depart from Egypt in Abib - Tabernacle set up in Abida - Son of Midian. Abidah - A descendant of Abraham. Abiel - 1. Saul's grandfather Abiel - 2. A Benjamite Abiezer - 1. Called Jeezer, progenitor of the Abiezrites Abiezer - 2. One of David's heroes Abigail - 2. Sister of David and mother of Amasa Abihail - 1. Father of Esther Abihail - 2. The second wife of Rehoboam Abihail - 3. Father of Zuriel Abihail - 4. Wife of Abishur Abihu - Called to the priesthood Abihu - Death of Abihu - Died childless Abihu - Son of Aaron Abihu - Summoned by God to Sinai Abihud - Called also Ahihud, son of Bela. Abijah - 1. Son of Jeroboam Abijam - History of Abijam - King of Judah Abijam - Succeeded by Asa Abilene - A Roman province in Palestine. Abimael - Son of Joktan. Abimelech - 1. King of Gerar Abimelech - 2. Son of Gideon Abinadab - 1. A Levite, in whose house the ark of God rested twenty years Abinadab - 2. Son of Jesse Abinadab - 3. Called Ishui, son of Saul Abinadab - 4. Father of one of Solomon's purveyors, called Ben-abinadab Abinoam - Father of Barak. Abiram - 1. An Israelite who conspired with Dathan against Moses and Aaron Abiram - 2. Son of Hiel Abishag - Wife of David. Abishai - Defeats the Ammonites Abishai - Defeats the Edomites Abishai - Leads a division of David's army against Absalom Abishai - Obtains water from the well of Bethlehem for David Abishai - One of David's chief men Abishai - Overthrows Sheba Abishai - Pursues and slays Abner Abishai - Saves David from being slain by a Philistine Abishai - Seeks Saul's life Abishai - Seeks the life of Shimei Abishai - Son of Zeruiah, David's sister Abishalom - General references Abishua - 1. A high priest Abishua - 2. A son of Bela Abishur - Son of Shammai. Abital - Wife of David. Abitub - A Benjamite. Abiud - Ancestor of Jesus. Ablution - General references Ablution - Of burnt offerings Ablution - Of infants Ablution - Of priests Ablution - Of the dead Ablution - Of the face Ablution - Of the feet Ablution - Of the hands Ablution - Of the hands, as a token of innocency Ablution - Traditional forms of, not observed by Jesus Abner - Alienation of, from the house of Saul Abner - Captain of the host Abner - Cousin of Saul Abner - Dedicated spoils of war to the tabernacle Abner - Loyalty of, to the house of Saul Abner - Murdered by Joab; David's sorrow for Abomination - Unclassified scriptures relating to Abortion - As a judgment Abortion - General references Abortion - Of animals caused by thunder Abraham - A prophet Abraham - Age of, at different periods Abraham - Ancestors of, idolatrous Abraham - Angels appear to Abraham - Canaan given to Abraham - Children of Abraham - Circumcision of Abraham - Death of Abraham - Defeats Chedorlaomer Abraham - Deferring to Lot, chooses Hebron Abraham - Divine call of Abraham - Dwells in Beth-El Abraham - Dwells in Canaan Abraham - Dwells in Gerar Abraham - Dwells in Ur, but removes to Haran Abraham - Faith of Abraham - Friend of God Abraham - God's covenant with Abraham - He purchases a place for her burial, and buries her in a cave Abraham - His questions about the destruction of the righteous and wicked in Sodom Abraham - How regarded by his descendants Abraham - In Paradise Abraham - Independence of, in character Abraham - Is blessed by Melchizedek Abraham - Isaac born to Abraham - Ishmael born to Abraham - Marries Keturah Abraham - Marries Sarah Abraham - Name changed to Abraham Abraham - Piety of Abraham - Sarah, his wife, dies Abraham - Sends Hagar and Ishmael away Abraham - Sojourns in Egypt Abraham - Son of Terah Abraham - Testament of Abraham - Trial of his faith in the offering of Isaac Abraham - Unselfishness of Abraham - Wealth of Abraham - Witnesses the destruction of Sodom Absalom - Beauty of Absalom - Children of Absalom - David's mourning for Absalom - Death and burial Absalom - Flees to Geshur Absalom - His demagogism Absalom - Is permitted by David to return to Jerusalem Absalom - Pillar of Absalom - Slays Amnon Absalom - Son of David by Maacah Abstemiousness - General references Abstinence, Total - General references Accad - A city conquered by Nimrod. Access to God - A privilege of saints Access to God - Blessedness connected with Access to God - Exemplified Access to God - Follows upon reconciliation to God Access to God - In his temple Access to God - In Prayer Access to God - Is by Christ Access to God - Is by the Holy Spirit Access to God - Is of God Access to God - Obtained through faith Access to God - Promises connected with Access to God - Saints earnestly seek Access to God - Saints have, with confidence Access to God - The wicked commanded to seek Access to God - To obtain mercy and grace Access to God - Typified Access to God - Urge others to seek Access to God - Vouchsafed to repenting sinners Accho - Called also Ptolemais, a town of Phenicia. Accursed - What so called Accusation, False - General references Aceldama - The field of blood. Achaia - Benevolence of the Christians in Achaia - Paul visits Achaicus - A citizen of Corinth. Achan - Sin and punishment of Achbor - 1. Father of King Baal-Hanan Achbor - 2. Called Abdon, one of Josiah's courtiers Achbor - 3. Father of Elnathan Achim - Ancestor of Jesus. Achish - King of the Philistines. Called also Abimelech, David escapes to. Achmetha - A Persian city. Achor - A valley near Jericho. Achsah - Caleb's daughter Achsah - Called Achsa Achshaph - An ancient city in north Palestine. Achzib - 1. A city of Asher Achzib - 2. Called Chezib, a city of Judah Acre - The indefinite quantity of land a yoke of oxen could plow in a day, with the kinds of plows, and modes of plowing, used in the times referred to. Actions at Law - Duty of defendant Adadah - A city of Judah. Adah - 1. Wife of Lamech Adah - 2. Wife of Esau Adaiah - 1. Grandfather of Josiah Adaiah - 2. A musician Adaiah - 3. A priest Adaiah - 4. A Benjamite Adaiah - 5. Father of Maaseiah Adaiah - 6. Two sons of Bani Adaiah - 7. Son of Joiarib Adalia - Son of Haman. Adam - 2. A name of Christ Adam - 3. A city near the Jordan Adamah - Called also Adami, a city of Naphtali. Adamant - A flint. Adar - 1. Twelfth month in Jewish calendar Adar - 2. Son of Bela Adbeel - Son of Ishmael. Addan - Called also Addon, uncertain whether person or town. Adder - A venomous serpent. Ader - A Benjamite. Adiel - 1. A man of the tribe of Simeon Adiel - 2. A priest Adiel - 3. Father of Azmaveth Adin - A Jewish captive. Adina - One of David's heroes. Adino - One of David's valiant men. Adithaim - A city of Judah. Adjudication at Law - To be avoided Adlai - Father of Shaphat. Admah - A city in the vale of Siddim. Admatha - A Persian prince. Adna - 1. A son of Pahath-Moab Adna - 2. A priest Adnah - 1. One of David's captains Adnah - 2. A military chief Adoni-Bezek - King of Bezek. Adonijah - 2. A Levite Adonikam - Called also Adonijah, a Jew who returned with Ezra from Babylon. Adoniram - Called also Adoram, a tax-gatherer. Adoni-Zedek - A king of Jerusalem. Adoption - A desire for God's glory Adoption - A forgiving spirit Adoption - A love of peace Adoption - A merciful spirit Adoption - A privilege of saints Adoption - A spirit of prayer Adoption - An avoidance of ostentation Adoption - Being led by the Spirit is an evidence of Adoption - Child-like confidence in God Adoption - Confers a new name Adoption - Entitles to an inheritance Adoption - Esther Adoption - Explained Adoption - General references Adoption - God is long-suffering and merciful towards the partakers of Adoption - Is according to promise Adoption - Is by faith Adoption - Is of God's grace Adoption - Is through Christ Adoption - Is to be pleaded in prayer Adoption - Israel Adoption - Joseph's sons Adoption - Likeness to God Adoption - Moses Adoption - New birth connected with Adoption - Of Gentiles, predicted Adoption - Safety of those who receive Adoption - Saints become brethren of Christ by Adoption - Saints predestinated to Adoption - Saints receive the Spirit of Adoption - Saints wait for final consummation of Adoption - Should lead to holiness Adoption - Solomon Adoption - Spiritual Adoption - Subjects saints to the fatherly discipline of God Adoption - The Adopted are gathered together in one by Christ Adoption - The Holy Spirit is a Witness of Adoption - Typified, in Israel Adoraim - A city of Judah. Adoram - 1. Officer over the tribute Adrammelech - 1. An Assyrian idol Adrammelech - 2. Son of Sennacherib Adramyttium - A city of Mysia. Adria, Sea of - Adriel - Saul's son-in-law. Adullam - 2. An ancient city of Canaan Adultery - Forbidden Adultery - Forgiveness of, instances of Adultery - General references Adultery - Penalties for Adummim - A place on the road leading from the fords of the Jordan to Jerusalem. Advocate - Figurative Advocate - Tertullus Aeneas - Healed Affections - Blessedness of making God the object of Affections - Carnal affections crucified in saints Affections - Carnal, should be mortified Affections - Christ claims the first place in Affections - Enkindled by communion with Christ Affections - False teachers seek to captivate Affections - Of saints, supremely set on God Affections - Of the wicked, are unnatural and perverted Affections - Of the wicked, not sincerely set on God Affections - Should be supremely set upon God Affections - Should be zealously engaged for God Affections - Should not grow cold Affections, the - Blessedness of making God the object of Affections, the - Carnal affections crucified in saints Affections, the - Carnal affections should be mortified Affections, the - Christ claims the first place in Affections, the - Enkindled by communion with Christ Affections, the - False teachers seek to captivate Affections, the - Of saints, supremely set on God Affections, the - Of the wicked, are unnatural and perverted Affections, the - Of the wicked, not sincerely set on God Affections, the - Should be supremely set upon God Affections, the - Should be zealously engaged for God Affections, the - Should not grow cold Affections, the - Upon heavenly things Affections, the - Upon the commandments of God Affections, the - Upon the house and worship of God Affections, the - Upon the people of God Afflicted - Duty to the Afflicted Saints - Apostles Afflicted Saints - Christ comforts Afflicted Saints - Christ delivers Afflicted Saints - Christ is with Afflicted Saints - Christ preserves Afflicted Saints - Christ supports Afflicted Saints - David Afflicted Saints - Eli Afflicted Saints - God comforts Afflicted Saints - God delivers Afflicted Saints - God is a refuge and strength to Afflicted Saints - God is with Afflicted Saints - God preserves Afflicted Saints - Job Afflicted Saints - Joseph Afflicted Saints - Moses Afflicted Saints - Nehemiah Afflicted Saints - Paul Afflicted Saints - Should acknowledge the justice of their chastisements Afflicted Saints - Should avoid sin Afflicted Saints - Should be frequent in prayer Afflicted Saints - Should be patient Afflicted Saints - Should be resigned Afflicted Saints - Should imitate Christ Afflicted Saints - Should imitate the prophets Afflicted Saints - Should keep the pious resolutions made during afflictions Afflicted Saints - Should not despise chastening Afflicted Saints - Should praise God Afflicted Saints - Should take encouragement from former mercies Afflicted Saints - Should trust in the goodness of God Afflicted Saints - Should turn and devote themselves to God Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To bear them in mind Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To comfort them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To pity them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To pray for them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To protect them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To relieve them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To sympathise with them Afflicted, Duty Toward The - To visit them Affliction, Consolation Under - By ministers of the gospel Affliction, Consolation Under - Christ is the Author and Giver of Affliction, Consolation Under - God is the author and Giver of Affliction, Consolation Under - In prospect of death Affliction, Consolation Under - Is a cause of praise Affliction, Consolation Under - Is abundant Affliction, Consolation Under - Is everlasting Affliction, Consolation Under - Is sought in vain from the world Affliction, Consolation Under - Is strong Affliction, Consolation Under - Pray for Affliction, Consolation Under - Promised Affliction, Consolation Under - Saints should administer to each other Affliction, Consolation Under - The Holy Spirit is the Author and Giver of Affliction, Consolation Under - Through the Holy Scriptures Affliction, Consolation Under - To the persecuted Affliction, Consolation Under - To the poor Affliction, Consolation Under - To the sick Affliction, Consolation Under - To the tempted Affliction, Consolation Under - To the troubled in mind Affliction, Consolation Under - To those deserted by friends Affliction, Consolation Under - To those who mourn for sin Affliction, Consolation Under - Under the infirmities of age Affliction, Prayer Under - Exhortation to Affliction, Prayer Under - For deliverance Affliction, Prayer Under - For divine comfort Affliction, Prayer Under - For divine teaching and direction Affliction, Prayer Under - For increase of faith Affliction, Prayer Under - For mercy Affliction, Prayer Under - For mitigation of troubles Affliction, Prayer Under - For pardon and deliverance from sin Affliction, Prayer Under - For protection and preservation from enemies Affliction, Prayer Under - For restoration to joy Affliction, Prayer Under - For the presence and support of God Affliction, Prayer Under - That God would consider our trouble Affliction, Prayer Under - That the Holy Spirit may not be withdrawn Affliction, Prayer Under - That we may be quickened Affliction, Prayer Under - That we may be taught the uncertainty of life Affliction, Prayer Under - That we may be turned to God Affliction, Prayer Under - That we may know the causes of our trouble Afflictions - Always less than we deserve Afflictions - Consequent upon the fall Afflictions - Exhibit the love and faithfulness of God Afflictions - Frequently terminate in good Afflictions - God appoints Afflictions - God determines the continuance of Afflictions - God dispenses, as He will Afflictions - God does not willingly send Afflictions - God regulates the measure of Afflictions - Man is born to Afflictions - Of saints, are but temporary Afflictions - Of saints, are comparatively light Afflictions - Of saints, end in joy and blessedness Afflictions - Often arise from the profession of the gospel Afflictions - Often severe Afflictions - Saints appointed to Afflictions - Saints are to expect Afflictions - Saints have joy under Afflictions - Sin produces Afflictions - Sin visited with Afflictions - Tempered with mercy Afflictions and Adversities - Benefits of Afflictions and Adversities - Consolation in Afflictions and Adversities - Despondency in Afflictions and Adversities - Dispensation of God Afflictions and Adversities - Mocking at Afflictions Made Beneficial - Hezekiah Afflictions Made Beneficial - In convincing us of sin Afflictions Made Beneficial - In exercising our patience Afflictions Made Beneficial - In exhibiting the power and faithfulness of God Afflictions Made Beneficial - In furthering the gospel Afflictions Made Beneficial - In humbling us Afflictions Made Beneficial - In keeping us from again departing from God Afflictions Made Beneficial - In leading us to confession of sin Afflictions Made Beneficial - In leading us to seek God in prayer Afflictions Made Beneficial - In promoting the glory of God Afflictions Made Beneficial - In purifying us Afflictions Made Beneficial - In rendering us fruitful in good works Afflictions Made Beneficial - In teaching us the will of God Afflictions Made Beneficial - In testing and exhibiting our sincerity Afflictions Made Beneficial - In trying our faith and obedience Afflictions Made Beneficial - In turning us to God Afflictions Made Beneficial - Israel Afflictions Made Beneficial - Jonah Afflictions Made Beneficial - Joseph Afflictions Made Beneficial - Joseph's brethren Afflictions Made Beneficial - Josiah Afflictions Made Beneficial - Manasseh Afflictions Made Beneficial - Prodigal's son Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Ahaz, &c Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Ahaziah Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are continual Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are for examples to others Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are ineffectual of themselves, for their conversion Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are multiplied Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are often judicially sent Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Are often sudden Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Frequently harden Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Gehazi Afflictions of the Wicked, the - God holds in derision Afflictions of the Wicked, the - God is glorified in Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Impenitence is a cause of Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Jehoram Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Pharaoh and the Egyptians Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Produce slavish fear Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Saints should not be alarmed at Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Sometimes humble them Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Their persecution of saints, a cause of Afflictions of the Wicked, the - Uzziah Agabus - A prophet. Agag - 1. A king of the Amalekites Agag - 2. A king of the Amalekites, taken prisoner by Saul and slain by Samuel Agate - A precious stone. Aged - Gospel invitation to Agee - Father of Shammah. Agency - In executing judgments Agriculture - Divine institution of Agriculture - God to be acknowledged in Agriculture or Husbandry - Against injuring the produce of Agriculture or Husbandry - Against the trespass of cattle Agriculture or Husbandry - Allotments to each family Agriculture or Husbandry - Binding Agriculture or Husbandry - Climate of Canaan favourable to Agriculture or Husbandry - Contributes to the support of all Agriculture or Husbandry - Culture of the Church Agriculture or Husbandry - Culture of the heart Agriculture or Husbandry - Digging Agriculture or Husbandry - Diligence Agriculture or Husbandry - Diligence in, abundantly recompensed Agriculture or Husbandry - Gathering out the stones Agriculture or Husbandry - Gleaning Agriculture or Husbandry - Grafting Agriculture or Husbandry - Grief occasioned by the failure of the fruits of Agriculture or Husbandry - Harrowing Agriculture or Husbandry - Hedging Agriculture or Husbandry - Husbandmen Agriculture or Husbandry - Labourers Agriculture or Husbandry - Man doomed to labour in, after the fall Agriculture or Husbandry - Manuring Agriculture or Husbandry - Mowing Agriculture or Husbandry - Not to be engaged in during the Sabbatical year Agriculture or Husbandry - Not to covet the fields of another Agriculture or Husbandry - Not to cut down crops of another Agriculture or Husbandry - Not to move landmarks Agriculture or Husbandry - Often performed by hirelings Agriculture or Husbandry - Patience in waiting Agriculture or Husbandry - Patriarchs engaged in Agriculture or Husbandry - Peace favourable to Agriculture or Husbandry - Planting Agriculture or Husbandry - Ploughing Agriculture or Husbandry - Produce of, exported Agriculture or Husbandry - Produce of, given as rent for land Agriculture or Husbandry - Produce of, often blasted because of sin Agriculture or Husbandry - Pruning Agriculture or Husbandry - Reaping Agriculture or Husbandry - Rendered laborious by the curse on the earth Agriculture or Husbandry - Separation from other nations Agriculture or Husbandry - Soil of Canaan suited to Agriculture or Husbandry - Sowing Agriculture or Husbandry - Stacking Agriculture or Husbandry - Storing in barns Agriculture or Husbandry - The ass Agriculture or Husbandry - The axe Agriculture or Husbandry - The cart Agriculture or Husbandry - The cultivation of the earth Agriculture or Husbandry - The fan Agriculture or Husbandry - The flail, &c Agriculture or Husbandry - The fork Agriculture or Husbandry - The harrow Agriculture or Husbandry - The horse Agriculture or Husbandry - The Jews loved and followed Agriculture or Husbandry - The labour of, supposed to be lessened by Noah Agriculture or Husbandry - The mattock Agriculture or Husbandry - The occupation of man before the fall Agriculture or Husbandry - The ox Agriculture or Husbandry - The plough Agriculture or Husbandry - The prohibition against usury Agriculture or Husbandry - The promises of God's blessings on Agriculture or Husbandry - The providence of God to be acknowledged in the produce of Agriculture or Husbandry - The pruning-hook Agriculture or Husbandry - The rights of redemption Agriculture or Husbandry - The shovel Agriculture or Husbandry - The sickle Agriculture or Husbandry - The sieve Agriculture or Husbandry - The teethed threshing instrument Agriculture or Husbandry - Threshing Agriculture or Husbandry - Tillers of the ground Agriculture or Husbandry - Toil Agriculture or Husbandry - War destructive to Agriculture or Husbandry - Watering Agriculture or Husbandry - Weeding Agriculture or Husbandry - Winnowing Agriculture or Husbandry - Wisdom Agrippa, King - Ague - Agur - Son of Jakeh. Ahab - 2. A false prophet Aharah - Called also Ehi, and Ahiram, and Aher , son of Benjamin. Aharhel - Son of Harum. Ahasai - A grandson of Immer. Ahasbai - Father of Eliphelet Ahasbai - Ur Ahasuerus - 3. Father of Darius Ahava - A river of Babylon. Ahaz - 2. Son of Micah Ahban - Son of Abishur. Ahi - 1. Son of Shamer Ahi - 2. Son of Abdiel Ahiah - 1. Grandson of Phinehas Ahiah - 2. One of Solomon's scribes Ahiah - 3. A Benjamite Ahiam - Called Sacar Ahiam - One of David's heroes Ahian - Son of Shemidah. Ahiezer - 2. One of David's valiant men Ahihud - 1. A prince of Asher, assists in allotting the land of Canaan among the tribes Ahihud - 2. A son of Bela Ahijah - 1. Son of Bela Ahijah - 2. Son of Jerahmeel Ahijah - 4. One of David's heroes, called Eliam Ahijah - 5. A Levite who was treasurer in the tabernacle Ahijah - 6. Son of Shisha Ahijah - 7. A prophet in Shiloh Ahijah - 8. Father of Baasha Ahijah - 9. An Israelite, who subscribed to the covenant of Nehemiah Ahikam - Son of Shaphan. Ahilud - Father of Baana Ahilud - Father of Jehoshaphat Ahimaaz - 1. Father-in-law of King Saul Ahimaaz - 2. Son of Zadok, the high priest. Loyal to David Ahimaaz - 3. Solomon's son-in-law Ahiman - 1. A giant of Hebron Ahiman - 2. A Levite Ahimelech - 2. A Hittite, and friend of David Ahimoth - A Levite. Ahinadab - Son of Iddo. Ahinoam - 1. Wife of King Saul Ahinoam - 2. Wife of King David Ahio - 1. A Levite, who drove the cart bearing the ark Ahio - 2. A Benjamite Ahio - 3. Son of Jehiel Ahira - Captain of the tribe of Naphtali. Ahisamach - Father of Aholiab. Ahishahar - Son of Bilhan. Ahishar - One of Solomon's household officers. Ahithophel - Joins Absalom Ahithophel - One of David's counsellors Ahithophel - Probably referred to by David in Psalm 55,12-14 Ahithophel - Suicide of Ahitub - 1. High priest, father of Ahiah Ahitub - 2. Father of Zadok Ahitub - 3. Ruler of the house of God Ahitub - 4. The Ahitub mentioned in 1Chr 6:8; 6:11; 6:12, is probably identical with the last described above, or else he is confused with Azariah, 2Chr 31:10 Ahlab - A city of Asher, the original inhabitants of which were not expelled. Ahlai - 1. Daughter of Sheshan Ahlai - 2. Father of Zabad Ahoah - Called Ahiah Ahoah - Called Ira Ahoah - Son of Bela Aholah - Name of an imaginary woman, typical of idolatry. Aholiab - An artificer of the tabernacle. Aholibah - An imaginary character, typical of idolatry. Aholibamah - 2. An Edomitish prince Ahumai - Son of Jahath. Ahuzam - Son of Ashur. Ahuzzath - A friend of Abimelech. Ai - 2. A city of the Ammonites Ain - 2. A landmark on the northern boundary of Palestine Ajah - 1. A Horite Ajah - 2. Father of Rizpah Ajalon - 2. A city of Zebulun Ajalon - 3. A city of Judah Ajalon - 4. A valley Akan - A Horite Akan - Called Jaakan Akan - Called Jakan Akkub - 1. One of the Nethinim Akkub - 2. A returned exile Akkub - 3. A son of Elioenai Akrabbim - A chain of hills in the south of Palestine. Alabaster - A white stone. Vessels made of. Alameth - Son of Becher. Alammelech - A town of Asher. Alamoth - A musical term Alamoth - Inscription to Psalm 46:1-11 Alexander - 1. Son of Simon who bore the cross of Jesus Alexander - 2. A relative of the high priest, present at the defense of Peter and John Alexander - 3. A Jew of Ephesus Alexander - 4. A coppersmith Alexandria - A city of Egypt Alexandria - Apollos born in Alexandria - Ships of Algum - Called also Almug, trees of Ophir and Lebanon. Aliens - And to take usury from Aliens - David's kindness to Aliens - Forbidden to eat the Passover Aliens - Hospitality to, required by Jesus Aliens - Jews authorized to purchase, as slaves Aliens - Kindness to Edomites, enjoined Aliens - Not permitted to make kings of Aliens - Numerous in times of David and Solomon Aliens - Oppressed Aliens - Partially exempt from Jewish law Aliens - Religious privileges of Aliens - Rights of Aliens - To be treated with justice Allegory - Messiah's kingdom represented under, of the wolf and the lamb dwelling together Allegory - Of the trees seeking a king Allegory - The two covenants Allegory - Wilderness to blossom as the rose Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - A call to come out from Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Ahaziah Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are a proof of folly Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are defiling Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are degrading Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are enslaved Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are ensnaring Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are ruinous to moral character Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Are ruinous to spiritual interest Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Blessedness of avoiding Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Blessedness of forsaking Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Children who enter into, bring shame upon their parents Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Church of Ephesus Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - David Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Evil consequences of Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Exhortations to hate and avoid Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Exhortations to shun all inducements to Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Forbidden Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Have led to murder and human sacrifice Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Involve saints in their guiltiness Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Involve saints in their punishment Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Israel Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Israelites Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Jehoram Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Jehoshaphat Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Jeremiah Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Joseph of Arimathaea Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Judas Iscariot Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Korah, &c Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Lead to idolatry Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Man of God Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Means of preservation from Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Nehemiah, &c Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Persons in authority should denounce Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Pious parents prohibit, to their children Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Provoke God to leave mean to reap the fruits of them Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Provoke the anger of God Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Punishment of Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Rehoboam Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints are separate from Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints deprecate Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints grieve to meet with, in their intercourse with the world Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints grieve to witness in their brethren Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints hate and avoid Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Saints should be circumspect when unintentionally thrown into Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Sin of, to be confessed, deeply repented of, and forsaken Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Solomon Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Sons of the Priests Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - The wicked are prone to Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - The wicked tempt saints to Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God - Unbecoming in those called saints Alliances, Political - With idolaters forbidden Allon - 1. Son of Jedaiah Allon - 2. A city of Naphtali Allon-Bachuth - Place where Rebekah was buried. Alloy - Of metals. Almodad - Son of Joktan. Almond - Called Alemeth Almond - Levitical city of refuge Almond Tree - Aaron's rod of the Almond Tree - Bowls of candlestick in the tabernacle fashioned after the nuts of the Almond Tree - Figurative use of Almond Tree - Fruit of Almon-Diblathaim - Camping place of Israelites Almon-Diblathaim - Probably identical with Beth-Diblathaim Almon-Diblathaim - Probably identical with Diblath Alms - Asking Aloes - Lign-aloes Aloes - Used as perfume Aloes - Used in embalming the dead Alpha - A title of Christ Alpha - Compare with Alpheus - 1. Father of James Alpheus - 2. Father of Levi Altar - A cover made for the censers of Korah Altar - Carried by the Kohathites Altar - Constructed Altar - How prepared for carrying Altar - In Solomon's temple Altar - Location of Altar - Mosaic commandments prescribing the construction of Altar - Pattern of Altar - Seen in John's vision Altar - Used in idolatrous worship Altar - Uses of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - A net-working grate of brass placed in Altar of Burnt Offering, the - A type of Christ Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Ahaz removed and profaned Altar of Burnt Offering, the - All gifts to be presented at Altar of Burnt Offering, the - All its vessels of brass Altar of Burnt Offering, the - All sacrifices to be offered on Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Alone to serve Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Anointed and sanctified with holy oil Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Came from before the Lord Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Cleansed and purified with blood Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Consumed the sacrifices Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Covered with brass Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Derived support from Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Dimensions, &c of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Furnished with rings and staves Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Horns on the corners of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Made after a divine pattern Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Nothing polluted or defective to be offered on Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Offering at the dedication of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Placed in the court before the door of the tabernacle Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Sacrifices bound to the horns of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Sanctified by God Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Sanctified whatever touched it Altar of Burnt Offering, the - The altar of God Altar of Burnt Offering, the - The altar of the Lord Altar of Burnt Offering, the - The blood of sacrifices put on the horns and poured at the foot of Altar of Burnt Offering, the - The brazen altar Altar of Burnt Offering, the - The Jews condemned for swearing lightly by Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Was continually burning Altar of Burnt Offering, the - Was most holy Altar of Incense - A type of Christ Altar of Incense - Anointed with holy oil Altar of Incense - Atonement made for, by the high priest once every year Altar of Incense - Called the golden altar Altar of Incense - Covered by the priest before removal from the sanctuary Altar of Incense - Covered with Gold Altar of Incense - Dimensions, &c of Altar of Incense - Had four rings of gold under the crown for the staves Altar of Incense - No strange incense nor any sacrifice to be offered on Altar of Incense - Offering strange fire on Altar of Incense - Placed before the vail in the outer sanctuary Altar of Incense - Said to be before the Lord Altar of Incense - Staves of, covered with gold Altar of Incense - The blood of all sin offerings put on the horns of Altar of Incense - The priest burned incense on every morning and evening Altar of Incense - Top of, surrounded with a crown of gold Altar of Incense - Unauthorised offering on Altars - Afforded no protection to murderers Altars - Designed for sacrifice Altars - For burnt-offering Altars - For idolatrous worship, often erected on roofs of houses Altars - For idolatrous worship, to be destroyed Altars - For incense Altars - Idolaters planted groves near Altars - Natural rocks sometimes used as Altars - Of Abraham Altars - Of Ahaz Altars - Of Balaam Altars - Of brick, hateful to God Altars - Of David Altars - Of Gideon Altars - Of Isaac Altars - Of Jacob Altars - Of Jeroboam at Bethel Altars - Of Joshua Altars - Of Moses Altars - Of Noah Altars - Of Reubenites, &c east of Jordan Altars - Of Samuel Altars - Of the Athenians Altars - Of the people of Israel Altars - Of the second temple Altars - Of the temple of Solomon Altars - Probable origin of inscriptions on Altars - Protection afforded by Altars - The Jews not to plant groves near Altars - To be made of earth, or unhewn stone Altars - Were not to have steps up to them Al-Taschith - Title of Psalm 57-59; Psalm 75:1-10 Alush - Camping place of the Israelites. Alvah - Called Aliah Alvah - Duke of Edom Alvan - Called Alian Alvan - Son of Shobal Amad - A town of Asher. Amal - Son of Helem. Amalek - Probably not the ancestor of the Amalekites mentioned in time of Abraham Amalek - Son of Eliphaz Amalekites - A people inhabiting the country south of Idumea and east of the Red Sea Amalekites - Defeat the Israelites Amalekites - Israel commanded to destroy Amalekites - Prophecies against Amalekites, the - A powerful and influential nation Amalekites, the - Agag, king of, slain by Samuel Amalekites, the - Commissioned to destroy Amalekites, the - Condemned for not utterly destroying Amalekites, the - Confederated against Israel Amalekites, the - Descent of Amalekites, the - Discomfited at Rephidim through the intercession of Moses Amalekites, the - Doomed to utter destruction for opposing Israel Amalekites, the - Extended from Havilah to Shur Amalekites, the - Governed by Kings Amalekites, the - In the south of Canaan Amalekites, the - Invaded by David Amalekites, the - Massacred Amalekites, the - Oppressive Amalekites, the - Overcame, and delivered Israel Amalekites, the - Overcome by Gideon Amalekites, the - Part of the Kenites dwelt amongst Amalekites, the - Part of their possessions taken by Ephraim Amalekites, the - Pillaged and burned Ziklag Amalekites, the - Possessed cities Amalekites, the - Presumption of Israel punished by Amalekites, the - Pursued and slain by David Amalekites, the - Remnant of, completely destroyed during the reign of Hezekiah Amalekites, the - Spoil taken from, consecrated Amalekites, the - Their utter destruction foretold Amalekites, the - United with Eglon against Israel Amalekites, the - Warlike and Cruel Amalekites, the - Was the scene of ancient warfare Amalekites, the - Were the first to oppose Israel Amalekites, the - Wicked Amalekites, the - With Midian, oppressed Israel Amam - A city of Judah Amam - Probably situated within the district assigned afterward to Simeon Amana - A mountain. Amanuensis - Amariah - 1. Two Levites Amariah - 2. Chief priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat Amariah - 3. A high priest, father of Ahitub Amariah - 4. A Levite, who assisted in distributing temple gifts Amariah - 5. Son of Hizkiah Amariah - 6. Father of Zechariah Amariah - 8. A returned exile. Divorces his idolatrous wife Amasa - 2. Son of Hadlai Amasai - 1. A Levite and ancestor of Samuel Amasai - 2. Leader of a body of men disaffected toward Saul, who joined David Amasai - 3. A priest and trumpeter Amasai - 4. A Levite of the Kohathites Amashai - A chieftain of Judah. Amasiah - A chief of the tribe of Judah. Amaziah - 1. A Levite Amaziah - 3. An idolatrous priest at Beth-El Amaziah - 4. Father of Joshah Ambassadors - Ahaz to Tiglath Ambassadors - Amaziah to Jehoash Ambassadors - Ben-Hadad to Ahab Ambassadors - Berodach to Hezekiah Ambassadors - By Gibeonites to the Israelites Ambassadors - By Israelites to various nations Ambassadors - Figurative Ambassadors - Hiram to David Ambassadors - Hiram to Solomon Ambassadors - Hoshea to So Ambassadors - Other references to Ambassadors - Sennacherib through Rab-Shakeh to Hezekiah Ambassadors - Zedekiah to Egypt Amber - A vegetable fossil. Ambition - Absalom Ambition - Adam and Eve Ambition - Adonijah Ambition - Antichrist Ambition - Builders of Babel Ambition - Christ condemns Ambition - Covetousness Ambition - Cruelty Ambition - Diotrephes Ambition - Falsely charged against Moses Ambition - God condemns Ambition - Korah, &c Ambition - Leads to strife and contention Ambition - Miriam and Aaron Ambition - Parable of the thistle, illustrating Ambition - Pride Ambition - Punishment of Ambition - Saints avoid Ambition - Sennacherib Ambition - Shebna Ambition - Sons of Zebedee Ambition - Vanity of Ambush - Figurative Amen - A title of Christ Amen - A word used to reinforce a statement Amen - Used in prayer Amethyst - A precious stone. Amittai - Father of Jonah. Ammah - A mountain. Ammi - A figurative name given to Israel. Ammiel - 1. One of the twelve spies Ammiel - 2. Father of Machir Ammiel - 3. Father of Bath-Sheba, called Eliam Ammiel - 4. Son of Obed-Edom Ammihud - 2. Father of Shemuel Ammihud - 3. Father of Pedahel Ammihud - 4. Father of the king of Gesher Ammihud - 5. Son of Omri Amminadab - 2. A son of Kohath Amminadab - 3. A son of Uzziel Ammishaddai - Father of Ahiezer. Ammizabad - Son of Benaiah. Ammonites - Character of Ammonites - Confederate with Moabites and Amalekites against Israel Ammonites - Conspire against the Jews Ammonites - Defeated by the Israelites Ammonites - Descendants of Benammi, one of the sons of Lot Ammonites - Excluded from the congregation of Israel Ammonites - Israelites forbidden to disturb Ammonites - Jews intermarry with Ammonites - Prophecies concerning Ammonites - Solomon takes wives from Ammonites - Territory of Ammonites, the - Ai Ammonites, the - Aided the Chaldeans against Judah Ammonites, the - as fertile Ammonites, the - Assisted Eglon against Israel Ammonites, the - Belonged to the Zamzummims Ammonites, the - Bordered on the Amorites Ammonites, the - Children of Ammon Ammonites, the - Children of Lot Ammonites, the - Confederated against Jehoshaphat Ammonites, the - Cruel and covetous Ammonites, the - Defeated by Jotham Ammonites, the - Descent of Ammonites, the - Destructions for hatred to Israel Ammonites, the - Fond of ornaments Ammonites, the - Governed by hereditary kings Ammonites, the - Half of, given to the Gadites Ammonites, the - Hired the Syrians against David Ammonites, the - Idolatrous Ammonites, the - Ill-treated David's ambassadors Ammonites, the - Jephthah raised up to deliver Israel from Ammonites, the - Miraculous defeat of Ammonites, the - No covenant to made with Ammonites, the - Not to be distressed Ammonites, the - Of Rabbah reduced to hard bondage Ammonites, the - One of David's mighty men was of Ammonites, the - Perpetual exclusion from the congregation Ammonites, the - Proposed a disgraceful treaty to Jabesh-gilead Ammonites, the - Proud and reproachful Ammonites, the - Punishment for oppressive cruelty Ammonites, the - Rabbah Ammonites, the - Restoration Ammonites, the - Saul's victories over Ammonites, the - Seized upon the possessions of Gad Ammonites, the - Solomon intermarried with, and introduced idols of into Israel Ammonites, the - Spoil of, consecrated to God Ammonites, the - Subjection to Babylon Ammonites, the - Subjection to the Jews Ammonites, the - Submitted to Uzziah Ammonites, the - Superstitious Ammonites, the - The Jews reprobated for intermarrying with Ammonites, the - The royal treasure of, taken Ammonites, the - Vexed the Jews after captivity Ammonites, the - Victories of Joab over Ammonites, the - Vindictive Ammonites, the - Well fortified Ammonites, the - With the Philistines oppressed Israel for eighteen years Amnesty - To Amasa Amnesty - To Shimei Amnon - 2. Son of Shimon Amok - A priest. Amon - 1. Governor of the city of Samaria Amon - 2. King of Judah Amorites - Chiefs of Amorites - Descendants of Canaan Amorites - Hornets sent among Amorites - Idolatry of Amorites - Intermarry with Jews Amorites - Judgments denounced against Amorites - Kings of Amorites - Not exterminated Amorites - Were giants Amorites - Wickedness of Amorites, the - Acquired an extensive territory from Moab east of Jordan Amorites, the - Ahab followed the abominations of Amorites, the - Brought into bondage by Solomon Amorites, the - Defeated by Chedorlaomer, &c Amorites, the - Deprived of their eastern territory by Israel Amorites, the - Descent from, illustrative of man's natural state Amorites, the - Descent of Amorites, the - Doomed to utter destruction Amorites, the - Forbearance of God towards Amorites, the - Governed by many independent kings Amorites, the - Had many and strong cities Amorites, the - Had peace with Israel in the days of Samuel Amorites, the - Idolatrous Amorites, the - Jacob took a portion from Amorites, the - Joined Abraham against the kings Amorites, the - Kings of, degraded and slain Amorites, the - Kings of, great and powerful Amorites, the - Land of, given to Reubenites, &c Amorites, the - Manasseh exceeded abominations of Amorites, the - Miraculous overthrow of Amorites, the - Of gigantic strength and stature Amorites, the - One of the seven nations of Canaan Amorites, the - Originally inhabited a mountain district in the south Amorites, the - Profane and wicked Amorites, the - Refused a passage to Israel Amorites, the - The Gibeonites a tribe of, deceived Israel into a league Amorites, the - The Israelites unable to expel, but extracted tribute from Amorites, the - The Jews after the captivity condemned for intermarrying with Amorites, the - Western kings of, confederated against Israel Amos - A prophet Amos - Forbidden to prophesy in Israel Amos - Vision of Amoz - Father of Isaiah. Amphipolis - A city of Macedonia. Amplias - A disciple, Paul sends greeting to. Amram - 2. Son of Bani Amram - 3. Son of Dishon Amraphel - King of Shinar. Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - A characteristic of the wicked Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - A proof of folly Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - A proof of spiritual death Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Abstinence from, seems strange to the wicked Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - An abuse of riches Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Are all vanity Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Are likely to lead to greater evil Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Are transitory Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Belong to the works of the flesh Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Choke the word of God in the heart Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Denounced by God Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Disregard of the judgments and works of God Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Formed a part of idolatrous worship Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Moses Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Poverty Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Punishment of Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Rejection of God Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Shunned by the saints Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Terminate in sorrow Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - The wicked seek for happiness in Amusements and Pleasures, Worldly - Wisdom of abstaining from Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Abstinence from, seems strange to the wicked Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Are transitory Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Belong to the works of the flesh Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Choke the word of God in the heart Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Denounced by God Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Exclude from the kingdom of God Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Formed a part of idolatrous worship Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Lead to disregard of the judgments and works of God Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Lead to greater evil Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Lead to poverty Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Lead to rejection of God Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Punishment of Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Renunciation of, exemplified by Moses Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Terminate in sorrow Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Vain Amusements and Worldly Pleasures - Wicked seek for happiness in Amzi - 1. A Levite Amzi - 2. A priest Anab - A city of Canaan. Anah - 1. Son of Seir Anaharath - City on the border of Issachar. Anaiah - A priest, probably, who stood by Ezra while reading the law. Anak - Father of three giants. Anakim - A race of giants Anakim, the - Almost annihilated Anakim, the - Descent of Anakim, the - Divided into three tribes Anakim, the - Driven from Hebron by Caleb Anakim, the - Driven from Kirjathsepher or Debir by Othniel Anakim, the - Hebron a possession of, given to Caleb for his faithfulness Anakim, the - Hebron, chief city of Anakim, the - Inhabited the mountains of Judah Anakim, the - Israel terrified by Anakim, the - Of gigantic strength and stature Anakim, the - The children of the Anakims Anakim, the - The sons of Anak Anakim, the - The sons of the Anakim Anamim - A tribe descended from Mizraim. Anammelech - An Assyrian idol. Anan - A Jew, returned from Babylonian captivity. Anani - A descendant of David. Ananiah - 1. Son of Maaseiah Ananiah - 2. Town of Benjamin Ananias - 1. High priest, before whom Paul was tried Ananias - 2. A covetous member of church at Jerusalem. Falsehood and death of Ananias - 3. A Christian in Damascus Anarchy - Anath - Father of Shamgar. Anathema Maran-Atha - General references Anathoth - 2. Son of Becher Anathoth - 3. A Jew, who returned from Babylon Anatomy, Human - Anchor - Figurative Anchor - General references Ancient of Days - An appellation of Jehovah. Andrew - A disciple of John Andrew - A fisherman Andrew - Asks the Master privately about the destruction of the temple Andrew - Call of Andrew - Finds Peter, his brother, and brings him to Jesus Andrew - His name appears in the list of the apostles Andrew - Meets with the disciples after the Lord's ascension Andrew - Of Bethsaida Andrew - Reports the number of loaves at the feeding of the five thousand Andrew - Tells Jesus of the Greeks who sought to see Him Andronicus - Kinsman of Paul. Anem - A Levitical city. Aner - 1. A Canaanitish chief Aner - 2. A Levitical city of Manasseh Angel (1) - Execute judgments upon the wicked Angel (1) - Fallen Angel (1) - Ministrant to the righteous Angel (1) - Unclassified scriptures relating to Angel of the Churches - Angels - Are elect Angels - Are examples of meekness Angels - Are holy Angels - Are innumerable Angels - Are mighty Angels - Are ministering Spirits Angels - Are of different orders Angels - Are subject to Christ Angels - Are wise Angels - Celebrate the praises of God Angels - Communicate the will of God and Christ Angels - Created by God and Christ Angels - Execute the judgments of God Angels - Execute the purposes of God Angels - Have charge over the children of God Angels - Know and delight in the gospel of Christ Angels - Minister to Christ Angels - Ministration of, obtained by prayer Angels - Not to be worshipped Angels - Obey the will of God Angels - Rejoice over every repentant sinner Angels - Shall attend Christ at his second coming Angels - Shall execute the purposes of Christ Angels - The ascension and second coming of Christ Angels - The birth of Christ Angels - The conception of Christ Angels - The conception of John the Baptist Angels - The law given by the ministration of Angels - The resurrection of Christ Angels - Worship God and Christ Anger - A characteristic of fools Anger - A work of the flesh Anger - Ahab Anger - Asa Anger - Avoid those given to Anger - Balaam Anger - Be slow to Anger - Brings its own punishment Anger - Cain Anger - Children should not be provoked to Anger - Clamour and evil-speaking Anger - Cruelty Anger - Esau Anger - Forbidden Anger - General references Anger - Grievous words stir up Anger - Haman Anger - Herod Anger - High Priest, &c Anger - In prayer be free from Anger - Jacob Anger - Jews Anger - Jonah Anger - Malice and blasphemy Anger - May be averted by wisdom Anger - Meekness pacifies Anger - Moses Anger - Naaman Anger - Nebuchadnezzar Anger - Nehemiah Anger - Of God Anger - Our Lord Anger - Pride Anger - Saul Anger - Should not betray us into sin Anger - Simeon and Levi Anger - Strife and contention Anger - Uzziah Anger of God, the - Aaron and Miriam Anger of God, the - Abimelech Anger of God, the - Aggravated by continual provocation Anger of God, the - Apostasy Anger of God, the - Averted by Christ Anger of God, the - Builders of Babel Anger of God, the - Cannot be resisted Anger of God, the - Cities of the plain Anger of God, the - Egyptians Anger of God, the - Enemies of Israel Anger of God, the - Extreme, against those who oppose the gospel Anger of God, the - Five Kings Anger of God, the - Folly of provoking Anger of God, the - Idolatry Anger of God, the - Impenitence Anger of God, the - Is averted from them that believe Anger of God, the - Is averted upon confession of sin and repentance Anger of God, the - Is righteous Anger of God, the - Is slow Anger of God, the - Israelites Anger of God, the - Korah, &c Anger of God, the - Manifested in judgments and afflictions Anger of God, the - Manifested in terrors Anger of God, the - Men of Bethshemesh Anger of God, the - Nadab, &c Anger of God, the - Removal of, should be prayed for Anger of God, the - Saul Anger of God, the - Saul's family Anger of God, the - Sennacherib Anger of God, the - Should lead to repentance Anger of God, the - Sin, in saints Anger of God, the - Specially reserved for the day of wrath Anger of God, the - Tempered with mercy to saints Anger of God, the - The justice of, not to be questioned Anger of God, the - The old world Anger of God, the - The Spies Anger of God, the - The wicked Anger of God, the - Those who forsake him Anger of God, the - To be born with submission Anger of God, the - To be deprecated Anger of God, the - To be dreaded Anger of God, the - Unbelief Anger of God, the - Uzzah Aniam - Son of Shemidah. Anim - A city of Judah. Animals - Abodes of Animals - Beasts, symbolic Animals - Belong to God Animals - Clean and unclean Animals - Creation of Animals - Facts about breeding Animals - Food of Animals - God's care of Animals - God's control of Animals - Habits of Animals - Instincts of Animals - Instruments of God's will Animals - Menstruation of Animals - Named Animals - Nature of Animals - Offered in sacrifice Animals - Ordained as food for man Animals - Paul contends with Animals - Perish at death Animals - Possessed of devils Animals - Sent in judgment Animals - Suffer under divine judgments, sent upon man Animals - Suffered the plagues of Egypt Animals - Two of every sort preserved in the ark Animals - Under the curse Anise - A seed, used as a condiment. Anna - A devout widow. Annas - Associate high priest with Caiaphas. Anointing - A token of joy Anointing - An article of commerce Anointing - Curing the sick Anointing - Decorating the person Anointing - Deprivation of, threatened as a punishment Anointing - God preserves those who receive Anointing - Healing wounds Anointing - Most expensive Anointing - Neglect of, to guests, a mark of disrespect Anointing - Neglected in times of affliction Anointing - Of guests Anointing - Of Jesus, as a token of love Anointing - Of the body Anointing - Omitted in mourning Anointing - Prepared by the apothecary Anointing - Preparing the dead for burial Anointing - Preparing weapons for war Anointing - Purifying the body Anointing - Refreshing the body Anointing - Richly perfumed Anointing - Saints receive Anointing - Symbolic, of Jesus Anointing - The dead Anointing - The eyes Anointing - The face Anointing - The feet Anointing - The head Anointing - The Jews were very fond of Anointing - The sick Anointing - Why recommended by Christ in times of Fasting Anointing - With oil Anointing - With ointment Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Foretold Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Fulfilled Anointing of the Holy Spirit - God preserves those who receive Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Guides into all truth Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Is abiding in saints Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Is from God Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Saints receive Anointing of the Holy Spirit - Typified Anointing Oil - Formula of, given by Moses Anointing, Sacred - An holy anointing oil for ever Anointing, Sacred - Antiquity of Anointing, Sacred - Brazen altar Anointing, Sacred - Brazen laver Anointing, Sacred - Compounded by the priests Anointing, Sacred - Consecrates to God's service Anointing, Sacred - Divinely prescribed Anointing, Sacred - Jews condemned for imitating Anointing, Sacred - Kings Anointing, Sacred - Not to be imitated Anointing, Sacred - Not to be injured or insulted Anointing, Sacred - Of Christ with the Holy Spirit Anointing, Sacred - Of saints with the Holy Spirit Anointing, Sacred - Priests Anointing, Sacred - Prophets Anointing, Sacred - Protected by God Anointing, Sacred - Tabernacle, &c Anointing, Sacred - To be put on no stranger Ant - Antediluvians - Arts of Antediluvians - Destruction of Antediluvians - Enoch prophesies to Antediluvians - Noah preaches to Antediluvians - Occupations of Antediluvians - Wickedness of Antediluvians - Worship God Anthropomorphisms - Miscellaneous figures Anthropomorphisms - Oaths Antichrist - Deceit, a characteristic of Antichrist - Denies the Father and the Son Antichrist - Denies the incarnation of Christ Antichrist - General references Antichrist - Spirit of, prevalent in apostolic times Antichrist - To be destroyed Antioch - 2. A city of Pisidia. Persecutes Paul Antipas - A martyr. Antipatris - A city in Samaria. Antothijah - A Benjamite. Anub - Son of Coz. Anvil - Ape - In Solomon's zoological collections Apelles - A disciple in Rome. Apharsachites - Apharsathchites - Apharsites - Aphek - 3. A city between Damascus and Palestine. Ben-Hadad defeated at Aphekah - A city in the mountains of Judah. Aphiah - A Benjamite. Aphrah - A city Aphrah - Perhaps identical with Ophrah Aphses - A governor of the temple. Apollonia - A city of Macedonia. Apollos - An eloquent Christian convert at Corinth Apollos - Paul writes Titus about Apollos - Refuses to return to Rome Apollyon - Angel of the bottomless pit. Apostasy - Caused by persecution Apostasy - Caused by worldliness Apostasy - Cautions against Apostasy - Described Apostasy - Guilt and punishment of Apostasy - Shall abound in the latter days Apostates - A worldly spirit tends to make Apostates - Amaziah Apostates - Cautions against becoming Apostates - Described Apostates - Guilt and punishment of Apostates - Hymenaeus and Alexander Apostates - It is impossible to restore Apostates - Never belonged to Christ Apostates - Persecution tends to make Apostates - Professed disciples Apostates - Saints do not become Apostates - Shall abound in the latter days Apostle - An appellation of Jesus Apostles - A title distinguishing the twelve disciples, whom Jesus selected to be intimately associated with himself Apostles - Commission of Apostles - Fail to comprehend the nature and mission of Jesus, and the nature of the kingdom He came to establish Apostles - Forsake Jesus Apostles - Inspiration of Apostles - Miraculous power given to Apostles - Moral state of, before Pentecost Apostles - Names of Apostles - Selection of Apostles - Slow to receive Jesus, as Messiah Apostles - Unlearned Apostles, the - Christ Apostles, the - Christ always present with Apostles, the - Christ pre-eminently called »The Apostle« Apostles, the - Empowered to work miracles Apostles, the - Equal authority given to each of Apostles, the - God Apostles, the - Guided by the Spirit into all truth Apostles, the - Humility urged upon Apostles, the - Instructed by the Spirit to answer adversaries Apostles, the - Mutual love urged upon Apostles, the - Ordained by Christ Apostles, the - Persecutions and sufferings of Apostles, the - Received their title from Christ Apostles, the - Saw Christ in the flesh Apostles, the - Selected from obscure stations Apostles, the - Self-denial urged upon Apostles, the - Sent first to the house of Israel Apostles, the - Sent to preach the gospel to all nations Apostles, the - Specially devoted to the office of the ministry Apostles, the - The Holy Spirit Apostles, the - The Holy Spirit given to Apostles, the - Warned against a timid profession of Christ Apostles, the - Were hated by the world Apostles, the - Were not of the world Apostles, the - Were unlearned men Apostles, the - Witnesses of the resurrection and ascension of Christ Apostrophe - To death and the grave Apothecary - A compounder of drugs Apothecary - Ointment of Appaim - Son of Nadab. Appeal - Paul makes appeal to Caesar Appetite - Kept in subjection Apphia - A Christian at Colosse. Appii-Forum - A market town in Italy. Apple - A fruit. Aquila and Priscilla - Christians at Corinth Aquila and Priscilla - Friendship of, for Paul Aquila and Priscilla - Paul sends salutations to Ar - A city of Moab Ar - Destruction of Ara - Son of Jether. Arab - A city of Judah. Arabia - Exports of Arabia - Paul visits Arabia - Prophecies against Arabia - Tributary to Jehoshaphat Arabia - Tributary to Solomon Arabians - Commerce of Arabians - Defeated by Uzziah Arabians - Gospel preached to Arabians - Invade and defeat Judah Arabians - Oppose Nehemiah's rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem Arabians - Pay tribute to Jehoshaphat Arabians - Pay tribute to Solomon Arabians - Prophecies concerning Arad - 2. Son of Beriah Arah - 1. Son of Ulla Arah - Probably identical with Arah in Nehemiah 6:18 Aram - 1. The region whence Balaam came at Balak's command Aram - 2. A region north of Canaan Aram - 3. Son of Shem Aram - 4. Son of Kemuel Aram - 5. Son of Shamer Aran - Son of Dishan. Ararat - A district of Armenia Ararat - Ark rested in mountains of Ararat - Assassins of Sennacherib take refuge in Araunah - A Jebusite from whom David bought a site for an altar Araunah - Called Ornan Arba - 1. Father of Anak Archangel - General references Archelaus - A ruler of Judea. Archery - In war Archevites - Inhabitants of Samaria. Archi - A city of Ephraim. Archippus - A disciple at Colosse. Architecture - Figurative Architecture - General references Archturus, Constellation of - Ard - 1. Son of Benjamin Ard - 2. Son of Bela Ardon - Son of Caleb. Areli - Son of Gad. Areopagus - Mars' Hill. Aretas - A ruler of Syria. Argob - 1. A region east of the Jordan Argob - 2. A courtier of Pekah Aridai - Son of Haman. Aridatha - Son of Haman. Arieh - A conspirator with Pekah. Ariel - 1. A messenger from Ezra to Iddo Ariel - 2. A symbolic name for Jerusalem Arimathea - Called also Ramah. A town five miles north of Jerusalem. Arioch - 1. King of Ellasar Arioch - 2. Captain of Nebuchadnezzar's guard Arisai - Son of Haman. Aristarchus - A companion of Paul. Aristobulus - A Christian at Rome. Ark - 2. Of Bulrushes Ark of the Covenant - A copy of the law laid in the side of Ark of the Covenant - A symbol of the presence and glory of God Ark of the Covenant - A type of Christ Ark of the Covenant - Anointed with sacred oil Ark of the Covenant - Ark of God Ark of the Covenant - Ark of God's strength Ark of the Covenant - Ark of the covenant of the Lord Ark of the Covenant - Ark of the testimony Ark of the Covenant - At Kirjath-jearim twenty years Ark of the Covenant - Before the Israelites in their journeys Ark of the Covenant - Brought by Solomon into the temple with great solemnity Ark of the Covenant - Brought into the city of David Ark of the Covenant - By priests of Levites alone Ark of the Covenant - Captured by the Philistines Ark of the Covenant - Covered with the vail by the priests before removal Ark of the Covenant - David made a tent for Ark of the Covenant - Dimensions, &c of Ark of the Covenant - Entirely covered with gold Ark of the Covenant - Esteemed the glory of Israel Ark of the Covenant - Fall of Dagon Ark of the Covenant - Fall of the walls of Jericho Ark of the Covenant - Furnished with rings and staves Ark of the Covenant - Jordan divided Ark of the Covenant - Manner of its restoration Ark of the Covenant - Mercy-seat laid upon Ark of the Covenant - Philistines plagued Ark of the Covenant - Placed in the Holy of Holies Ark of the Covenant - Profanation of, punished Ark of the Covenant - Protecting of, rewarded Ark of the Covenant - Removed from Kirjath-jearim to the house of Obed-edom Ark of the Covenant - Sanctified its resting place Ark of the Covenant - Sometimes to the camp in war Ark of the Covenant - Surrounded with a crown of gold Ark of the Covenant - Tables of testimony alone placed in Ark of the Covenant - The Israelites enquired of the Lord before Ark of the Covenant - The pot of manna and Aaron's rod laid up before Ark of the Covenant - Was holy Arkites - Descendants of Canaan. Arm - Figurative use of Armageddon - A symbolic name. Armenia - A region in Western Asia Armenia - Assassins of Sennacherib take refuge in Armies - Accompanied by beasts of burden and wagons for baggage Armies - Ancient, often numerous Armies - Antiquity of Armies - Assaulting cities Armies - Bands Armies - Battle shouts Armies - Before cities Armies - Began their campaigns in the spring Armies - Besieging cities Armies - Bowmen and slingers Armies - Brought their idols with them Armies - Caterpillars Armies - Cavalry Armies - Champions fight instead of Armies - Check roll-call Armies - Children instructed in military arts Armies - Clouds Armies - Commenced battles with a shout Armies - Composed of insurgents Armies - Composed of mercenaries Armies - Compulsory service in Armies - Confederated Armies - Confidence in, vain Armies - Determine royal succession Armies - Devastation occasioned by Armies - Divided the spoil Armies - Enumeration of Israel's military forces Armies - Escort duty performed by Armies - Exercised savage cruelties on the vanquished Armies - Exhorted before battle Armies - Experienced captains Armies - Fear occasioned by Armies - Fighting battles Armies - Figurative Armies - Flies Armies - Frequently the instrument of God's vengeance Armies - Furnished with standards Armies - Generally in three divisions Armies - Grasshoppers Armies - Hosts Armies - In latter ages received pay Armies - In the open fields Armies - Kings in person Armies - Levies for Armies - Locusts Armies - Multitudes of angels Armies - Numerous and heavy afflictions Armies - Of different nations often confederated Armies - Officers consecrate themselves to God Armies - Often consisted of the whole effective strength of nations Armies - Often in open line Armies - Often surprised their enemies Armies - Often went on foreign service Armies - Orders delivered with trumpets Armies - Overflowing torrents Armies - Power of Kings Armies - Sent out foraging parties Armies - Soldiers destroy each other to escape captivity Armies - Spearmen or heavy troops Armies - Standards Armies - Standing armies Armies - Supernatural means Armies - The Church Armies - Their enemies Armies - Themselves through divine intervention Armies - Toil and fatigue often endured by Armies - Troops often hired for Armies - Uniforms of Armies - War chariots Armies - Waters of a river Armies - Whirlwinds Armies - Who of the Israelites were subject to service in Armies - Who were exempt from service in Armies - Wings of a nation Armies - With noise and tumult Armies - With order and precision Armies - With rapidity Armies of Israel, the - Ark of God frequently brought with Armies of Israel, the - Attended by priest with trumpets Armies of Israel, the - Bravery and fidelity in, rewarded Armies of Israel, the - By presents Armies of Israel, the - Commanded by the captain of the host Armies of Israel, the - Companies of thousands, &c Armies of Israel, the - Composed of infantry Armies of Israel, the - Congratulated on returning victorious Armies of Israel, the - Consulted the Lord Armies of Israel, the - Contribution levied Armies of Israel, the - Directed in their movements by God Armies of Israel, the - Disbanded after war Armies of Israel, the - Educated in the art of war Armies of Israel, the - Encouraged by their commanders Armies of Israel, the - Enroled by the chief scribe Armies of Israel, the - Extraordinary means Armies of Israel, the - First mention of Armies of Israel, the - Food brought by themselves Armies of Israel, the - Food sent by their families Armies of Israel, the - Horsemen and chariots introduced into, after David's reign Armies of Israel, the - Men selected from, for difficult enterprises Armies of Israel, the - Often disposed to battle with Judgment, &c Armies of Israel, the - Often led by the king in person Armies of Israel, the - Often supplied with arms from public armouries Armies of Israel, the - Part of, retained in times of peace by the kings Armies of Israel, the - Persons liable to serve in Armies of Israel, the - Praises of God often sung before Armies of Israel, the - Purified on returning from war Armies of Israel, the - Refusing to join, often punished Armies of Israel, the - Refusing to join, stigmatised Armies of Israel, the - Required to keep from iniquity Armies of Israel, the - Sometimes consisted of the whole nation Armies of Israel, the - Sound of trumpets Armies of Israel, the - Special messengers Armies of Israel, the - Strict discipline observed in Armies of Israel, the - The armies of the living God Armies of Israel, the - The captain of the host Armies of Israel, the - The chief officers Armies of Israel, the - The fearful allowed to leave Armies of Israel, the - The host Armies of Israel, the - The king Armies of Israel, the - Three divisions Armies of Israel, the - Van and rear Armies of Israel, the - Were numbered and reviewed Armies of Israel, the - Who had built a house Armies of Israel, the - Who had planted a vineyard Armies of Israel, the - Who were lately betrothed Armies of Israel, the - Who were newly married Armies of Israel, the - With the aid of God all-powerful Armies of Israel, the - Without God easily overcome Armoni - Son of Saul. Armor - Figurative Armor - The equipment of a soldier Armor-Bearer - Of Abimelech Armor-Bearer - Of Goliath Armor-Bearer - Of Joab Armor-Bearer - Of Jonathan Armor-Bearer - Of Saul Armory - A place for the storage of armor Armory - Figurative Armory - In different parts of the kingdom Arms, Military - Anointed Arms, Military - Armouries built for Arms, Military - Battering Rams Arms, Military - Battle-axe Arms, Military - Bow and arrows Arms, Military - Buckler Arms, Military - Burnished Arms, Military - By individuals themselves Arms, Military - Called armour Arms, Military - Called harness Arms, Military - Called instruments of death Arms, Military - Called instruments of war Arms, Military - Called weapons of war Arms, Military - Coat of mail, breastplate, habergeon, or brigandine Arms, Military - Dagger Arms, Military - Dart or javelin Arms, Military - Engines for casting stones, &c Arms, Military - From the public arsenals Arms, Military - Girdle Arms, Military - Great stores of, prepared Arms, Military - Greaves Arms, Military - Hand staff Arms, Military - Helmet Arms, Military - Hung of the walls of cities Arms, Military - Inferior to wisdom Arms, Military - Judgments of God Arms, Military - Made of iron, steel, or brass Arms, Military - Not worn in ordinary times Arms, Military - Of conquered nations taken away to prevent rebellion Arms, Military - Often given as presents Arms, Military - Part of, borne by armour-bearers Arms, Military - Put on at the first alarm Arms, Military - Shield Arms, Military - Sling Arms, Military - Sometime burned Arms, Military - Sometimes kept as trophies Arms, Military - Spear or lance Arms, Military - Spiritual armour Arms, Military - Spiritual weapons Arms, Military - Sword Arms, Military - Taken off them Arms, Military - Target Arms, Military - Tried and proved Arms, Military - Two-edged sword Arnan - Patronymic of a family descended from David. Arnon - Boundary between Moabites and Amorites Arnon - Fords of Arnon - Miracles at Arod - Son of Gad. Arodi - Descendants of Arod. Aroer - 3. A city in Judah Arpad - A fortified city of Syria perhaps identical with Arvad Arpad - Idols of Arphaxad - Son of Shem. Arrest - Of apostles Arrest - Of Jesus Arrest - Of Paul Arrest - Of Paul and Silas Arrest - Paul authorized to arrest Christians Arrogance - General references Arrow - Divination by Arrow - Figurative Arrow - Shot by Joash as a sign against the Syrians Arrow - Shot by Jonathan as a sign to David Arrow - Used in hunting Arrow - Used in war Arrows - (Broken), of destruction of power Arrows - (Falling from the hand), of the paralysing power Arrows - Against enemies Arrows - At a mark for amusement Arrows - At the beasts of the earth Arrows - Bright and polished Arrows - Called shafts Arrows - Carried in a quiver Arrows - Deadly and destructive weapons Arrows - Fleetness of, alluded to Arrows - From a bow Arrows - From engines Arrows - Of bitter words Arrows - Of Christ Arrows - Of devices of the wicked Arrows - Of false witnesses Arrows - Of God's judgment Arrows - Of lightnings Arrows - Of severe afflictions Arrows - Of slanderous tongues Arrows - Of the word of Christ Arrows - Of young children Arrows - Sharp Arrows - Sometimes poisoned Arrows - The ancients divined by Arrows - With great force Arson - General references Arson - Law concerning Artaxerxes - 1. A Persian king, probably identical with Ahasuerus. Prohibits the rebuilding of Jerusalem Artaxerxes - 2. King of Persia. Decrees of, in behalf of the Jews Artemas - A companion of Paul. Artillery - General references Arts of The - Apothecary or perfumer Arts of The - Armourer Arts of The - Baker Arts of The - Blacksmith Arts of The - Brazier Arts of The - Brick-maker Arts of The - Calker Arts of The - Carpenter Arts of The - Carver Arts of The - Confectioner Arts of The - Dyer Arts of The - Embalmer Arts of The - Embroiderer Arts of The - Engraver Arts of The - Founder Arts of The - Fuller Arts of The - Gardener Arts of The - Goldsmith Arts of The - Husbandman Arts of The - Mariner, &c Arts of The - Mason Arts of The - Musician Arts of The - Potter Arts of The - Refiner of metals Arts of The - Rope maker Arts of The - Ship builder Arts of The - Silversmith Arts of The - Smelter of metals Arts of The - Spinner Arts of The - Stone cutter Arts of The - Tailor Arts of The - Tanner Arts of The - Tent-maker Arts of The - Weaver Arts of The - Wine-maker Arts of The - Writer Aruboth - A district laid under tribute to Solomon's commissariat. Arumah - A place near Shechem. Arvad - An island near Zidon. Arvadites - Descendants of Canaan. Arza - A steward of Elah. Asa - 1. King of Judah Asa - 2. A Levite Asahel - 1. Nephew of David, and one of his captains Asahel - 2. A Levite, commissioned by Jehoshaphat to teach the law to Judah Asahel - 3. A Levite, who had charge of tithes Asahel - 4. Father of Jonathan Asahiah - An officer of King Josiah. Asaiah - 1. A descendant of Simeon Asaiah - 3. A Shilonite Asaph - 1. Father of Joah Asaph - 3. A Levite, whose descendants dwelt in Jerusalem after the exile Asaph - 4. A Kohath Levite Asaph - 5. Keeper of forests Asareel - Son of Jehaleleel. Asarelah - One of the temple choir Asarelah - Probably identical with Azareel Ascension - Of Elijah Ascension - Of Jesus Ascension - Of two witnesses Ascension of Christ, the - As the forerunner of his people Ascension of Christ, the - Described Ascension of Christ, the - Foretold by himself Ascension of Christ, the - Forty days after his resurrection Ascension of Christ, the - From Mount Olivet Ascension of Christ, the - His second coming shall be in like manner as Ascension of Christ, the - Prophecies respecting Ascension of Christ, the - To intercede Ascension of Christ, the - To prepare a place for his people Ascension of Christ, the - To receive gifts for men Ascension of Christ, the - To send the Holy Spirit Ascension of Christ, the - Typified Ascension of Christ, the - Was to supreme power and dignity Ascension of Christ, the - Was triumphant Ascension of Christ, the - When he had atoned for sin Ascension of Christ, the - While blessing his disciples Asceticism - Extreme application of, rebuked by Jesus Asceticism - Rebuked by Paul Asenath - Wife of Joseph. Ash - A tree. Ashan - A Levitical city of Judah, later of Simeon. Ashbea - A descendant of Shelah. Ashbel - Son of Benjamin. Ashdod - A city of the Philistines Ashdod - Anakim inhabit Ashdod - Assigned to Judah Ashdod - Called Azotus Ashdod - Conquest of, by Tartan Ashdod - Conquest of, by Uzziah Ashdod - Dagon's temple in, in which the ark was deposited Ashdod - Jews intermarry with Ashdod - People of, conspire against the Jews Ashdod - Prophecies concerning Ashdoth-Pisgah - The water courses flowing from Mount Pisgah. Asher - 1. Son of Jacob, by Zilpah Asher - 2. Descendants of Asher - 4. A city of Shechem Asher, the Tribe Of - Aided in Hezekiah's reformation Asher, the Tribe Of - Assisted Gideon against the Midianites Asher, the Tribe Of - Bordered on the sea Asher, the Tribe Of - Bounds of their inheritance Asher, the Tribe Of - Descended form Jacob's eighth son Asher, the Tribe Of - Did not fully drive out Canaanites Asher, the Tribe Of - Encamped next to, and under the standard of Dan, north of the tabernacles Asher, the Tribe Of - Families of Asher, the Tribe Of - Offering of, at the dedication Asher, the Tribe Of - Officers place over, by Solomon Asher, the Tribe Of - On Ebal, said amen to the curses of the law Asher, the Tribe Of - Predictions concerning Asher, the Tribe Of - Remarkable persons of Asher, the Tribe Of - Reproved for not aiding against Sisera Asher, the Tribe Of - Some of, at coronation of David Asher, the Tribe Of - Strength of on entering Canaan Asher, the Tribe Of - Strength of, on leaving Egypt Asher, the Tribe Of - The centre of the fourth division of Israel in its journeys Asher, the Tribe Of - To divide the land Asher, the Tribe Of - To number the people Asher, the Tribe Of - To spy out the land Ashes - A symbol of mourning Ashes - Disguises in Ashes - Repenting in Ashes - Sitting in Ashes - Uses of, in purification Ashima - An idol. Ashkelon - Captured by the people of Judah Ashkelon - Emerods of Ashkelon - One of the five chief cities of the Philistines Ashkelon - Prophecies concerning Ashkelon - Samson slays thirty men of Ashkenaz - Descendants of Ashkenaz - Son of Gomer Ashnah - Name of two towns in Judah. Ashpenaz - A prince in Nebuchadnezzar's court. Ashteroth Karnaim - An ancient city of Palestine taken by Chedorlaomer. Ashtoreth - High places of, at Jerusalem, destroyed Ashtoreth - Probably identical with Queen of Heaven Ashtoreth - Temple of Ashtoreth - Worshiped by Israelites Ashur - Son of Hezron. Ashurites - Possibly Geshurites. Ashvath - Son of Japhlet. Asia - Churches of Asia - Gospel preached in, by Paul Asia - Inhabitants of, in Jerusalem, at Pentecost Asia - Paul and Silas forbidden by the Holy Ghost to preach in Asia - Paul leaves Asiel - Grandfather of Jehu. Asnah - Descendants of, return to Jerusalem. Asnapper - A noble Assyrian prince, who colonized the cities of Samaria after the Israelites were taken captive to Assyria Asp - A venomous serpent Asp - Deprived of venom, illustrates conversion Asp, or Adder - (Deprived of its venom), of the effects of conversion Asp, or Adder - (Venom of), of injurious effects of wine Asp, or Adder - (Venom of), of the speech of the wicked Asp, or Adder - Dangerous to travellers Asp, or Adder - Not to be charmed Asp, or Adder - Of obstinate rejecters of God's Word Asp, or Adder - Of the enemies of God's people Asp, or Adder - Venomous Aspatha - Son of Haman. Asriel - Called also Ashriel, son of Manasseh. Ass - Wild Ass, the Domestic - A thousand men slain by Samson with a jaw-bone of Ass, the Domestic - Astray, to be brought back to its owners Ass, the Domestic - Astray, to be taken care of till its owner appeared Ass, the Domestic - Christ entered Jerusalem on Ass, the Domestic - Eaten during famine in Samaria Ass, the Domestic - Fallen under a burden, to be assisted Ass, the Domestic - First-born of, if not redeemed, to have its neck broken Ass, the Domestic - Fond of ease Ass, the Domestic - For bearing burdens Ass, the Domestic - For riding Ass, the Domestic - Formed a part of patriarchal wealth Ass, the Domestic - Governed by a bridle Ass, the Domestic - In agriculture Ass, the Domestic - In harness Ass, the Domestic - In war Ass, the Domestic - Judges of Israel rode on white Ass, the Domestic - Later counted as an ignoble creature Ass, the Domestic - Mouth of Balaam's opened to speak Ass, the Domestic - Not devoid of instinct Ass, the Domestic - Not to be coveted Ass, the Domestic - Not to be yoked with an ox Ass, the Domestic - Not torn by a lion Ass, the Domestic - Often fed on vine-leaves Ass, the Domestic - Often taken unlawfully by corrupt rulers Ass, the Domestic - Persons of rank rode on Ass, the Domestic - Strong Ass, the Domestic - To enjoy the rest of the Sabbath Ass, the Domestic - Trusty persons appointed to take care of Ass, the Domestic - Unclean Ass, the Domestic - Urged on with a staff Ass, the Domestic - Water brought from the jaw-bone of Ass, the Domestic - Women often rode on Ass, the Domestic - Young, most valued for labour Ass, the Wild - Brays when hungry Ass, the Wild - Despises his pursuers Ass, the Wild - Fond of liberty Ass, the Wild - Inhabits wild and solitary places Ass, the Wild - Intractable Ass, the Wild - Intractableness of natural man Ass, the Wild - Israel in their love of idols Ass, the Wild - Ranges the mountains for food Ass, the Wild - Suffers in time of scarcity Ass, the Wild - Supported by God Ass, the Wild - The Assyrian power Ass, the Wild - The Ishmaelites (Hebrew) Ass, the Wild - The wicked in their pursuit of sin Ass, the Wild - Unsocial Assassination - David's abhorrence of Assassination - Laws prohibiting Assault and Battery - Laws concerning Asshur - Son of Shem and ancestor of the Assyrians. Asshurim - Descendants of Dedan. Assir - 1. Son of Korah Assir - 2. Son of Ebiasaph Assir - 3. Son of Jeconiah Assos - A seaport in Mysia. Assurance - A crown Assurance - A glorious resurrection Assurance - A kingdom Assurance - Answers to prayer Assurance - Comfort in affliction Assurance - Confident hope in God restores Assurance - Confirmed by love Assurance - Continuance in grace Assurance - David Assurance - Eternal life Assurance - Give diligence to attain to Assurance - Is abundant in the understanding of the gospel Assurance - Is the effect of righteousness Assurance - Made full by hope Assurance - Paul Assurance - Peace with God by Christ Assurance - Preservation Assurance - Produced by faith Assurance - Strive to maintain Assurance - Support in death Assurance - The unalienable love of God Assurance - Their adoption Assurance - Their election Assurance - Their redemption Assurance - Their salvation Assurance - Union with God and Christ Assyria - An instrument of God's vengeance Assyria - Antiquity and origin of Assyria - Armies of, described Assyria - Asked to aid Ahaz against Syria Assyria - Assassinated by his sons Assyria - Asshur Assyria - Blasphemed the Lord Assyria - Bought off by Hezekiah Assyria - Brought off by Menahem Assyria - Carried Israel captive Assyria - Chief men of, described Assyria - Commerce of Assyria - Condemned for oppressing God's people Assyria - Conquered Syria Assyria - Conquest and captivity of Israel by Assyria - Conquest of Syria by Assyria - Conquest of the Kenites by Assyria - Cruel and destructive Assyria - Destruction of Assyria - Extensive commerce Assyria - Extent of conquests Assyria - Fertility Assyria - Governed by kings Assyria - His army destroyed by God Assyria - Idolatry of, brought into Samaria Assyria - Idolatry, the religion of Assyria - Imprisoned Hoshea Assyria - Insulted and threatened Judah Assyria - Intolerant and oppressive Assyria - Invaded Israel Assyria - Invaded Judah Assyria - Invasion of Judah by Assyria - Israel condemned for trusting to Assyria - Judah condemned for trusting to Assyria - Manasseh taken captive to Assyria - Most formidable Assyria - Nineveh, chief city of Assyria - Participation in the blessings of the gospel Assyria - Prayed against by Hezekiah Assyria - Productiveness of Assyria - Prophecies concerning Assyria - Prophecies of captivity of Israelites in Assyria - Proud and haughty Assyria - Ravaged Israel Assyria - Reduced Israel to tribute Assyria - Re-peopled Samaria from Assyria Assyria - Reproved for pride and blasphemy Assyria - Restoration of Israel from Assyria - Selfish and reserved Assyria - Shinar Assyria - Situated beyond the Euphrates Assyria - The greatness, extent, duration, and fall, illustrated Assyria - The Jews condemned for following the idolatries of Assyria - The land of Nimrod Assyria - The re-peopling of Samaria from, completed by Asnappar Assyria - Took money from Ahaz, but strengthened him not Assyria - Unfaithful, &c Assyria - Was conspired against by Hoshea Assyria - Watered by the river Tigris Astrology - General reference Astronomy - General references Astronomy - Sidereal phenomena Asuppim - A gate of the temple. Asyncritus - A disciple at Rome. Atad - The place where the sons of Jacob mourned for their father. Atarah - Wife of Jerahmeel. Ataroth - 1. A city east of Jordan Ataroth - 2. A city, or possibly two different cities, of Ephraim Ataroth - 3. A city of Judah, called Atroth-beth-joab Ataroth - 4. A city of Gad Ater - 1. A descendant of Hezekiah, who returned from Babylon Ater - 2. A porter Ater - 3. An Israelite, who subscribed to Nehemiah's covenant Athach - A city of Judah. Athaiah - Perhaps identical with Asaiah. Athaliah - 1. Wife of Jehoram, king of Judah Athaliah - 2. Son of Jehoram Athaliah - 3. Father of Jeshaiah Atheism - Arguments against Atheism - General references Athens - A city of Greece. Athlai - A son of Bebai. Atoms of Matter - Atonement - Made by animal sacrifices Atonement - Unclassified scriptures relating to Atonement, the - Acceptable to God Atonement, the - Access to God by Atonement, the - Commemorated in the Lord's supper Atonement, the - Effected by Christ alone Atonement, the - Explained Atonement, the - Faith in, indispensable Atonement, the - Foreordained Atonement, the - Foretold Atonement, the - Grace and mercy of God Atonement, the - Justification by Atonement, the - Love of Christ Atonement, the - Love of God Atonement, the - Made but once Atonement, the - Ministers should fully set forth Atonement, the - Necessity for Atonement, the - Power of sin Atonement, the - Power of the devil Atonement, the - Power of the World Atonement, the - Reconciles the justice and mercy of God Atonement, the - Reconciliation to God effected by Atonement, the - Redemption by Atonement, the - Remission of sins by Atonement, the - Saints glorify God for Atonement, the - Saints praise God for Atonement, the - Saints rejoice in God for Atonement, the - Sanctification by Atonement, the - Typified Atonement, the - Was voluntary Atonement, the Day Of - A day of humiliation Atonement, the Day Of - For the high priest Atonement, the Day Of - For the holy place Atonement, the Day Of - For the whole congregation Atonement, the Day Of - Observed as a sabbath Atonement, the Day Of - Offerings to be made on Atonement, the Day Of - Punishment for not observing Atonement, the Day Of - Tenth day of seventh month Atonement, the Day Of - The high priest entered into the holy place on Atonement, the Day Of - The sins of the people borne off by the scapegoat on Atonement, the Day Of - Typical Atonement, the Day Of - Year of Jubilee commenced on Atonement, Under the Law - By priests alone Atonement, Under the Law - Extraordinary cases of Atonement, Under the Law - Made by sacrifice Atonement, Under the Law - Persons sinning ignorantly Atonement, Under the Law - Persons sinning wilfully Atonement, Under the Law - Persons swearing rashly Atonement, Under the Law - Persons unclean Atonement, Under the Law - Persons withholding evidence Atonement, Under the Law - Propitiating God Atonement, Under the Law - Purifying Atonement, Under the Law - Ransoming Atonement, Under the Law - The altar Atonement, Under the Law - The congregation Atonement, Under the Law - The healed leper Atonement, Under the Law - The holy place Atonement, Under the Law - The leprous house healed Atonement, Under the Law - The priests Atonement, Under the Law - Typical of Christ's atonement Atonement, Under the Law - Women after childbirth Atrophy - Of the hand Attai - 1. A Gadite warrior Attai - 2. Son of Rehoboam Attai - 3. Grandson of Sheshan Attalia - A seaport of Pamphylia. Attorney - Employed Augustus - A title of Roman emperors. Ava - A district near Babylon Avarice - General references Avarice - Instances of, the descendants of Joseph Aven - 1. »The plain of the Sun« Aven - 2. Another name for On Aven - 3. Beth-Aven Avenger of Blood - Cain fears Avenger of Blood - Figurative Avenger of Blood - Lamech fears Avenger of Blood - Law concerning, set aside by David Avenger of Blood - Premosaic Avenger of Blood - Scriptures relating to Avim - 1. A city of Benjamin Avites - 1. A nation in southern part of Canaan Avites - 2. Colonists of Samaria Avith - Capital city of the Edomites. Awl - A tool. Ax - An implement Ax - Battle ax Ax - Elisha causes to swim Ax - Figurative Axletree - Part of a wheeled vehicle. Azal - A place near Jerusalem. Azaliah - Father of Shaphan. Azaniah - Father of Jeshua. Azareel - 1. An Aaronite of the family of Korah Azareel - 2. A musician in the temple, called Uzziel Azareel - 3. A Danite prince Azareel - 4. A son of Bani Azareel - 5. A priest Azariah - 1. Son of Ethan Azariah - 10. Son of Obed Azariah - 11. Son of Johanan, possibly identical with Zechariah, son of Jehoiada Azariah - 13. Chief of the tribe of Ephraim Azariah - 14. A Levite, called Uzziah Azariah - 16. Son of Hilkiah Azariah - 17. Son of Hoshaiah Azariah - 18. Hebrew name of Abed-Nego Azariah - 19. A captive returned from Babylon, called Seraiah Azariah - 2. Son of Jehu Azariah - 3. Son of Zadok, perhaps identical with Amariah Azariah - 4. Captain of Solomon's guards Azariah - 5. A prophet, called Obed Azariah - 6. A high priest, called Amariah Azariah - 7. Son of Jehoshaphat Azariah - 9. Son of Jeroham Azaz - Father of Bela. Azazel - The scapegoat. Azaziah - 1. A harper in the temple Azaziah - 2. Father of Hoshea Azaziah - 3. Overseer in temple Azbuk - Father of Nehemiah. Azekah - A town of Judah. Azel - A Benjamite. Azem - A city in the south of Judah. Called also Ezem. Azgad - 1. Ancestor of certain captives who returned from Babylon Azgad - 2. A returned exile Azgad - 3. A chief who signed Nehemiah's covenant Aziel - A temple musician. Aziza - Son of Zattu. Azmaveth - 1. One of David's heroes Azmaveth - 2. A descendant of Jonathan Azmaveth - 3. Son of Adiel Azmon - A place on the south of Canaan. Aznoth-Tabor - A town in Naphtali. Azor - Ancestor of Jesus Azor - Perhaps identical with Azrikam Azriel - 1. A chief of Manasseh Azriel - 2. Father of Jerimoth Azriel - 3. Father of Seriah Azrikam - 1. Son of Neraiah Azrikam - 2. Son of Azel Azrikam - 3. A Levite Azrikam - 4. Governor of the house of Ahaz Azubah - 1. Mother of Jehoshaphat Azubah - 2. Wife of Caleb Azur - Father of Jaazaniah. Azzan - Father of Paltiel. Azzur - 1. An Israelite, who sealed Nehemiah's covenant Azzur - 2. A Gibeonite Baal - 2. A Benjamite Baal - 3. A Reubenite Baalath - A city of Dan. Baal-Berith - A god of the Shechemites Baal-Berith - Called Berith Baal-Berith - Worshiped by Israelites Baale - A city of Judah. Baal-Gad - A city of the Canaanites Baal-Gad - Probably identical with Baal-Hermon Baal-Hamon - A place in Mount Ephraim Baal-Hamon - Called Hammon Baal-Hanan - 1. A king of Edom Baal-Hanan - 2. One of David's overseers Baal-Hazor - The place where Amnon was slain. Baal-Hermon - 2. A mountain of Lebanon Baali - An appellation of Jehovah. Baalim - Plural form of Baal. Baalis - King of the Ammonites. Baal-Meon - A city of the Reubenites Baal-Meon - Called Beon Baal-Meon - Called Beth-Baal-Meon Baal-Meon - Called Beth-Meon Baal-Peor - An idol of Moab. Baal-Perazim - A place in the valley of Rephaim Baal-Perazim - Called Perazim Baal-Shalisha - A place near Gilgal. Baal-Tamar - A place near Gibeah. Baal-Zebub - A god of the Philistines. Baal-Zephon - An Egyptian city on the Red Sea. Baana - 1. Son of Ahilud Baana - 2. Father of Zadok Baanah - 1. A captain of Ish-Bosheth's army Baanah - 2. Father of Heleb Baanah - 3. A chief Jew of the exile Baanah - 4. The name is spelled Baana, son of Hushai Baara - Called Hodesh Baara - Wife of Shaharaim Baaseiah - A Levite. Baasha - King of Israel. Babbler - A sarcastic epithet applied to St. Paul. Babel - Tower built, and tongues confused at Babes - A symbol of the children of the kingdom of heaven Babes - A symbol of the guileless Babes - Figurative of weak Christians Babes - In the mouths of, is praise perfected Babylon - A great eagle Babylon - A head of gold Babylon - A lion with eagle's wings Babylon - A type of Antichrist Babylon - Addicted to magic Babylon - Ambassadors of, sent to Hezekiah Babylon - An instrument of God's vengeance on other nations Babylon - Antiquity Babylon - Armies of, described Babylon - Arrogant Babylon - Babylon the chief province of Babylon - Besieged and took Jerusalem Babylon - Besieged Jerusalem Babylon - Burned Jerusalem, &c Babylon - Called Babylon the great Babylon - Called beauty of Chaldees, &c Babylon - Called the city of merchants Babylon - Called the glory of kingdoms Babylon - Called the golden city Babylon - Captivity of the Jews by Babylon - Commerce Babylon - Composed of many nations Babylon - Conquests by Babylon - Covetous Babylon - Cruel and destructive Babylon - Desert of the sea Babylon - Destroyed by the Medes Babylon - Destruction of Babylon - Enlarged by Nebuchadnezzar Babylon - Formerly a part of Mesopotamia Babylon - Founded by the Assyrians, and a part of their empire Babylon - Governed by Kings Babylon - Grand and stately Babylon - Grief of the Jews in Babylon - Idolatrous Babylon - Its antiquity Babylon - Lady of kingdoms Babylon - Land of Merathaim Babylon - Land of Shinar Babylon - Land of the Chaldeans Babylon - Languages spoken in Babylon - Made Jehoiakim tributary Babylon - Made Zedekiah king Babylon - Manufacture of garments Babylon - Military power Babylon - National greatness Babylon - Naval power Babylon - Oppressive Babylon - Origin of Babylon - Origin of the name Babylon - Perpetual desolation of Babylon - Preaching of the gospel in Babylon - Presidents placed over Babylon - Profane and sacrilegious Babylon - Rebelled against by Zedekiah Babylon - Restoration of the Jews from Babylon - Revolt of the Jews from, and their punishment illustrated Babylon - Secure and self-confident Babylon - Sheshach Babylon - Situated beyond the Euphrates Babylon - Spoiled and burned the temple Babylon - Spoiled the temple Babylon - Surrounded with a great wall and fortified Babylon - The gospel preached in Babylon - The Jews exhorted to be subject to, and settle in Babylon - Took Jehoiachin, &c captive to Babylon Babylon - Took Zedekiah, &c captive to Babylon Babylon - Treatment of the Jews in Babylon - Watered by the rivers Euphrates and Tigris Babylon - Wealth Babylon - Wicked Babylon - Wisdom of senators Babylon - With Media and Persia divided by Darius 120 provinces Baca - Valley of Backbiting - General references Backsliders - General references Backsliding - A haughty spirit leads to Backsliding - Afflictions sent to heal Backsliding - Blessedness of those who keep from Backsliding - Brings its own punishment Backsliding - Endeavour to bring back those guilty of Backsliding - Exhortations to return from Backsliding - God is displeased at Backsliding - Guilt and consequences of Backsliding - Hateful to saints Backsliding - Healing of, promised Backsliding - Is departing form the simplicity of the gospel Backsliding - Is leaving the first love Backsliding - Is turning from God Backsliding - Israel Backsliding - Liable to continue and increase Backsliding - Not hopeless Backsliding - Pardon of, promised Backsliding - Peter Backsliding - Pray to be restored from Backsliding - Proneness to Backsliding - Punishment of tempting others to the sin of Backsliding - Saul Backsliding - Sin of, to be confessed Backsliding - Solomon Backsliding - Warnings against Bag - Sack or pouch for holding anything. Bagpipe - Bahurim - A village between the fords of the Jordan and Jerusalem. Bajith - A place of idolatrous worship in Moab. Bakbakkar - A Levite. Bakbuk - An ancestor of the Nethinim. Bakbukiah - A Levite. Baker - General references Balaam - A prophet Balaam - A soothsayer Balaam - Anger of, rebuked by his ass Balaam - Balak sends for, to curse Israel Balaam - Counsel of an occasion of Israel's corruption with the Midianites Balaam - Covetousness of Balaam - Death of Balaam - From Mesopotamia Balah - A city of Simeon Balah - Called Bilhah Balak - King of Moab Balak - Tries to bribe Balaam to curse Israel Balances - False balance used Balances - False balance, an abomination Balances - Figurative Balances - Money weighed with Balances - Must be just Balances - Used for weighing Baldness - A judgment Baldness - Artificial, a sign of mourning Baldness - Artificial, as an idolatrous practice, forbidden Baldness - General references Baldness - Instances of, Elisha Ball - Playing at Balm - A medicinal balsam. Bamah - A high place. Bamoth - A camping place of the Israelites Bamoth - Called Bamothbaal, a city of Reuben Bani - 1. A Gadite Bani - 2. A Levite Bani - 3. A descendant of Pharez Bani - 5. A Levite of the returned exiles Banishment - General references Banishment - Of Adam and Eve, from Eden Banishment - Of Cain, to be »a fugitive and vagabond« Banishment - Of Jews, from Rome Banishment - Of John, to Patmos Banner - Figurative Baptism - Administered by immersing the whole body of the person in water Baptism - Adopted by Christ Baptism - Appointed an ordinance of the Christian church Baptism - As administered by John Baptism - Christian Baptism - Confession of sin necessary to Baptism - Emblematic of the influences of the Holy Spirit Baptism - Faith necessary to Baptism - Households Baptism - Individuals Baptism - John's Baptism - Only to professing believers Baptism - Regeneration, the inward and spiritual grace of Baptism - Remission of sins, signified by Baptism - Repentance necessary to Baptism - Sanctioned by Christ's submission to it Baptism - Scriptures supporting infant baptism Baptism - There is but one Baptism - To be administered in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Baptism - Typified Baptism - Unity of the Church effected by Baptism - Water, the outward and visible sign in Baptism With the Holy Spirit - All saints partake of Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Christ administered Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Foretold Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Is through Christ Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Necessity for Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Promised to saints Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Renews and cleanses the soul Baptism With the Holy Spirit - The Word of God instrumental to Baptism With the Holy Spirit - Typified Barabbas - A prisoner released by Pilate. Barachel - Father of Elihu. Barachiah - Called Barachias Barachiah - Called Berechiah, father of Zechariah Barak - A judge in Israel. Barbarian - A foreigner Barber - Bariah - Son of Shechaniah. Bar-Jesus - A false prophet. Bar-Jona - Surname of Peter. Barkos - A Jew whose descendants returned from exile. Barley - A product of Egypt Barley - A product of Palestine Barley - Absalom burns Joab's field of Barley - Fed to horses Barley - Loaves of Barley - Priests estimated value of Barley - Traffic in Barley - Tribute in Barley - Used in offerings Barn - General references Barnabas - A Levite who gave his possessions to be owned in common with other disciples Barnabas - A prophet Barnabas - Accompanies Paul to Jerusalem Barnabas - An apostle Barnabas - Called Jupiter Barnabas - Devotion of, to Jesus Barnabas - Disaffected towards Paul Barnabas - Goes to Antioch to find Paul, brings him to Antioch Barnabas - Goes to Derbe Barnabas - Goes with Paul to Iconium Barnabas - Is reconciled to Paul Barnabas - Is sent as a commissioner to Jerusalem Barnabas - Piety of Barnabas - Returns with Paul to Antioch Barrel - An earthen jar. Barrenness - A reproach Barrenness - Sent as a judgment Barsabas - 1. Surname of Joseph Barsabas - 2. Judas Bartholomew - One of the apostles. Bartimeus - A blind man. Baruch - 1. An amanuensis of Jeremiah Baruch - 2. Son of Labai Baruch - 3. A descendant of Pharez Barzillai - 1. A friend of David Barzillai - 2. Father of Adriel Barzillai - 3. A priest Bashan - A region east of the Jordan and north of Arnon Bashan - Allotted to the two and one half tribes, which had their possession east of the Jordan Bashan - Distinguished for its fine cattle Bashan - Fertility and productiveness of Bashan - Forests of, famous Bashan - Invaded and taken by Hazael, king of Syria Bashan - Og, king of Bashan - Retaken by Jehoash Bashan-Havoth-Jair - A name given to Argob. Bashemath - Wife of Esau. Basin - Made of brass Basin - Made of gold Basket - General references Basket - Paul let down from the wall in Basket - Received the fragments after the miracles of the loaves Basmath - Daughter of Solomon. Bastard - Excluded from the congregation Bastard - Figurative Bat - Bath - A Hebrew measure for liquids containing about eight gallons, three quarts. Bath-Rabbim - A gate in the city of Heshbon. Bath-Sheba - Adultery of Bath-Sheba - Called Bathshua Bath-Sheba - Solomon's mother Battering-Ram - Battle - Priests in Battle - Shouting in Battle-Ax - Battlements - On roofs of houses Battlements - On walls Bavai - Builds the wall of Jerusalem. Bay Tree - Bazlith - Called also Bazluth, one of the Nethinim. Bdellium - Beacon - Bealiah - An Israelite who joined David at Ziklag. Beam - Figurative Beam - Weaver's Bean - Bear - Ferocity of Bear - Figurative Bear - Killed by David Bear - Two destroy the children of Beth-El, who mocked Elisha Bear, the - Attacks the flock in the presence of the shepherd Bear, the - Cruel Bear, the - Cunning Bear, the - God in his judgments Bear, the - Growls when annoyed Bear, the - Inhabits woods Bear, the - Miraculously killed by David Bear, the - Often attacks men Bear, the - Particularly fierce when deprived of its young Bear, the - The kingdom of Antichrist Bear, the - The kingdom of the Medes Bear, the - The natural man Bear, the - Voracious Bear, the - Wicked rulers Beard - Beards of David's ambassadors half shaven by the king of the Amorites Beard - Cut Beard - Idolatrous practice of marring, forbidden Beard - Lepers required to shave Beard - Plucked Beard - Shaven by Egyptians Beard - Untrimmed in mourning Beard, the - Corners of, not to be marred for the dead Beard, the - Dribbling on, a sign of derangement Beard, the - Laying hold of, a token of respect Beard, the - Of the healed leper to be shaved Beard, the - Plucking of, a sign of scorn Beard, the - Shaving of, a great offence Beard, the - Shaving, illustrative of severe judgments Beard, the - Sometimes plucked out Beard, the - Subject to leprosy Beard, the - The Jews never appeared without Beard, the - Was clipped Beard, the - Was neglected and untrimmed Beard, the - Was shorn Beard, the - Worn even by the priests Beasts - Antichrist Beasts - Ape Beasts - Ass Beasts - Badger Beasts - Bear Beasts - Behemoth Beasts - Being four-footed Beasts - By nature wild, &c Beasts - Camel Beasts - Capable of being tamed Beasts - Caused uncleanness when dead Beasts - Chamois Beasts - Coney Beasts - Created by God Beasts - Creation of, exhibits God's power Beasts - Dens and caves Beasts - Deserted cities Beasts - Deserts Beasts - Devoid of immortality Beasts - Devoid of speech Beasts - Devoid of understanding Beasts - Differ in flesh from birds and fishes Beasts - Dog Beasts - Dromedary Beasts - Early distinguished into clean and unclean Beasts - Fallow deer Beasts - Ferret Beasts - Fields Beasts - First born of, not redeemed Beasts - First born of, redeemed Beasts - Forests Beasts - Fox Beasts - Frequently suffered on account of the sins of men Beasts - Given to man for food after the flood Beasts - Goat Beasts - Hare Beasts - Hart Beasts - Herb of the field given to, for food Beasts - History of, written by Solomon Beasts - Horse Beasts - How distinguished Beasts - Instinctively fear man Beasts - Kingdoms Beasts - Leopard Beasts - Lessons of wisdom to be learned from Beasts - Liable to diseases Beasts - Lion Beasts - Made for the praise and glory of God Beasts - Man by nature no better than Beasts - Many kinds of, domestic Beasts - Many kinds of, noisome and destructive Beasts - Mole Beasts - Mountains Beasts - Mouse Beasts - Mule Beasts - No likeness of, to be worshipped Beasts - Not eaten Beasts - Not offered in sacrifice Beasts - Not to be cruelly used Beasts - Not to be eaten alive or with blood Beasts - Often cut off for the sins of men Beasts - Often used as instruments of punishment Beasts - Ox Beasts - People of different nations Beasts - Persecutors Beasts - Possessed of instinct Beasts - Power over, given to man Beasts - Pygarg Beasts - Received their names from Adam Beasts - Representations of, worshipped by the heathen Beasts - Roebuck Beasts - Sheep Beasts - Subjects of God's care Beasts - Supply clothing to man Beasts - Swine Beasts - That died naturally or were torn, not to be eaten Beasts - The property of God Beasts - The wicked Beasts - To be taken care of Beasts - To enjoy the sabbath Beasts - Under spreading trees Beasts - Ungodly professors Beasts - Unicorn Beasts - Used for food Beasts - Used for sacrifice Beasts - Weasel Beasts - Wild Ass Beasts - Wild goat Beasts - Wild ox Beasts - Wolf Beaten Work - Of metals Beating - As a punishment Beauty - Consumeth away Beauty - Spiritual Beauty - Vanity of Beauty and Bands - The staves, broken. Bebai - The name of three Jews whose descendants came from exile. Becher - 1. Son of Benjamin Bechorath - Son of Aphiah. Bed - Exempt from execution for debt Bed - Figurative Bed - Made of gold and silver Bed - Made of iron Bed - Made of ivory Bed - Made of wood Bed - Perfumed Bed - Used at meals Bedan - 1. One of the deliverers of Israel, possibly identical with Abdon Bedan - 2. Son of Ullam Beds - (Made in darkness,) of extreme misery Beds - (Made in sickness,) of divine support and comfort Beds - (Made on high,) of carnal security Beds - (Too short,) of plans which afford no rest or peace Beds - A small pallet or mattress used as Beds - Antiquity of Beds - Considered necessary Beds - Couches or divans used as Beds - Covered with tapestry and linen Beds - Gold and Silver Beds - Iron Beds - Ivory Beds - Not used in affliction Beds - Of the grave Beds - Of the poor covered with upper garment Beds - Of the poor often sold for debt Beds - Often perfumed Beds - Persons sometimes took to, in grief Beds - Purification of Beds - Reclining on at meals Beds - Reclining on by day Beds - Saints meditate and praise God while on Beds - Sleeping on Beds - Subject to ceremonial defilement Beds - Supplied with pillows Beds - The slothful too fond of Beds - The wicked devise mischief while on Beds - Wood Bee - Called by hissing Bee - In Palestine Beeliada - Called Eliada Beeliada - Son of David Beelzebub - Messengers sent to inquire of, by Ahaziah Beelzebub - The prince of devils Beer - 1. A station of the Israelites Beer - 2. A town in the tribe of Judah Beera - Son of Zophah. Beerah - A Reubenite. Beer-Elim - A city of Moab. Beeri - 2. Father of Hosea Beer-Lahai-Roi - Called also Lahai-Roi, a well. Beeroth - 2. A city of the Hivites Beer-Sheba - 2. Well of, belonged to Abraham and Isaac Beesh-Terah - A Levitical city Beesh-Terah - Called Ashtaroth Beetle - Authorized as food Beggars - Not the seed of the righteous Beggars - Set among princes Beggars - The children of the wicked Behemoth - An amphibious animal. Bekah - A half shekel, about 31 cents. Bel - A Babylonian god. Bela - 1. A city called also Zoar Bela - 2. King of Edom Bela - 4. Son of Azaz Belial - Lawlessness. Bell - Attached to the hem of the priest's robe Bell - On horses Bellows - Used with the furnace of the founder. Belly - Used figuratively for the seat of the affections. Belshazzar - King of Babylon. Belteshazzar - Name given Daniel. Ben - A Levite. Benaiah - 10. Son of Pahath-Moab Benaiah - 11. Son of Bani Benaiah - 12. Son of Nebo Benaiah - 2. An Ephraimite, and distinguished warrior Benaiah - 3. A Levitical musician Benaiah - 4. A priest Benaiah - 5. Son of Jeiel Benaiah - 6. A Levite in time of Hezekiah Benaiah - 7. A chief of the Simeonites Benaiah - 8. Father of Pelatiah Benaiah - 9. Son of Parosh Benammi - Son of Lot. Bench - Of ivory Bene-Berak - A city of Dan. Benedictions - Apostolic, forms of Benedictions - By God, upon creatures He had made Benedictions - By God, upon man Benedictions - By God, upon Noah Benedictions - Divinely appointed Benedictions - Levitical, forms of Benefactor - Beneficence - General references Bene-Jaakan - A tribe that gave its name to certain wells in the wilderness Bene-Jaakan - Called Beeroth Ben-Hadad - 1. King of Syria Ben-Hadad - 2. A king of Syria, who reigned in the time of Ahab, son of Ben-Hadad I Ben-Hadad - 3. Son of Hazael and king of Syria Ben-Hail - A prince of Judah. Ben-Hanan - A son of Shimon. Beninu - A Levite. Benjamin - 3. Grandson of Benjamin Benjamin - 4. A son of Harim, probably identical with the man mentioned in Nehemia 3:23 Benjamin - 5. A Jew who assisted in purifying the wall of Jerusalem Benjamin - 6. A gate of Jerusalem Benjamin, Tribe Of - A 1000 of, with Shimei came to meet David on his return to Jerusalem Benjamin, Tribe Of - Abner Benjamin, Tribe Of - Adhered for a time to the house of Saul against David Benjamin, Tribe Of - Almost annihilated for protecting the men of Gibeah Benjamin, Tribe Of - Assisted against Sisera Benjamin, Tribe Of - Captains appointed over Benjamin, Tribe Of - Celebrated as bowmen and slingers Benjamin, Tribe Of - Cities and bounds of inheritance Benjamin, Tribe Of - Descended from Jacob's twelfth son Benjamin, Tribe Of - Ehud Benjamin, Tribe Of - Elhanan Benjamin, Tribe Of - Encamped on west side of the tabernacle under the standard of Ephrain Benjamin, Tribe Of - Families of Benjamin, Tribe Of - Formed the rear of the third division of Israel in their journeys Benjamin, Tribe Of - Furnished an army to Jehoshaphat Benjamin, Tribe Of - Furnished the first king to Israel Benjamin, Tribe Of - Kish Benjamin, Tribe Of - Numbers of, returned from the captivity and dwelt at Jerusalem Benjamin, Tribe Of - Offering of, at dedication Benjamin, Tribe Of - On Gerizim said amen to the blessings Benjamin, Tribe Of - Oppressed by the Ammonites Benjamin, Tribe Of - Paul Benjamin, Tribe Of - Predictions respecting Benjamin, Tribe Of - Remained faithful to Judah Benjamin, Tribe Of - Remnant of, provided with wives to preserve the tribe Benjamin, Tribe Of - Revolted from the house of Saul Benjamin, Tribe Of - Saul Benjamin, Tribe Of - Some of, assisted David Benjamin, Tribe Of - Some of, at David's coronation Benjamin, Tribe Of - Strength of, entering Canaan Benjamin, Tribe Of - Strength of, on leaving Egypt Benjamin, Tribe Of - To divide the land Benjamin, Tribe Of - To number the people Benjamin, Tribe Of - To spy out the land Benjamin, Tribe Of - Very numerous in David's time Beno - A descendant of Merari. Ben-Oni - Name given Benjamin by Rachel. Ben-Zoheth - Son of Ishi. Beon - General references Beor - 1. Father of Bela Bera - King of Sodom. Berachah - 1. An Israelite, who joined David at Ziklag Berachah - 2. A valley in the south of Judah, where the Israelites blessed the Lord for a victory Beraiah - Son of Shimhi. Berea - A city in the south of Macedonia. Bereavement - From God Bereavement - Mourning in, forbidden to Aaron, on account of his son's wickedness Bereavement - Mourning in, forbidden to Ezekiel, for his wife Bereavement - Resignation in Berechiah - 2. A warrior of Ephraim Berechiah - 3. A brother of Zerubbabel Berechiah - 4. Son of Asa Berechiah - 5. Son of Iddo Berechiah - 6. Son of Meshezabeel Bered - 1. A town in the south of Palestine Beri - Son of Zophah. Beriah - 1. Son of Asher Beriah - 2. Son of Ephraim Beriah - 3. A Benjamite Beriah - 4. Son of Shimei Bernice - Daughter of Agrippa. Berothah - Part of the northern boundary of Canaan. Berothai - A city of Zobah. Beryl - General references Beryl - John saw, in the foundation of the new Jerusalem Beryl - Set in the breastplate Besai - One of the Nethinim. Besodeiah - Father of Meshullam. Besor - A brook near Gaza. Bestiality - General references Betah - A city belonging to Hadadezer. Beten - A city of Asher. Bethabara - A city east of the Jordan Bethabara - Jesus baptizes at Bethabara - John testifies to Christ's messiahship, and baptizes at Beth-Anath - A fortified city of Naphtali. Beth-Anoth - A city in Judah. Bethany - A village on the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives Bethany - Jesus attends a feast in Bethany - Jesus sojourns at Bethany - Mary, Martha, and Lazarus dwell at Bethany - The colt on which Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem obtained at Beth-Arabah - A city in the valley of the Dead Sea Beth-Arabah - Called Arabah Beth-Aram - A fortified city of Gad Beth-Aram - Probably identical with Beth-Haran Beth-Arbel - A city spoiled by Shalman. Beth-Aven - A place on the mountains of Benjamin. Beth-Azmaveth - A town of Benjamin Beth-Azmaveth - Called Azmaveth Beth-Baal-Meon - A place in the tribe of Reuben Beth-Baal-Meon - Assigned to the Reubenites Beth-Baal-Meon - Called Baal-Meon Beth-Baal-Meon - Called Beon Beth-Baal-Meon - Called Beth-Meon Beth-Baal-Meon - Subdued by the Israelites Beth-Barah - A place east of Jordan. Beth-Birei - A town of Simeon. Beth-Car - A place west of Mizpeh. Beth-Dagon - 1. A city of Judah Beth-Dagon - 2. A city of Asher Beth-Diblathaim - A city of Moab Beth-Diblathaim - Called Almon-Diblathaim Beth-El - 2. A city in the south of Judah Beth-El - 3. A mountain Beth-El-Aphrah - A place in Philistia. Beth-Emek - A city of Asher. Bether - Mountains of Bethesda - Pool of Beth-Ezel - A town of Judah. Beth-Gader - A place in Judah Beth-Gader - Probably identical with Geder Beth-Gader - Probably identical with Gedor Beth-Gamul - A city of Moab. Beth-Haccerem - A mountain in Judah. Beth-Haggan - A garden house Beth-Haggan - Probably identical with En-Gannim Beth-Haran - A fortified city east of Jordan Beth-Haran - Probably identical with Beth-Aram Beth-Hogla - A place on the border of Judah. Beth-Horon - Solomon builds Beth-Horon - Taken from Judah by the ten tribes Beth-Horon - Two ancient cities of Canaan, near which Joshua defeated the Amorites Beth-Jeshimoth - A place in Moab Beth-Jeshimoth - Called Beth-Jesimoth Bethlebaoth - A town of Simeon Bethlebaoth - Called Beth-Birei Bethlebaoth - Called Lebaoth Beth-Maachah - A city of Manasseh. Beth-Marcaboth - A town of Simeon Beth-Marcaboth - Probably identical with Madmannah Beth-Nimrah - A fenced city east of Jordan Beth-Nimrah - Called Nimrah Beth-Palet - A city in Judah Beth-Palet - Called Beth-Phelet Beth-Pazzez - Town of Issachar. Beth-Peor - A place in the tribe of Reuben Beth-Peor - Near the burial place of Moses Bethphage - A village on the Mount of Olives. Beth-Rapha - Son of Eshton. Beth-Rehob - A place in Dan Beth-Rehob - Called Rehob Bethsaida - 2. Desert of, east of the sea of Galilee, Jesus feeds five thousand people in Beth-Shean - A city of Manasseh Beth-Shean - Not subdued Beth-Shemesh - 2. A city near Jerusalem Beth-Shemesh - 3. A fortified city of Naphtali Beth-Shemesh - 4. An idolatrous temple Beth-Shittah - A place near the Jordan. Beth-Tappuah - A town of Judah. Bethuel - Son of Nahor, father of Rebekah. Bethul - A city of Simeon Bethul - Called Bethuel Bethul - Called Chesil Beth-Zur - A town in Judah. Betonim - A town of Gad. Betrayal - Of cities Betrayal - Of David, by Doeg Betrayal - Of Jesus Betrayal - Of others, foretold Betrothal - A quasi marriage Betrothal - Exempts from military duty Betrothal - Figurative Betrothal - Of Jacob Betting - By Samson Beulah - Bezai - 1. Head of a Jewish family, which returned from Babylon Bezai - 2. A family that sealed the covenant with Nehemiah Bezaleel - 1. A divinely inspired mechanic and master workman, who built the tabernacle Bezaleel - 2. Son of Pahath-Moab Bezek - 1. Residence of Adoni-Bezek Bezek - 2. A rendezvous of Israel under Saul Bezer - 1. A city of refuge, east of the Jordan Bezer - 2. Son of Zophah Bidkar - Jehu's captain. Bier - Bigotry - General references Bigotry - Paul's argument against Bigthan - A conspiring Persian courtier. Bigvai - Head of Jewish family. Bildad - One of Job's friends. Bileam - A town of Manasseh Bileam - Called Gath-Rimmon Bileam - Called Ibleam Bilgah - 1. One of the chiefs of the sacerdotal courses in the temple Bilgah - 2. A priest, perhaps identical with Bilgai Bilgai - A priest. Bilhan - A Benjamite Bilhan - A Horite chief Bilshan - A Jew of the captivity. Bimhal - Son of Japhlet. Binea - A descendant of King Saul. Binnui - 2. A Levite of the captivity Binnui - 3. Father of Noadiah Binnui - 4. Son of Pahath-Moab Binnui - 5. Son of Bani Birds - (Snaring,) of death Birds - (Snaring,) of designs of the wicked Birds - Appointed for food Birds - Are hostile to strange kinds Birds - Bat Birds - Birds of the air Birds - Bittern Birds - Cages of Birds - Can all be tamed Birds - Cock and Hen Birds - Confinement of, in cages alluded to Birds - Cormorant Birds - Crane Birds - Created by God Birds - Created for the glory of God Birds - Creation of, on the fifth creative day Birds - Cuckoo Birds - Deserted Cities Birds - Deserts Birds - Differ in flesh from beasts and fishes Birds - Domesticated Birds - Dove Birds - Eagle Birds - Early distinguished into clean and clean Birds - Feathered fowl Birds - Figurative Birds - Fly above the earth Birds - Fowls of heaven Birds - Fowls of the air Birds - Furnished with claws Birds - Gier Eagle Birds - Given as food to man Birds - Glede Birds - God provides for Birds - Great owl Birds - Habits of Birds - Have each their peculiar note or song Birds - Hawk Birds - Herb of the field given as food to Birds - Heron Birds - In clefts of rocks Birds - In deserted cities Birds - In trees Birds - Instinct of, inferior to man's reason Birds - Instinctively fear man Birds - Instincts of Birds - ivine care of Birds - Kite Birds - Lapwing Birds - Lessons of wisdom to be learned from Birds - Little owl Birds - Make, and dwell in nests Birds - Man's dominion over Birds - Many kinds of, carnivorous Birds - Many kinds of, graniverous Birds - Many kinds of, migratory Birds - Marshes Birds - Migrate Birds - Mosaic law protected the mother from being taken with the young Birds - Mountains Birds - Names given to, by Adam Birds - Nests of Birds - Nighthawk Birds - No likeness of, to be made for worship Birds - Not to be eaten Birds - Not to be eaten with their young Birds - Of cruel and rapacious kings Birds - Of hostile nations Birds - Of people of different countries Birds - Of the devil and his spirits Birds - Of unsettled person, &c Birds - Offered in sacrifice Birds - Often remove from places suffering calamities Birds - Often suffered for man's sin Birds - Often worshipped by idolaters Birds - On the ground Birds - Osprey Birds - Ossifrage Birds - Ostrich Birds - Owl Birds - Partridge Birds - Peacock Birds - Pelican Birds - Pigeon Birds - Power over given to man Birds - Propagated by eggs Birds - Quail Birds - Rapid flight of, alluded to Birds - Raven Birds - Rest on trees Birds - Solomon wrote the history of Birds - Solomon's proverbs of Birds - Songs of, at the break of day Birds - Sparrow Birds - Stork Birds - Swallow Birds - Swan Birds - Symbolic Birds - Taken in snares or nets Birds - The blood of, not to be eaten Birds - The property of God Birds - To be eaten Birds - Turtle Birds - Under the roofs of houses Birds - Vulture Birds - What species were unclean Birds - Winged fowl Birsha - A king of Gomorrah. Birth - Giving, ordained to be in sorrow Birth - Pangs in giving Birthday - Celebrated by feasts Birthday - Cursed Birthright - An honorable title Birthright - Belonged to the firstborn Birthright - Entitled the firstborn to a double portion of inheritance Birthright - Entitled the firstborn to royal succession Birthright - Forfeited by Reuben Birthright - Sold by Esau Birzavith - A descendant of Asher. Bishlam - A Samaritan who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem. Bishop - A title of Jesus Bishop - General references Bit - Part of a bridle. Bithiah - Daughter of Pharaoh. Bithron - A district bordering on the Jordan. Bithynia - A Roman province in Asia Minor. Bitter Herbs - Eaten symbolically with the Passover. Bitter Water - A ceremonial water used by the priest Bitter Water - At Marah Bittern - A species of heron. Bitumen - An inflammable mineral. Bizjothjah - A town in Judah Bizjothjah - Called Baalath-Beer Bizjothjah - Called Balah Bizjothjah - Called Bizjothjah-baalah Biztha - A Persian chamberlain. Blackness - Blackness of darkness Blackness - Figurative Blain - An inflammatory abscess. Blasphemy - Against the Holy Spirit, unpardonable Blasphemy - Charged upon Christ Blasphemy - Charged upon saints Blasphemy - Christ assailed with Blasphemy - Connected with folly and pride Blasphemy - Forbidden Blasphemy - General references Blasphemy - Gives no occasion for Blasphemy - Hymenaeus Blasphemy - Hypocrisy counted as Blasphemy - Idolatry counted as Blasphemy - Proceeds from the heart Blasphemy - Prophecy of Blasphemy - Punishment of Blasphemy - Saints grieved to hear Blasphemy - Sennacherib Blasphemy - The Danite Blasphemy - The Jews Blasphemy - The wicked addicted to Blasting - Blight Blasting - Figurative Blasting - Sent as a judgment Blastus - One of Herod's officers. Blemish - Animals with, forbidden to be used for sacrifice Blemish - Debarred sons of Aaron from exercise of priestly offices Blemish - Figurative Blessed, the - Holy mourners Blessed, the - Saints at the judgment day Blessed, the - The bountiful Blessed, the - The children of the just Blessed, the - The faithful Blessed, the - The generation of the upright Blessed, the - The just Blessed, the - The meek Blessed, the - The merciful Blessed, the - The peace-makers Blessed, the - The poor in spirit Blessed, the - The pure in heart Blessed, the - The righteous Blessed, the - The undefiled Blessed, the - To whom God imputes righteousness without works Blessed, the - Who are not offended at Christ Blessed, the - Who avoid the wicked Blessed, the - Who believe Blessed, the - Who delight in the commandments of God Blessed, the - Who die in the Lord Blessed, the - Who endure temptation Blessed, the - Who favour saints Blessed, the - Who fear God Blessed, the - Who frequent the house of God Blessed, the - Who have part in the first resurrection Blessed, the - Who have the Lord for their God Blessed, the - Who hear and keep the word of God Blessed, the - Who hunger and thirst after righteousness Blessed, the - Who keep the commandments of God Blessed, the - Who know Christ Blessed, the - Who know the gospel Blessed, the - Who rebuke sinners Blessed, the - Who shall eat bread in the kingdom of God Blessed, the - Who suffer for Christ Blessed, the - Who trust in God Blessed, the - Who wait for the Lord Blessed, the - Who watch against sin Blessed, the - Who watch for the Lord Blessed, the - Whom God calls Blessed, the - Whom God chastens Blessed, the - Whom God chooses Blessed, the - Whose sins are forgiven Blessed, the - Whose strength is in the Lord Blessing - Responsive blessings of the law Blind - Cruelty to, forbidden Blind - Hated by David Blindness - Disqualified for priestly office Blindness - Of animals, disqualified for a sacrifice Blindness - Sent as a judgment Blindness, Spiritual - A work of the devil Blindness, Spiritual - Christ appointed to remove Blindness, Spiritual - Christ's ministers are lights to remove Blindness, Spiritual - Churches of Laodicea Blindness, Spiritual - Explained Blindness, Spiritual - Is consistent with communion with God Blindness, Spiritual - Israel Blindness, Spiritual - Judicially inflicted Blindness, Spiritual - Leads to all evil Blindness, Spiritual - Of ministers, fatal to themselves and to the people Blindness, Spiritual - Pray for the removal of Blindness, Spiritual - Removal of, illustrated Blindness, Spiritual - Saints are delivered from Blindness, Spiritual - Scribes and Pharisees Blindness, Spiritual - The effect of sin Blindness, Spiritual - The self-righteous are in Blindness, Spiritual - The wicked are in Blindness, Spiritual - The wicked wilfully guilty of Blindness, Spiritual - Unbelief, the effect of Blindness, Spiritual - Uncharitableness, a proof of Blood - (Building with,) of oppression and cruelty Blood - (Given to drink,) of severe judgments Blood - (On one's own head,) of guilt Blood - (Preparing to,) of ripening for destruction Blood - (Washing the feet in,) of victories Blood - Always punished Blood - Beasts of prey delight in Blood - Birds of prey delight in Blood - Defiling to the land Blood - Defiling to the person Blood - Fluid Blood - For atonement Blood - For purification Blood - Forbidden Blood - Forbidden to be used as food Blood - Hateful to God Blood - How disposed of Blood - Idolaters made drink-offerings of Blood - Ineffectual to remove sin Blood - Is the life Blood - Jews often guilty of Blood - Man after the flood Blood - Mode of clearing those accused of Blood - Not offered with leaven Blood - Of all men the same Blood - Of animals slain for good to be poured on the earth and covered Blood - Of sacrifices, typical of the atoning blood of Christ Blood - Plague of Blood - Red Blood - The early Christians Blood - The Israelites under the law Blood - The Jews often guilty of eating Blood - The life of animals Blood - The price of, not to be consecrated Blood - Water turned into, as a sign Blood - Waters of Egypt turned into, as a judgment Blushing - With shame Boanerges - Surname of the sons of Zebedee. Boar, Wild - General references Boasting - General references Boasting - Of evil Boasting - Spiritual Boaz - 2. One of the brazen pillars of the temple Bocheru - A son of Azel. Bochim - A place west of Jordan, near Gilgal. Body - Called House Body - Called House of Clay Body - Called The Temple of God Body - Corruptible Body - Resurrection of Bohan - A Reubenite. Boil - Levitical ceremonies prescribed for Boil - Of Hezekiah, healed Boil - Of Job Boil - Plague of Egyptians Boil - Plague of the Philistines Boiling Pot, Parable of - Boldness - Of the righteous Boldness, Holy - A characteristic of saints Boldness, Holy - Aaron Boldness, Holy - Abraham Boldness, Holy - Apollos Boldness, Holy - Barnabas Boldness, Holy - Christ set an example of Boldness, Holy - Daniel Boldness, Holy - David Boldness, Holy - Elijah Boldness, Holy - Exhortations to Boldness, Holy - Express your trust in God with Boldness, Holy - Faithfulness to God Boldness, Holy - Faithfulness to their people Boldness, Holy - Have, in prayer Boldness, Holy - Is through faith in Christ Boldness, Holy - Jacob Boldness, Holy - Joseph of Arimathaea Boldness, Holy - Moses Boldness, Holy - Nehemiah Boldness, Holy - Paul Boldness, Holy - Peter and John Boldness, Holy - Pray for Boldness, Holy - Preaching Boldness, Holy - Reproving sin Boldness, Holy - Saints shall have, in judgment Boldness, Holy - Shadrach Boldness, Holy - Stephen Boldness, Holy - The face of opposition Boldness, Holy - The fear of God Boldness, Holy - Trust in God Bolt, Fiery - Bond - To keep the peace Bondage - Of Israelites in Egypt Bondage - Of Israelites in Persia Bondage, Spiritual - Christ delivers from Bondage, Spiritual - Deliverance from, illustrated Bondage, Spiritual - Deliverance from, promised Bondage, Spiritual - Is to sin Bondage, Spiritual - Is to the devil Bondage, Spiritual - Is to the fear of death Bondage, Spiritual - Israel in Egypt Bondage, Spiritual - Saints are delivered from Bondage, Spiritual - The gospel, the instrument of deliverance from Bones - None of Christ's broken Bones - Vision of the dry Bonnet - Worn by priests Bonnet - Worn by women Book - Eating of Book - Genealogies kept in Book - Kirjath-Jearim was called Kirjath-Sepher, which signifies a city of books Book - Lamentations written in Book - Law of Moses written in Book - Made in a roll Book - Numerous Book - Of life Book - Of magic Book - Of remembrance Book - Other prophecies written in Book - Other records kept in Book - Paul's left at Troas Book - Prophecies written in, by Jeremiah Book - Sealed Book - Topography of Palestine, recorded in Books - Acts of Solomon Books - Ahijah the Shilonite Books - Chronicles of David Books - Divine communications recorded in Books - Erasures in, alluded to Books - Gad the seer Books - History of the kings Books - Important events recorded in Books - Jasher Books - Jehu the son of Hanani Books - Made in a roll Books - Memorials of conversation and conduct of men Books - Memorials of God's providence Books - Nathan Books - Natural history by Solomon Books - Often dedicated to persons of distinction Books - Often sealed Books - Often written on both sides Books - Papyrus or paper reed Books - Parchment Books - Probable origin of Books - Samuel concerning the kingdom Books - Samuel the seer Books - Sayings of the seers Books - Shemaiah Books - The ancients fond of making Books - The record of the church of Christ Books - Visions of Iddo Books - Wars of the Lord Books - Were numerous and most expensive Books - Written with pen and ink Booth - Made for cattle Booth - Made for watchmen Booth - Made of boughs Booth - Prescribed for the Israelites to dwell in, during the Feast of Tabernacles, to celebrate their wanderings in the wilderness Boring the Ear - A token of servitude for life. Borrowing - General references Borrowing - Instances of, Israelites from the Egyptians Boss - Of a shield Botanical Gardens - Botany - He that soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly Botany - Laws of nature in the vegetable kingdom uniform in action Botany - Lily, beauty of Bottle - General references Bottle - Made of clay Bottle - Made of skins Bottle - Used as a lachrymatory Bottles - (Broken,) of severe judgments Bottles - (Dried up,) of the afflicted Bottles - (Ready to burst,) of the impatient Bottles - Ancients often drank from Bottles - First mention of, in Scripture Bottles - Marred by age and use Bottles - Milk Bottles - Of God's remembrance Bottles - Of sinners ripe for judgment Bottles - Of the clouds Bottles - Shrivelled and dried by smoke Bottles - Some, made of earthenware Bottles - Sometimes probably of large dimensions Bottles - Water Bottles - When old, unfit for holding new wine Bottles - Wine Bow - 2. A token in the clouds Bow, the - (When broken,) of the overthrow of power Bow, the - (When deceitful,) of the hypocrite Bow, the - An instrument of war Bow, the - Archers Bow, the - Benjamites Bow, the - Bowmen Bow, the - Called the battle bow Bow, the - Drawn with full force Bow, the - Elamites Bow, the - For shooting arrows Bow, the - Given as a token of friendship Bow, the - Held in the left hand Bow, the - Lydians Bow, the - Of strength and power Bow, the - Of the tongue of the wicked Bow, the - Of the vanquished, broken and burned Bow, the - Often furnished by the state Bow, the - Philistines Bow, the - Sometimes used in hunting Bow, the - Sons of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh Bow, the - The Jews taught to use Bow, the - Usually of steel Bowels - Diseased Bowels - Figurative of the sensibilities Bowels - Judas', gushed out Bowing - In worship Bowl - Figurative Bowl - Made of silver Bowl - Stamped »Holiness to the Lord« Box - For oil Box - Made of alabaster Box Tree - Boxing, Figurative - Bozez - A rock near Gibeah. Bozkath - A city of Judah. Bozrah - 2. A town of Moab Bracelet - Dedicated to the tabernacle Bracelet - Figurative Bracelet - Present of Bracelet - Taken as spoils Bracelet - Worn by men Bracelet - Worn by women Bramble - Allegory of Bramble - General references Branch, Figurative - A title of Christ Branch, Figurative - Fruitless, cut off Branch, Figurative - General references Branch, Figurative - Pruning of Branch, Figurative - Symbolic name of Joshua Brass - A mineral of Canaan Brass - A mineral of Syria Brass - Abundance of, for the temple Brass - Figurative Brass - Smelted Brass - Tyrians traded in Brass, or Copper - Altars Brass, or Copper - Antiquity of working in Brass, or Copper - Bars for gates Brass, or Copper - Canaan abounded in Brass, or Copper - Cleansed by fire Brass, or Copper - Coined for money Brass, or Copper - Collected by David for the temple Brass, or Copper - Dug out of the mountains Brass, or Copper - Extensive commerce in Brass, or Copper - Extreme drought Brass, or Copper - Fetters Brass, or Copper - Fusibility Brass, or Copper - Gates Brass, or Copper - Generally consecrated to God Brass, or Copper - Greaves for the legs Brass, or Copper - Hardness Brass, or Copper - Helmets Brass, or Copper - Household vessels Brass, or Copper - Idols Brass, or Copper - Inferior in value to gold and silver Brass, or Copper - Instruments of music Brass, or Copper - Lavers Brass, or Copper - Macedonian empire Brass, or Copper - Mirrors Brass, or Copper - Moses made the serpent of Brass, or Copper - Obstinate sinners Brass, or Copper - Offerings of, for the tabernacle Brass, or Copper - Offerings of, for the temple Brass, or Copper - Often in great quantities Brass, or Copper - Pillars Brass, or Copper - Purified by smelting Brass, or Copper - Sacred vessels Brass, or Copper - Shields Brass, or Copper - Sockets for pillars Brass, or Copper - Sonorousness Brass, or Copper - Strength Brass, or Copper - Strength given to saints Brass, or Copper - Takes a high polish Brass, or Copper - The decrees of God Brass, or Copper - The earth made barren Brass, or Copper - The strength and firmness of Christ Brass, or Copper - Working in, a trade Brass, or Copper - Yellow colour Bray - To pound. Brazen Serpent - A symbol of Christ Brazen Serpent - Made by Moses for the healing of the Israelites Brazen Serpent - Worshiped by Israelites Brazier - 1. An artificer in brass and copper Brazier - 2. A utensil used for warming houses Bread - (Eating without scarceness,) of plenty Bread - (Fulness of,) of abundance Bread - (Of adversity,) of heavy affliction Bread - (Of deceit,) of unlawful gain Bread - (Of idleness,) of sloth Bread - (Of tears,) of sorrow Bread - (Of wickedness,) of oppression Bread - (Partaking of,) of communion of saints Bread - (Seeking of begging,) of extreme poverty Bread - (Want of,) of extreme poverty Bread - (When broken,) of the death of Christ Bread - Barley Bread - Beans, millet, &c Bread - Broken for use Bread - Cakes Bread - Called The Staff of Life Bread - Corn ground for making Bread - Crumb of, used to wipe the fingers, thrown under the table Bread - First fruit of, offered to God Bread - Given by God Bread - In ovens Bread - In times of scarcity, sold by weight Bread - Kept in baskets Bread - Loaves Bread - Making of, a trade Bread - Manna (in the wilderness) Bread - Multitudes miraculously fed by Christ with Bread - Nutritious and strengthening Bread - Of Christ Bread - Offered with sacrifices Bread - Often given as a present Bread - Often put for the whole substance of man Bread - On coals of fire Bread - On hearths Bread - Ordinary, called common bread Bread - Placed on table of shew bread Bread - Plenty of, promised to the obedient Bread - Publicly sold Bread - Sacred, called hallowed bread Bread - Scarceness of, sent as a punishment Bread - Served round after funerals Bread - Sometimes unleavened Bread - Symbolic of the body of Christ Bread - The principal food used by the ancients Bread - Traffic in Bread - Troughs used for kneading Bread - Usually leavened Bread - Wafers Bread - Was kneaded Bread - Wheat Bread - When old, dry and mouldy Bread - With water, the food of prisons Bread - Yielded by the earth Breastplate - 2. Armor for soldiers Breastplate - 3. Figurative Breastplate - A part of defensive armour Breastplate - A part of the high priest's dress Breastplate - Bright and shining Breastplate - Defence of faith and love Breastplate - Defence of righteousness Breastplate - Form and dimensions of Breastplate - Had names of the tribes engraved on precious stones Breastplate - Inseparably united to the ephod Breastplate - Made from the offering of the people Breastplate - Made of iron Breastplate - Materials of Breastplate - Righteous judgment of Christ Breastplate - The Urim and Thummim placed in Breastplate - Worn as a memorial Breath - Figurative Breath - Of God Breath - Of life Breeches - For the priests Bribery - General references Brick - Made by Israelites Brick-Kiln - Captives tortured in Brick-Kiln - General references Bride - Figurative Bride - Maids of Bride - Ornaments of Bride - Presents to Bridegroom - Companions of Bridegroom - Exempt from military duty Bridegroom - Figurative Bridegroom - Joy with Bridegroom - Ornaments of Bridegroom - Parable of Bridegroom - Song of Bridle - Figurative Bridle - General references Brier, Figurative - Brigandine - A coat of mail. Brimstone - Figurative Brimstone - Fire and brimstone rained upon Sodom Brimstone - In Palestine Brooks - (Deceptive,) of false friends Brooks - (Drinking of, by the way,) of help in distress Brooks - Abounded with fish Brooks - Afforded protection to a country Brooks - Arnon Brooks - Besor Brooks - Canaan abounded with Brooks - Cherith Brooks - Eshcol Brooks - Gaash Brooks - Grass Brooks - Kidron Brooks - Kishon Brooks - Of temporal abundance Brooks - Of the willows Brooks - Of wisdom Brooks - Often ran over pebbles Brooks - Reeds Brooks - Willows Brooks - Zered Broth - General references Broth - Symbolic Brother - Brother's widow, law concerning Levirate marriage of Brother - Joseph's for his brethren Brother - Love of Brother - Reuben's love for Joseph Brother - Unfaithful Bucket - Builder - Figurative Building - Figurative Bukki - 1. Son of Abishua Bukki - 2. A prince of Dan Bukkiah - A Levite. Bul - Jeroboam institutes an idolatrous feast in, to correspond with the Feast of Tabernacles Bul - The temple completed in Bull - Blood of, in sacrifice Bull - Wild, caught in nets Bullock, or Ox - Symbolic Bullock, or Ox - Twelve brazen, under the molten sea in Solomon's temple Bulrush - Boats made of Bulrush - Figurative Bulrush - Moses' ark of Bulwark - Figurative Bulwark - General references Bunah - Son of Jerahmeel. Bunni - 1. A Levite, a teacher with Ezra Bunni - 2. Ancestor of Shemaiah Bunni - 3. A family of Jews Burial - An ignominious, compared to the burial of an ass Burial - Anointed for Burial - Antiquity of coffins for Burial - Antiquity of purchasing places for Burial - Bier used at Burial - Burial of Gog requiring 7 months Burial - Carried on a bier to Burial - Caves hewn out of rocks Burial - Design of Burial - Family of the dead Burial - Female friends Burial - Figurative Burial - Followed by a feast Burial - For criminals, marked by heaps Burial - Frequently prepared and pointed out during life Burial - Gardens Burial - Great lamentation at Burial - Held in high veneration Burial - Hired mourners Burial - Houses of the deceased Burial - Illustrative of regeneration Burial - Lack of, a disgrace Burial - Members of a family interred in the same Burial - Natural caves Burial - Numbers of friends, &c Burial - Of enemies, sometimes performed by the conquerors Burial - Of persons embalmed, deferred for seventy days Burial - Of persons hanged, always on the days of execution Burial - Of the friendless, a kind act Burial - Often desecrated by idolatry Burial - Often took place immediately after death Burial - Orations sometimes made at Burial - Perfumes burned at Burial - Pillars erected on Burial - Preserved with spices Burial - Privation of, considered a calamity Burial - Privation of, threatened as a punishment Burial - Probable origin of Burial - Provided for aliens and strangers Burial - Provided for the common people Burial - Rites of Burial - Sometimes burned before Burial - Sometimes had inscriptions Burial - Sometimes not apparent Burial - Soon after death Burial - The city of David for the kings of Judah Burial - The Jews anxious to be interred in their family places of Burial - The right of all nations Burial - Tombs erected over Burial - Tops of the hills Burial - Under trees Burial - Visited by sorrowing friends Burial - Washed before Burial - Were ceremonially unclean Burial - With spices Burial - Wound in linen for Burning Bush - Burnt Offering, the - A male without blemish Burnt Offering, the - Abraham tried by the command to offer Isaac as Burnt Offering, the - After great mercies Burnt Offering, the - Ashes of, collected at foot of the altar, and conveyed without the camp Burnt Offering, the - At consecration of kings Burnt Offering, the - At consecration of Levites Burnt Offering, the - At consecration priests Burnt Offering, the - At dedication of sacred places Burnt Offering, the - At purification of women Burnt Offering, the - Before going to war Burnt Offering, the - Blood of, sprinkled round about upon the altar Burnt Offering, the - Devotedness to God Burnt Offering, the - Entirely burned Burnt Offering, the - Every morning and evening Burnt Offering, the - Every sabbath day Burnt Offering, the - For Nazarites after defilement, or at the end of their vow Burnt Offering, the - For the healed leper Burnt Offering, the - For the people at large, killed and prepared by the Levites Burnt Offering, the - Guilt of offering, except in the place appointed Burnt Offering, the - Guilt of unauthorised persons offering Burnt Offering, the - Guilt transferred to, by imposition of hands Burnt Offering, the - If a bird, the blood was wrung out at the side of the altar Burnt Offering, the - Incapable of removing sin, and reconciling to God Burnt Offering, the - Killed, if a beast, by the person who brought it Burnt Offering, the - Killed, if a bird, by the priest Burnt Offering, the - Knowledge of God better than Burnt Offering, the - Love of God better than Burnt Offering, the - Obedience better than Burnt Offering, the - Of human victims execrated Burnt Offering, the - Of the wicked, not accepted by God Burnt Offering, the - Offered by priests only Burnt Offering, the - Offered by the Jews before the law Burnt Offering, the - Offered in righteousness Burnt Offering, the - Presented at the door of the tabernacle Burnt Offering, the - Skin of, given to the priests for clothing Burnt Offering, the - Specially acceptable Burnt Offering, the - The day of atonement Burnt Offering, the - The fat, &c of all peace offerings laid on, and consumed with the daily Burnt Offering, the - The first day of every month Burnt Offering, the - The flock or herd Burnt Offering, the - The fowls Burnt Offering, the - The most ancient of all sacrifices Burnt Offering, the - The most costly, no adequate tribute to God Burnt Offering, the - The offering of Christ Burnt Offering, the - The seven days of unleavened bread Burnt Offering, the - To be offered only to the Lord Burnt Offering, the - Voluntary Burnt Offering, the - Was an atonement for sin Burnt Offering, the - With sounds of trumpets at feasts Bushel - About one peck. Busy-Bodies - Are mischievous tale-bearers Busy-Bodies - Bring mischief upon themselves Busy-Bodies - Christians must not be Busy-Bodies - Fools are Busy-Bodies - The idle are Busybody - General references Butler - Pharaoh's, imprisoned and released Butter - General references Butter - Made by churning Buz - 1. Son of Nahor Buz - 2. Father of Jahdo Buzzi - Father of Ezekiel. Cab - A dry measure containing about one quart. Cabbon - A place in Judah. Cabul - 1. A city in the north of Palestine Cabul - 2. Name given by Hiram to certain cities in Galilee Caesar - 1. Augustus Caesar - 2. Tiberius Caesar - 3. Claudius Caesar - 4. Nero Caesarea Philippi - A city in the north of Palestine; visited by Jesus. Cage - For birds, unclean Caiaphas - High priest Caiaphas - Jesus tried before Caiaphas - Peter and other disciples accused before Caiaphas - Prophesies concerning Jesus Caiaphas - Son-in-law of Annas Cain - 2. A city of Judah Cainan - 1. Called Kenan, son of Enos Cainan - 2. Son of Arphaxad Calah - An ancient city of Assyria. Calamus - A sweet cane of Palestine Calamus - An ingredient of the holy ointment Calamus - Commerce in Calcol - Son of Zerah. Caldron - Figurative Caldron - In the tabernacle Caldron - In the temple Caleb - Age of Caleb - Assists in dividing Canaan Caleb - Brings favorable report Caleb - Descendants of Caleb - Inheritance of Caleb - Leader of the Israelites after Joshua's death Caleb - Life of, miraculously saved Caleb - One of the two survivors of the Israelites permitted to enter the land of promise Caleb - Sent to Canaan as a spy Caleb-Ephratah - A place near Bethlehem. Calf - »Calves of the lips,« a metaphor signifying worship Calf - Altars of, destroyed Calf - Golden, made by Aaron Calf - Images of, set up in Beth-El and Dan by Jeroboam Calf - Offered in sacrifice Calf - Prophecies against the golden calves at Beth-El Calf - Worshiped by Jehu Calf of Gold - A forgetting of God Calf of Gold - A turning aside from the divine command Calf of Gold - A very great sin Calf of Gold - After an Egyptian model Calf of Gold - An altar built before Calf of Gold - Caused Moses to break the tables of the testimony Calf of Gold - Destroyed by Moses Calf of Gold - Excited wrath against Aaron Calf of Gold - Excited wrath against Israel Calf of Gold - Fashioned with a graven tool Calf of Gold - Israel punished for Calf of Gold - Made on account of the delay of Moses in the mount Calf of Gold - Molten in the fire Calf of Gold - Moses interceded for those who worshipped Calf of Gold - Of the ornaments of the women, &c Calf of Gold - Punishment of those who worshipped a warning to others Calf of Gold - Sacrifices offered to Calf of Gold - To go before the congregation Calf of Gold - To represent God Calf of Gold - Worshipped with profane revelry Calf, the - Branches of trees, &c Calf, the - Eaten in the patriarchal age Calf, the - Fattened in stalls, &c Calf, the - If first-born not redeemed Calf, the - Milk Calf, the - Of a year old best for sacrifice Calf, the - Offered in sacrifice Calf, the - Patient endurance Calf, the - Playfulness of, alluded to Calf, the - Sacrifices of praise Calf, the - Saints nourished by grace Calf, the - The young of the herd Calf, the - When fattened considered a delicacy Calkers - Call of God, the - According to the purpose of God Call of God, the - Addressed to all Call of God, the - Blessedness of receiving Call of God, the - By Christ Call of God, the - By his gospel Call of God, the - By his ministers Call of God, the - By his Spirit Call of God, the - By his works Call of God, the - Condemnation Call of God, the - Delusion Call of God, the - Destruction Call of God, the - Effectual to saints Call of God, the - Heavenly Call of God, the - High Call of God, the - Holy Call of God, the - Illustrated Call of God, the - Is from darkness Call of God, the - Judicial blindness Call of God, the - Most reject Call of God, the - Of grace Call of God, the - Partakers of, justified Call of God, the - Praise God for Call of God, the - Rejection by God Call of God, the - Temporal judgments Call of God, the - To eternal life Call of God, the - To fellowship with Christ Call of God, the - To glory and virtue Call of God, the - To holiness Call of God, the - To liberty Call of God, the - To peace Call of God, the - To the eternal glory of Christ Call of God, the - Walk worthy of Call of God, the - Withdrawal of the means of grace Call, Personal - According to the purpose of God Call, Personal - Addressed to all Call, Personal - Blessedness of receiving Call, Personal - By Christ Call, Personal - By His gospel Call, Personal - By His ministers Call, Personal - By His Spirit Call, Personal - By His works Call, Personal - Effectual to saints Call, Personal - Heavenly Call, Personal - High Call, Personal - Holy Call, Personal - Illustrated Call, Personal - Is from darkness to light Call, Personal - Is to be made sure Call, Personal - Most reject Call, Personal - Not to many wise Call, Personal - Partakers of, justified Call, Personal - Praise God for Call, Personal - To a prize Call, Personal - To eternal life Call, Personal - To fellowship with Christ Call, Personal - To glory and virtue Call, Personal - To holiness Call, Personal - To liberty Call, Personal - To peace Call, Personal - To saints, is of grace Call, Personal - To the eternal glory of Christ Call, Personal - Walk worthy of Call, Personal - Without repentance Calneh - Called also Canneh and Calno, a city of Assyria. Calvary - Called also Golgotha, place where Jesus was crucified. Calves of Jeroboam - Adopted by succeeding kings Calves of Jeroboam - Became the sin of Israel Calves of Jeroboam - Calves of Bethaven Calves of Jeroboam - Calves of Samaria Calves of Jeroboam - Captivity Calves of Jeroboam - Denounced by a prophet Calves of Jeroboam - Designed to represent God Calves of Jeroboam - Destruction Calves of Jeroboam - Feasts appointed for Calves of Jeroboam - God's people refused to worship Calves of Jeroboam - Golden calves Calves of Jeroboam - Guilt of making Calves of Jeroboam - Guilt of worshipping Calves of Jeroboam - Made of gold Calves of Jeroboam - Made to prevent the Israelites going to Jerusalem Calves of Jeroboam - Placed in Dan and Bethel Calves of Jeroboam - Priests appointed for Calves of Jeroboam - Probably from an Egyptian model Calves of Jeroboam - Punishment of the worshippers Calves of Jeroboam - Sacrifices offered to Calves of Jeroboam - Were kissed in adoration Camel - Docility of Camel - Forbidden as food Camel - Hair of, made into cloth Camel - Herds of Camel - Ornaments of Camel - Stables for Camel, the - A part of patriarchal wealth Camel, the - Abounded in the east Camel, the - Carrying burdens Camel, the - Coarse cloth made from its hair Camel, the - Conveying posts and messengers Camel, the - Drawing chariots Camel, the - Esteemed a valuable booty Camel, the - Found in deserted places Camel, the - Furniture of, alluded to Camel, the - Its docility Camel, the - Kept in numbers by kings Camel, the - Of the rich adorned with chains Camel, the - Referred to in illustrations by Christ Camel, the - Riding Camel, the - Subject to plagues Camel, the - The bunches on its back Camel, the - The dromedary a species of, remarkable for swiftness Camel, the - Treated with great care Camel, the - Unclean Camel, the - War Camon - Place where Jair was buried. Camphire - A shrub bearing fragrant flowers, not related to camphor. Cana - Marriage at Cana - Nathanael's home at Cana - Nobleman's son healed at Canaan - General references Canaanites - Chariots of Canaanites - Defeat the Israelites Canaanites - Defeated by the Egyptians Canaanites - Defeated by the Israelites Canaanites - Eleven nations, descended from Canaan Canaanites - Given to the Israelites Canaanites - Isaac forbidden by Abraham to take a wife from Canaanites - Judah marries a woman of Canaanites - Not expelled Canaanites - Prophecy concerning Canaanites - Territory of Canaanites - The exile Jews take wives from Canaanites - To be destroyed Canaanites - To be expelled from the land Canaanites - Wickedness of Canaanites, the - An accursed race Canaanites, the - Called to dwell amongst Canaanites, the - Comprised seven distinct nations Canaanites, the - Country of, fertile Canaanites, the - Descended from Ham Canaanites, the - Different families of Canaanites, the - Expelled for wickedness Canaanites, the - Extremely numerous Canaanites, the - Great and mighty Canaanites, the - Had his faith tried by dwelling amongst Canaanites, the - Had many strong cities Canaanites, the - Idolatrous Canaanites, the - Israel ensnared by Canaanites, the - Kind to the patriarchs Canaanites, the - Not to fear Canaanites, the - Not to follow customs of Canaanites, the - Not to follow idols of Canaanites, the - Not to intermarry with Canaanites, the - Partially subdued by Israel Canaanites, the - Possessions of, how bounded Canaanites, the - Profane and wicked Canaanites, the - Some descendants of, in our Lord's time Canaanites, the - Superstitious Canaanites, the - Terrified at the approach of Israel Canaanites, the - To chastise Israel Canaanites, the - To destroy all vestiges of their idolatry Canaanites, the - To destroy, without mercy Canaanites, the - To make no league with Canaanites, the - To try Israel Canaanites, the - Was promised the country of, of inheritance Candace - Queen of Ethiopia. Candidate - Electioneering by, instance of, Absalom Candidate - Refuses to make promises Candlestick - A part of household furniture Candlestick - After a divine pattern Candlestick - Called the lamp of God Candlestick - Called the pure candlestick Candlestick - Candles or torches Candlestick - Christ Candlestick - Directions for removing Candlestick - Form, &c of Candlestick - Had snuffers, &c of gold Candlestick - Held seven golden lamps Candlestick - Lamps Candlestick - Lighted &c by priests Candlestick - Lighted with olive oil Candlestick - Ministers Candlestick - Placed in the outer sanctuary over against the table Candlestick - Symbolic Candlestick - The church Candlestick - Weighed a talent of gold Canker, Figurative - Cankerworm - Sent as a judgment Cannibalism - Capernaum - His prophecy against Capernaum - Jesus chose, as the place of his abode Capernaum - Miracles of Jesus performed at Caphtor - A country now unknown. Caphtorim - People of Caphtor. Capital and Labor - Strife between Cappadocia - Eastern-most province of Asia Minor. Captain - Angel of the Lord, called captain Captain - Christ called captain Captain - King appoints Captain - Signifying any commander Captain - Signifying any leader Captive - Advanced to positions in state Captive - Kindness to Captive - Prisoner of war Captivity - As a judgment Captivity - Israelites in, promises to Captivity - Of the Israelites foretold Captivity - Of the ten tribes Carbuncle - A precious stone Carbuncle - One of the precious stones set in breastplate Carcas - A Persian chamberlain. Carchemish - A Babylonian city on the Euphrates, against which the king of Egypt made war. Care, Overmuch - About earthly things, forbidden Care, Overmuch - An obstruction to the Gospel Care, Overmuch - Be without Care, Overmuch - God's promises should keep us from Care, Overmuch - God's providential goodness should keep us from Care, Overmuch - Martha Care, Overmuch - Persons who offered to follow Christ Care, Overmuch - Sent as a punishment to the wicked Care, Overmuch - Should be cast on God Care, Overmuch - Trust in God should free us from Care, Overmuch - Unbecoming in saints Care, Overmuch - Uselessness of Care, Overmuch - Vanity of Care, Overmuch - Warning against Care, Worldly - General references Care, Worldly - Remedy for Carmi - 1. Son of Reuben Carmi - 3. Father of Achan Carnal Mindedness - General references Carpentry - Building the ark Carpentry - David's palace Carpentry - Making idols Carpet - Carpus - A Christian at Troas. Carshena - A Persian prince. Cart - General references Carving - Beds decorated with Carving - Idols manufactured by Carving - Woodwork of the temple was decorated with carvings of flowers, cherubim, and palm trees Casiphia - A place in the Persian empire. Casluhim - A people whose progenitor was a son of Mizraim. Cassia - An aromatic plant, probably cinnamon Cassia - An ingredient of the sacred oil Castle - A tower Castle - Bars of Castle - The doctrine, »The house is my castle« Castor and Pollux - Name of a ship. Caterpillar - Sent as a judgment Cattle - Bashan adapted to the raising of Cattle - Gilead adapted to the raising of Cattle - Sheltered Cattle - Stall-fed Caul - 1. Probably the upper lobe of the liver. Burnt with sacrifice Caul - 2. Netted caps Cavalry - Mounted on camels Cavalry - Mounted on horses Cave - Of Adullam Cave - Of En-Gedi Cave - Used as a burial place Cave - Used as a place of refuge Caves - Adullam Caves - Afford no protection from the judgments of God Caves - Artificial Caves - Burial places Caves - Dwelling-places Caves - Engedi Caves - Haunts of robbers Caves - Hiding placed of wild beasts Caves - Machpelah Caves - Makkedah Caves - Natural Caves - Often capacious Caves - Open fields Caves - Places of concealment Caves - Resting places Caves - Rocks Cedar - David's ample provision of, in Jerusalem, for the temple Cedar - Figurative Cedar - Furnished by Hiram, king of Tyre, for Solomon's temple Cedar - Used for masts of ships Cedar - Used in David's palace Cedar - Used in purifications Cedar - Used in rebuilding the temple Cedar - Used in Solomon's palace Cedar - Valuable for building purposes Cedar, the - Arrogant rulers Cedar, the - Banks of rivers favourable to the growth of Cedar, the - Beauty and glory of israel Cedar, the - Building palaces Cedar, the - Building temples Cedar, the - Considered the first of trees Cedar, the - Destruction of, a punishment Cedar, the - Destruction of, exhibits God's power Cedar, the - Extensive commerce in Cedar, the - Fragrant Cedar, the - Graceful and beautiful Cedar, the - High Cedar, the - Imported largely by Solomon Cedar, the - Instrumental in propagating Cedar, the - Lebanon celebrated for Cedar, the - Made to glorify God Cedar, the - Majesty, strength, and glory of Christ Cedar, the - Making chariots Cedar, the - Making idols Cedar, the - Making its nest in Cedar, the - Making masts of ships Cedar, the - Making wardrobes Cedar, the - Perching on the high branches of Cedar, the - Planted by God Cedar, the - Powerful nations Cedar, the - Preparing the water of separation Cedar, the - Purifying the leper Cedar, the - Saints in their rapid growth Cedar, the - Spreading Cedar, the - Strong and durable Cedron - Brook of, running south under the eastern wall of Jerusalem Cedron - Its channel changed by Hezekiah Celibacy - Cellar - For oil Cellar - For wine Cenchrea - A city of Corinth. Censer - For the temple, made of gold Censer - Symbolic Censer - Those which Korah used were converted into plates Censer - Used for offering incense Censer - Used in idolatrous rites Censers - Brass Censers - Directions for removing Censers - For burning incense Censers - Gold Censers - Of Korah, &c made into plates to cover the altar Censers - Often used in idolatrous worship Censers - One of gold in the most holy place Censers - Typical of Christ's intercession Census - A poll tax to be levied at each Census - Of the Roman empire, by Caesar Centurion - A commander of one hundred soldiers in the Roman army Centurion - In charge of the soldiers who crucified Jesus, testifies, »Truly this was the Son of God,« Centurion - Of Capernaum, comes to Jesus in behalf of his servant Chaff - Figurative Chaff - General references Chains - Figurative Chalcedony - A precious stone. Chalcol - Called also Calcol, son of Nahor. Chaldea - Abraham a native of Chaldea - Character of its people Chaldea - Founded by the Assyrians Chaldeans - Learned and wise men of the East. Chalk - Chamberlain - An officer of a king. Chameleon - Forbidden as food Chamois - A species of antelope. Champaign - A flat, open country. Chancellor - A state officer. Change of Venue - Declined by Paul Change of Venue - Granted Paul Chapiter - Head of a pillar. Character - Defamation of, punished Character - Good Character of Saints - Attentive to Christ's voice Character of Saints - Blameless and harmless Character of Saints - Bold Character of Saints - Contrite Character of Saints - Devout Character of Saints - Faithful Character of Saints - Fearing God Character of Saints - Following Christ Character of Saints - Godly Character of Saints - Guileless Character of Saints - Holy Character of Saints - Humble Character of Saints - Hungering after righteousness Character of Saints - Just Character of Saints - Led by the Spirit Character of Saints - Liberal Character of Saints - Loving Character of Saints - Lowly Character of Saints - Meek Character of Saints - Merciful Character of Saints - New Creatures Character of Saints - Obedient Character of Saints - Poor in spirit Character of Saints - Prudent Character of Saints - Pure in heart Character of Saints - Righteous Character of Saints - Sincere Character of Saints - Steadfast Character of Saints - Taught of God Character of Saints - True Character of Saints - Undefiled Character of Saints - Upright Character of Saints - Watchful Character of Saints - Zealous of good works Character of the Wicked - Abominable Character of the Wicked - Alienated from God Character of the Wicked - Blasphemous Character of the Wicked - Blinded Character of the Wicked - Boastful Character of the Wicked - Conspiring against God's people Character of the Wicked - Covetous Character of the Wicked - Deceitful Character of the Wicked - Delighting in the iniquity of others Character of the Wicked - Despising the works of the faithful Character of the Wicked - Destructive Character of the Wicked - Disobedient Character of the Wicked - Enticing to evil Character of the Wicked - Envious Character of the Wicked - Fearful Character of the Wicked - Fierce Character of the Wicked - Foolish Character of the Wicked - Forgetting God Character of the Wicked - Fraudulent Character of the Wicked - Froward Character of the Wicked - Glorying in their shame Character of the Wicked - Hard-hearted Character of the Wicked - Hating the light Character of the Wicked - Heady and high-minded Character of the Wicked - Hostile to God Character of the Wicked - Hypocritical Character of the Wicked - Ignorant of God Character of the Wicked - Impudent Character of the Wicked - Incontinent Character of the Wicked - Infidel Character of the Wicked - Loathsome Character of the Wicked - Lovers of pleasure more than of God Character of the Wicked - Lying Character of the Wicked - Mischievous Character of the Wicked - Murderous Character of the Wicked - Persecuting Character of the Wicked - Perverse Character of the Wicked - Prayerless Character of the Wicked - Proud Character of the Wicked - Rejoicing in the affliction of saints Character of the Wicked - Reprobate Character of the Wicked - Selfish Character of the Wicked - Sensual Character of the Wicked - Sold under sin Character of the Wicked - Stiff-hearted Character of the Wicked - Stiff-necked Character of the Wicked - Uncircumcised in heart Character of the Wicked - Ungodly Character of the Wicked - Unholy Character of the Wicked - Unjust Character of the Wicked - Unmerciful Character of the Wicked - Unprofitable Character of the Wicked - Unruly Character of the Wicked - Unthankful Character of the Wicked - Untoward Character of the Wicked - Unwise Charashim, Valley of - Charger - Dedicated to the tabernacle Charger - John the Baptist's head carried on Chariot - Cherubim in Solomon's temple mounted on Chariot - Cities for Chariot - Commanded by captains Chariot - Drawn by camels Chariot - Figurative of chariots of God Chariot - For war Chariot - Imported from Egypt by Solomon Chariot - Introduced among Israelites by David Chariot - Kings ride in Chariot - Made of iron Chariot - Royal Chariot - Symbolic Chariot - Traffic in Chariot - Wheels of Pharaoh's, providentially taken off Chariots - Advantageously manoeuvred in a flat country Chariots - Angels Chariots - Armed with iron Chariots - Asses and camels Chariots - Assyrians Chariots - Babylonians Chariots - Bound with traces Chariots - Bounding motion of, referred to Chariots - Canaanites Chariots - Carriages for travelling, &c Chariots - Carriages used in war Chariots - Christ's love to his church Chariots - Commanded by captains Chariots - Consecrated to the sun Chariots - Drivers generally employed for Chariots - Egyptians Chariots - Elijah taken to heaven in one of fire Chariots - Ethiopians Chariots - Formed part of the line of battle Chariots - Horses Chariots - Imported from Egypt Chariots - Introduced into Israel by David Chariots - Jews Chariots - Kept in chariot cities Chariots - Kings rode in, to battle Chariots - Kings used, in common Chariots - Lighted by night with torches Chariots - Multiplied by Solomon Chariots - Multiplying Chariots - Noise occasioned by, referred to Chariots - Often attended by running footmen Chariots - Persons of distinction used Chariots - Philistines Chariots - Prophets Chariots - Sometimes driven by the owners Chariots - Sometimes driven furiously Chariots - Syrians Chariots - Taken in war, often destroyed Chariots - The clouds Chariots - The judgments of God Chariots - Trusting to Chariots - Used in pursuing enemies Chariots - Value of in Solomon's time Chariots - Wheels of, described Charism - An inspired gift, bestowed on the apostles and early Christians. Charitableness - General references Charity - Enjoined Charity - Explained Charmers and Charming - General references Charmers and Charming - Of serpents Charmers and Charming - Prohibited Chastisement - From God Chastity - Abimelech Chastity - Advantages of Chastity - Boaz Chastity - Breach of, punished Chastity - Commanded Chastity - Consequences of associating with those devoid of Chastity - Drunkenness destructive to Chastity - General references Chastity - Joseph Chastity - Keep the body in Chastity - Motives for Chastity - Preserved by wisdom Chastity - Required in heart Chastity - Required in look Chastity - Required in speech Chastity - Ruth Chastity - Saints are kept in Chastity - Shun those devoid of Chastity - Temptation to deviate from, dangerous Chastity - The wicked are devoid of Chastity - Want of, excludes from heaven Chebar - A river of Mesopotamia. Chedorlaomer - King of Elam. Cheese - Chelal - Son of Pahath-Moab. Chelluh - Son of Bani. Chelub - 1. A descendant of Caleb Chelub - 2. Father of Ezri Chelubai - Called Caleb Chelubai - Son of Hezron Chemarim - A term descriptive of idolatrous priests. Chemosh - An idol of the Amorites Chemosh - An idol of the Moabites and Ammonites Chenaanah - 1. Father of the false prophet Zedekiah Chenaanah - 2. Brother of Ehud Chenani - A Levite. Chenaniah - 1. A Levite Chenaniah - 2. An Izharite Chephar-Haammonai - A town of Benjamin. Chephirah - A city of the Hivites. Cheran - A Horite. Cherethites - A Philistine tribe, which adhered to David, and with the Pelethites formed his bodyguard Cherethites - Solomon's escort at his coronation Cherith - A brook near Jericho. Cherub - Name of a place or person. Cherubim - Animated by the Spirit of God Cherubim - Bases of brazen lavers Cherubim - Called the cherubim of glory Cherubim - Curtains of the tabernacle Cherubim - Doors of the temple Cherubim - Eastward of the garden of Eden Cherubim - Engaged in accomplishing the purposes of God Cherubim - Figurative Cherubim - Form and appearance of Cherubim - Formed out of, and at each end of the mercy seat Cherubim - God's presence manifested between Cherubim - In Ezekiel's vision of the temple Cherubim - Placed at the entrance of Eden Cherubim - Placed over the ark of the covenant Cherubim - Riding on, illustrative of majesty and power of God Cherubim - Sound of their wings was as the voice of God Cherubim - The glory of God exhibited upon Cherubim - The oracles or answers of God delivered from between Cherubim - Vail of the tabernacle Cherubim - Vail of the temple Cherubim - Walls of the temple Chesalon - A landmark in the north boundary of Judah. Chesed - Son of Nahor. Chesil - A town in the south of Palestine Chesil - Probably identical with Bethuel Chesil - Probably identical with Bethul Chest - For money Chestnut Tree - Chesulloth - A city of Issachar Chesulloth - Probably identical with Chisloth-Tabor Chesulloth - Probably identical with Tabor Chezib - Birthplace of Shelah Chezib - Probably identical with Achzib Chezib - Probably identical with Chozeba Chickens - Broods her young Chickens - General references Chiding - Abimelech chides Abraham for a like offense Chiding - Abimelech chides Isaac for similar conduct Chiding - Cain chides God Chiding - David chides Joab for slaying Abner Chiding - Deborah chides Israel in her epic Chiding - Isaac and Laban chide each other Chiding - Israelites chide Moses and tempt God Chiding - Jacob chides Simeon and Levi for slaying Hamor and Shechem Chiding - Joab chides David for lamenting the death of Absalom Chiding - Pharaoh chides Abraham, for calling his wife his sister Chiding - Reuben chides his brethren for their treatment of Joseph Chidon - Called Nachon's threshing floor Chidon - Place where Uzza was stricken to death Childlessness - A reproach Children - A blessing Children - A reproach in Israel Children - After relatives Children - Alienated, Ishmael, to gratify Sarah Children - Amusements of Children - An heritage from the Lord Children - Anxiety of the Jews for Children - Are a gift from God Children - Are capable of glorifying God Children - Attend to parental teaching Children - Bastard, excluded from the privileges of the congregation Children - Birth of, announced to the father by a messenger Children - Blessed by Jesus Children - Bound by covenants of parents Children - Brought early to the house of God Children - Brought to Christ Children - Casting out of weak, &c alluded to Children - Caused to pass through fire Children - Character of, known by conduct Children - Christ was an example to Children - Circumcised on the eighth day Children - Considered an affliction Children - Correction of Children - Could demand their portion during father's life Children - Despised by their brethren Children - Destruction of, a punishment Children - Difference made between male and female in Mosiac law Children - Excluded from the congregation Children - False instruction of Children - Fear God Children - Fear parents Children - Fondness and care of mothers for Children - Frequently bore the curse of parents Children - From circumstances connected with their birth Children - From remarkable events Children - Future state of Children - God's care of Children - Grief occasioned by loss of Children - Had no inheritance Children - Healing of Children - Honour parents Children - Honour the aged Children - If first born, belonged to God and were redeemed Children - Inherited property in default of sons Children - Inherited the possessions of their father Children - Inhuman practice of offering to idols Children - Instructed in the ways of God Children - Involved in guilt of parents Children - Judiciously trained Children - Minors Children - Mode of giving public instruction to Children - Mostly nursed by the mothers Children - Named at circumcision Children - Not cared for by the father Children - Not imitate bad parents Children - Not punished for parents' sake Children - Numerous, considered an especial blessing Children - Nurses for Children - Obey God Children - Obey parents Children - Of God's people, holy Children - Of God's people, interested in the promises Children - Of ministers Children - Of the righteous, Blessed of God Children - Often by God Children - Often given in answer to prayer Children - Often numerous Children - Often prayed for Children - Often wicked and rebellious Children - Partiality among, forbidden Children - Power of parents over, during the patriarchal age Children - Prayer in behalf of Children - Promised to the righteous Children - Prosperity of, greatly depended on obedience of parents Children - Punishment of Children - Rebellious, punished by the civil power Children - Received the blessing of their father before his death Children - Remember God Children - Resignation manifested at loss of Children - Sacrificed Children - Share benefits of covenant privileges guaranteed to parents Children - Sold for debt Children - Sometimes born when parents were old Children - Sometimes devoted their property to avoid supporting parents Children - Sometimes sent away with gifts Children - Symbolic of the regenerated Children - Take care of parents Children - Taken care of by nurses Children - Taught to walk Children - The gift of God Children - To attend to instruction Children - To honour their parents Children - To respect the aged Children - To submit to discipline Children - Treatment of, after birth, noticed Children - Treatment of, at birth Children - Tutors and governors for Children - Under the care of tutors, till they came of age Children - Usefully employed Children - Weaning of Children - Weaning of, a time of joy and feasting Children - Worship, attend divine Children, Good - Adduced as a motive for submission to God Children, Good - Attend to parental teaching Children, Good - Children in the Temple Children, Good - Daniel Children, Good - David Children, Good - Esther Children, Good - Honour the aged Children, Good - Illustrative of a teachable spirit Children, Good - Isaac Children, Good - Jephthah's daughter Children, Good - Job Children, Good - John the Baptist Children, Good - Joseph Children, Good - Josiah Children, Good - Know the Scriptures Children, Good - Make their parents' hearts glad Children, Good - Obadiah Children, Good - Obey parents Children, Good - Observe the law of God Children, Good - Partake of the promises of God Children, Good - Samson Children, Good - Samuel Children, Good - Shall be blessed Children, Good - Show love to parents Children, Good - Spirit of, a requisite for the kingdom of heaven Children, Good - Take care of parents Children, Good - The Lord is with Children, Good - Their obedience to parents is well pleasing to God Children, Good - Timothy Children, Wicked - Absalom Children, Wicked - Adonijah Children, Wicked - Adrammelech and Sharezer Children, Wicked - Are a calamity to them Children, Wicked - Are a grief to them Children, Wicked - Are proud Children, Wicked - Are void of understanding Children, Wicked - Bring reproach on them Children, Wicked - Children at Bethel Children, Wicked - Curse them Children, Wicked - Cursing parents Children, Wicked - Despise them Children, Wicked - Despised their elders Children, Wicked - Disobeying parents Children, Wicked - Esau Children, Wicked - Gluttony and drunkenness Children, Wicked - Hearken not to them Children, Wicked - Know not God Children, Wicked - Mocking of a prophet Children, Wicked - Mocking parents Children, Wicked - Setting light by parents Children, Wicked - Smiting parents Children, Wicked - Sons of Eli Children, Wicked - Sons of Samuel Children, Wicked - Their guilt in robbing parents Chileab - A son of David Chileab - Called Daniel Chilion - A son of Naomi. Chilmad, Merchants of - Chimham - A Gileadite. Chimney - Chinese - The land of Sinim is believed by many authorities to be a reference to the Chinese. Chinnereth - 1. A district in the north of Palestine Chinnereth - 2. A city in Naphtali Chios - An island west of Smyrna. Chisleu - Ninth month in the Israelitish calendar. Chislon - Father of Eldad. Chisloth-Tabor - A place on the border of Zebulun Chisloth-Tabor - Called Tabor Chisloth-Tabor - Probably same as Chesulloth Chittim - Descendants of Javan Chittim - Probably inhabited islands of the Mediterranean Chittim - Prophecies concerning Chittim - Their commerce Chiun - Called also Remphan, a god of the Phenicians. Chloe - A Christian of Corinth. Choice - Between judgments, by David Choice - The sinner's Chor-Ashan - A town in Judah Chor-Ashan - Perhaps identical with Ashan Chor-Azin - Denunciation against Chosen, or Elected - General references Chozeba - A city of Judah. Christ is God - Acknowledged by his Apostles Christ is God - Acknowledged by the Old Testament saints Christ is God - As Creator of all things Christ is God - As discerning the thoughts of the heart Christ is God - As Emmanuel Christ is God - As entitled to equal honour with the Father Christ is God - As Eternal Christ is God - As Giver of pastors to the Church Christ is God - As God over all Christ is God - As God the Word Christ is God - As God, he presents the Church to himself Christ is God - As God, he redeems and purifies the Church to himself Christ is God - As God, the judge Christ is God - As having power to forgive sins Christ is God - As Husband of the Church Christ is God - As Jehovah Christ is God - As Jehovah of glory Christ is God - As Jehovah of Hosts Christ is God - As Jehovah, above all Christ is God - As Jehovah, for whose glory all things were created Christ is God - As Jehovah, our RIGHTEOUSNESS Christ is God - As Jehovah, the First and the Last Christ is God - As Jehovah, the Messenger of the covenant Christ is God - As Jehovah, the Shepherd Christ is God - As Jehovah's Fellow and Equal Christ is God - As King of kings and Lord of lords Christ is God - As Lord of all Christ is God - As Lord of the Sabbath Christ is God - As Omnipotent Christ is God - As Omnipresent Christ is God - As Omniscient Christ is God - As one with the Father Christ is God - As Owner of all things, equally with the Father Christ is God - As possessed of the fulness of the God head Christ is God - As raising himself from the dead Christ is God - As raising the dead Christ is God - As sending the Spirit, equally with the Father Christ is God - As Son of God Christ is God - As Supporter and Preserver of all things Christ is God - As the Eternal God and Creator Christ is God - As the Great God and Saviour Christ is God - As the Holy One Christ is God - As the Lord from heaven Christ is God - As the mighty God Christ is God - As the object of divine worship Christ is God - As the object of faith Christ is God - As the Only-begotten Son of the Father Christ is God - As the Source of grace, equally with the Father Christ is God - As the true God Christ is God - As unchangeable Christ is God - As unrestricted by the law of the sabbath, equally with the Father Christ is God - As unsearchable, equally with the Father Christ is God - His blood is called the blood of God Christ is God - Invoked as Jehovah Christ is God - Saints live to him as God Christ, Character Of - Altogether lovely Christ, Character Of - Benevolent Christ, Character Of - Compassionate Christ, Character Of - Faithful Christ, Character Of - Forgiving Christ, Character Of - Good Christ, Character Of - Guileless Christ, Character Of - Harmless Christ, Character Of - Holy Christ, Character Of - Humble Christ, Character Of - Innocent Christ, Character Of - Just Christ, Character Of - Long-suffering Christ, Character Of - Loving Christ, Character Of - Lowly in heart Christ, Character Of - Meek Christ, Character Of - Merciful Christ, Character Of - Obedient to God the Father Christ, Character Of - Patient Christ, Character Of - Resigned Christ, Character Of - Resisting temptation Christ, Character Of - Righteous Christ, Character Of - Saints are conformed to Christ, Character Of - Self-denying Christ, Character Of - Sinless Christ, Character Of - Spotless Christ, Character Of - Subject to His parents Christ, Character Of - True Christ, Character Of - Zealous Christ, the Head of the Church - Appointed by God Christ, the Head of the Church - As his mystical body Christ, the Head of the Church - Commissioned his Apostles Christ, the Head of the Church - Declared by himself Christ, the Head of the Church - Has the pre-eminence in all things Christ, the Head of the Church - Imparts gifts Christ, the Head of the Church - Instituted the ordinances Christ, the Head of the Church - Perverters of the truth do not hold Christ, the Head of the Church - Predicted Christ, the Head of the Church - Saints are complete in Christ, the High Priest - Aaron, &c Christ, the High Priest - After the order of Melchizedek Christ, the High Priest - Appointed and called by God Christ, the High Priest - Appointment of, and encouragement to steadfastness Christ, the High Priest - Blesses Christ, the High Priest - Consecrated with an oath Christ, the High Priest - Entered into heaven Christ, the High Priest - Faithful Christ, the High Priest - Has an unchangeable priesthood Christ, the High Priest - His sacrifice superior to all others Christ, the High Priest - Intercedes Christ, the High Priest - Is of unblemished purity Christ, the High Priest - Made reconciliation Christ, the High Priest - Melchizedek Christ, the High Priest - Needed no sacrifice for himself Christ, the High Priest - Obtained redemption for us Christ, the High Priest - Offered himself a sacrifice Christ, the High Priest - Offered sacrifice but once Christ, the High Priest - On his throne Christ, the High Priest - Superior to Aaron and the Levitical priests Christ, the High Priest - Sympathises with those who are tempted Christ, the King - David Christ, the King - Declared by himself Christ, the King - Foretold Christ, the King - Glorious Christ, the King - Has a righteous kingdom Christ, the King - Has an everlasting kingdom Christ, the King - Has an universal kingdom Christ, the King - His followers Christ, the King - His kingdom not of this world Christ, the King - Is King of Zion Christ, the King - Kings shall do homage to Christ, the King - Melchizedek Christ, the King - Nathanael Christ, the King - Saints receive a kingdom from Christ, the King - Saints shall behold Christ, the King - Saints, the subjects of Christ, the King - Shall overcome all his enemies Christ, the King - Sits in the throne of God Christ, the King - Sits on the throne of David Christ, the King - Solomon Christ, the King - Supreme Christ, the King - The Jews shall seek to Christ, the King - The wise men from the East Christ, the King - Written on His cross Christ, the Mediator - Aaron Christ, the Mediator - In virtue of his atonement Christ, the Mediator - Moses Christ, the Mediator - Of the gospel covenant Christ, the Mediator - The only one between God and man Christ, the Prophet - Abounded in wisdom Christ, the Prophet - Alone knows and reveals God Christ, the Prophet - Anointed with the Holy Spirit Christ, the Prophet - Declared his doctrine to be that of the Father Christ, the Prophet - Faithful to his trust Christ, the Prophet - Foretold Christ, the Prophet - Foretold things to come Christ, the Prophet - God commands us to hear Christ, the Prophet - God will severely visit our neglect of Christ, the Prophet - Meek and unostentatious in his teaching Christ, the Prophet - Mighty in deed and word Christ, the Prophet - Moses Christ, the Prophet - Preached the gospel, and worked miracles Christ, the Shepherd - David Christ, the Shepherd - Foretold Christ, the Shepherd - He calls Christ, the Shepherd - He cherishes tenderly Christ, the Shepherd - He feeds Christ, the Shepherd - He gathers Christ, the Shepherd - He gives eternal life to Christ, the Shepherd - He guides Christ, the Shepherd - He knows Christ, the Shepherd - He laid down his life for Christ, the Shepherd - He protects and preserves Christ, the Shepherd - The chief Christ, the Shepherd - The good Christ, the Shepherd - The great Christian - Believers called Chronology - Jewish year instituted Chrysolyte - A precious stone. Chrysoprasus - A precious stone. Chub - A people who were an ally tribe to Egypt, and probably inhabited Africa. Chun - A Syrian city. Church (1) - Holy Church (1) - My Father's House Church (2) - Christian, divinely established Church (2) - Decrees of Church (2) - Design of Church (2) - Dissensions in Church (2) - Love for Church (2) - Triumphant Church (2) - Unclassified scriptures relating to Church of Israel - A spiritual church within it Church of Israel - A type of the church of Christ Church of Israel - Admission into, by circumcision Church of Israel - All Israelites members of Church of Israel - An appointed place of worship Church of Israel - An ordained ministry Church of Israel - Appointed feasts Church of Israel - Appointed ordinances Church of Israel - Attachment of the Jews to Church of Israel - Congregation of Israel Church of Israel - Congregation of the Lord Church of Israel - Established by God Church of Israel - Excommunicated for heavy offences Church of Israel - In covenant with God Church of Israel - Persons excluded from Church of Israel - Praise Church of Israel - Prayer Church of Israel - Preaching Church of Israel - Privileges of Church of Israel - Proselytes admitted into Church of Israel - Reading God's word Church of Israel - Required to attend its worship Church of Israel - Required to keeps its statutes Church of Israel - Required to know its statutes Church of Israel - Sacrifice Church of Israel - Separated from, while unclean Church of Israel - Supported by the people Church of Israel - The depository of holy writ Church of Israel - The divine presence manifested in it Church of Israel - Was relatively holy Church, the - Believers continually added to, by the Lord Church, the - Belongs to God Church, the - Christ, the foundation-stone of Church, the - Christ, the head of Church, the - Clothed in righteousness Church, the - Defiling of, will be punished Church, the - Displays the wisdom of God Church, the - Elect Church, the - Extent of, predicted Church, the - Glorious Church, the - Glory to be ascribed to God by Church, the - God defends Church, the - God provides ministers for Church, the - Is edified by the word Church, the - Loved by Christ Church, the - Ministers commanded to feed Church, the - Not to be despised Church, the - Purchased by the blood of Christ Church, the - Saints baptised into, by one Spirit Church, the - Sanctified and cleansed by Christ Church, the - Shows forth the praises of God Church, the - Subject to Christ Church, the - The body of Christ Church, the - The object of the grace of God Church, the - The wicked persecute Church, the - Unity of Churning - General references Chushan-Rishathaim - King of Mesopotamia. Chuza - Herod's steward. Cilicia - Churches of Cilicia - Jews dwell in Cilicia - Sea of Cinnamon - A spice Cinnamon - An ingredient of the sacred oil Circumcision - A designation of Christians Circumcision - A designation of the Jews Circumcision - A painful and bloody rite Circumcision - A prerequisite of the privileges of the Passover Circumcision - A seal of righteousness Circumcision - A seal of the covenant Circumcision - Abolished by the gospel Circumcision - Abrogated Circumcision - Accompanied with naming the child Circumcision - By persons in authority Circumcision - By the heads of families Circumcision - Characterized by Paul as a yoke Circumcision - Child named at the time of Circumcision - Circumcision in the flesh Circumcision - Concision Circumcision - Covenant of circumcision Circumcision - Covenant promises of Circumcision - Denominated by Circumcision - Described Circumcision - Despised as unclean those not of the Circumcision - Enforced by the law Circumcision - Even on the sabbath day Circumcision - Figurative Circumcision - First performed on Abraham and his family Circumcision - Held it unlawful to intermarry with those not of the Circumcision - Held no intercourse with those not of the Circumcision - In the presence of the family, &c Circumcision - Instituted by God Circumcision - Institution of Circumcision - Introductory Jewish ordinances Circumcision - Inward grace Circumcision - Necessary to enjoying the privileges of the Jewish State Circumcision - Necessity of, asserted by false teachers Circumcision - Necessity of, denied by Paul Circumcision - Necessity of, falsely taught by Judaizing Christians Circumcision - Neglect of, punished Circumcision - Neglected Circumcision - Not performed in the wilderness Circumcision - On males home-born and bought Circumcision - On the eighth day Circumcision - Outward sign of Circumcision - Paul denounced for opposing Circumcision - Paul's argument against the continuance of Circumcision - Performed by Joshua at Gilgal Circumcision - Performed on all males on the eighth day Circumcision - Performed on Timothy as a matter or expediency because of the Jews Circumcision - Promises to Abraham previous to Circumcision - Punishment for neglecting Circumcision - Purity of heart Circumcision - Purity of speech Circumcision - Readiness to hear and obey Circumcision - Rite of, observed on the Sabbath Circumcision - Saints the true spiritual Circumcision - Sometimes performed on slain enemies Circumcision - Trusting to, a denial of Christ Circumcision - With knives of flint Circumcision - Without faith, vain Circumcision - Without obedience, vain Cistern - Broken Cistern - Figurative Cistern - General references Cities - A great defence to a country Cities - Afforded refuge in times of danger Cities - Ancient Cities - Arranged in streets and lanes Cities - Artificial mode of supplying water to Cities - Beside rivers Cities - Besieged Cities - Burned Cities - Chariot Cities - Church triumphant Cities - Commercial Cities - Densely inhabited Cities - Depopulated Cities - Designed for habitations Cities - Difficulty of taking, alluded to Cities - Entered through gates Cities - Fenced Cities - Figurative Cities - First mention of Cities - Fortified Cities - Furnished with stores Cities - Garrisoned in war Cities - Government of, by rulers Cities - Heavenly inheritance Cities - In desert places Cities - In plains Cities - In pleasant situations Cities - Infested by dogs Cities - Inhabitants of, called citizens Cities - Levitical Cities - Made heaps of ruins Cities - Numerous Cities - Of brick and mortar Cities - Of brick and slime Cities - Of stone and wood Cities - Often built to perpetuate a name Cities - Often deserted on the approach of an enemy Cities - Often fortified by art Cities - Often fortified by nature Cities - Often founded and enlarged by blood and rapine Cities - Often great and goodly Cities - Often had citadels Cities - Often insignificant Cities - Often of a square form Cities - Often of great antiquity Cities - On hills Cities - On solid foundations Cities - Perishable nature of Cities - Pillaged Cities - Prosperity of, increased by commerce Cities - Protected at night by watchmen Cities - Provided with judges Cities - Razed and sown with salt Cities - Refuge Cities - Riches Cities - Royal Cities - Saints Cities - Sometimes had suburbs Cities - Store Cities - Stormed Cities - Suburbs of Cities - Surrounded with walls Cities - The apostasy Cities - The country in which built Cities - The family of the founder Cities - The proprietor of the land Cities - Town clerk of Cities - Treasure Cities - Under governors Cities - Visible church Cities - Wasted by famine Cities - Wasted by pestilence Cities - With compactness Cities of Refuge - (The way to,) of Christ Cities of Refuge - Afforded no asylum to murderers Cities of Refuge - Design of Cities of Refuge - Easy of access Cities of Refuge - Names &c of Cities of Refuge - Not protected outside of Cities of Refuge - Obliged to remain in, until the high priest's death Cities of Refuge - Of Christ Cities of Refuge - Of the hope of the gospel Cities of Refuge - Open to all manslayers Cities of Refuge - Strangers might take advantage of Cities of Refuge - Were put on their trial Citizens - Duties of Citizens - Figurative Civil Engineering - Civil Service - Appointment in, on account of merit Civil Service - Influence in Civil Service - Reform in Civil Service - School for Clairvoyance - General references Clauda - An island near Crete. Claudia - A female disciple. Claudius - Emperor of Rome. Claudius Lysias - A Roman military officer Claudius Lysias - Sends Paul to Felix Clay - Blind man's eyes anointed with Clay - Figurative Clay - Man formed from Clay - Seals made of Clay - Symbolic Clay - Used by potter Cleanliness - Figurative Cleanliness - Regulation relating to, in camp Clement - A disciple at Philippi. Cleopas - A disciple to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection. Cleophas - Husband of one of the Marys. Clerk, Town - Cloak - Figurative Cloak - Paul's, left at Troas Closet - Used as a place for prayer Clothing - Of the Israelites, waxed not old Cloud - Appearances of: In Ezekiel's vision Cloud - Figurative Cloud - Pillar of Cloud - Symbolic Cloud of Glory - At Christ's ascension Cloud of Glory - At Christ's transfiguration Cloud of Glory - At giving of the law Cloud of Glory - At sedition of Aaron and Miriam Cloud of Glory - At the murmuring for bread Cloud of Glory - At the murmuring of Israel on account of Korah's death Cloud of Glory - At the murmuring of Israel on the report of the spies Cloud of Glory - At the rebellion of Korah &c Cloud of Glory - Cloud of the Lord Cloud of Glory - Cloudy pillar Cloud of Glory - Continued during the journeyings of Israel Cloud of Glory - Cover the tabernacle Cloud of Glory - Defend Israel Cloud of Glory - First manifestation of Cloud of Glory - God came down in Cloud of Glory - God spoke from Cloud of Glory - God's glory manifested in Cloud of Glory - Guide Israel Cloud of Glory - Manifested in the temple of Solomon Cloud of Glory - Our Lord shall make his second appearance in Cloud of Glory - Pillar of cloud and pillar of fire Cloud of Glory - Regulate the movements of Israel Cloud of Glory - Show light to Israel Cloud of Glory - The cloud Cloud of Glory - The glory of Christ Cloud of Glory - The presence of God Cloud of Glory - The protection of the church Cloud of Glory - Was dark to the enemies of Israel Cloud of Glory - Was the Shekinah over the mercy-seat Clouds - (A morning without,) of wise rulers Clouds - (Carried away by a tempest,) of false teachers Clouds - (Passing away,) of the goodness and prosperity of hypocrites Clouds - (Riding upon,) of the power and greatness of God Clouds - (When seasonable,) of the favour of good rulers Clouds - (Without rain,) of the fraudulent Clouds - (Without water,) of false teachers Clouds - Are garment of the sea Clouds - Balanced in the air Clouds - Binds up Clouds - Black Clouds - Bottles of heaven Clouds - Bright Clouds - Brings over the earth Clouds - Cannot cause to rain Clouds - Cannot number Clouds - Cannot stay Clouds - Chambers of God Clouds - Clouds of heaven Clouds - Disposed in order Clouds - Dust of God's feet Clouds - Established Clouds - Formed from the sea Clouds - Frequently the instrument of God's judgments Clouds - From the west, bring rain Clouds - Great Clouds - Ignorant of the balancing of Clouds - Ignorant of the disposing of Clouds - Ignorant of the spreading of Clouds - Made for the glory of God Clouds - Of hostile armies Clouds - Of judgments of God Clouds - Of multitudes of persons Clouds - Of sins of men Clouds - Of unsearchableness of God Clouds - Often cover the heavens Clouds - Often dispersed by the wind Clouds - Often obscure the sun, &c Clouds - Power and wisdom of God exhibited in condensing Clouds - Power and wisdom of God exhibited in forming Clouds - Scatters Clouds - Small Clouds - Spreads out Clouds - Swift Clouds - The rainbow appears in Clouds - Thick Clouds - Though small, often bring much rain Clouds - Thunder and lightning come from Clouds - To give rain Clouds - To moderate heat Clouds - To supply dew Clouds - Waters above the firmament Clouds - White Clouds - Windows of heaven Cnidus - A city in Asia Minor. Coal - Figurative Coal - Symbolic Coat of Mail - Cock Crowing - Cockatrice - A fabulous serpent, figurative. Cockle - A general term for obnoxious plants. Coercion, Religious - General references Coffer - A chest. Coffin - General references Col-Hozeh - Father of Baruch. College - Second quarter of the city of Jerusalem. Collusion - In sin Colonization - Of conquered countries and people Colosse - A city of Phrygia. Colt - Ridden by Jesus Commandments - General references Commandments - Of men Commandments - Precepts of St. Paul. Explicitly stated or implied in didactic epistles Commandments, the Ten - Enumerated Commandments, the Ten - Law of, is spiritual Commandments, the Ten - Spoken by God Commandments, the Ten - Summed up Christ Commandments, the Ten - Written by God Commerce - Blue cloth Commerce - Brass Commerce - Buying and selling Commerce - Carried on by means of caravans Commerce - Carried on by means of ships Commerce - Carried on in fairs, &c Commerce - Cattle Commerce - Chapmen Commerce - Chariots Commerce - Checked in Jehoshaphat's time Commerce - Chests of rich apparel Commerce - Clothes for chariots Commerce - Commenced after their settlement in Canaan Commerce - Conducted in fairs Commerce - Corn Commerce - Denunciations connected with abuses of Commerce - Egyptians Commerce - Embroidery Commerce - Ethiopians Commerce - Evil practices connected with Commerce - From Tarshish Commerce - Gold Commerce - Greatly extended by Solomon Commerce - Honey Commerce - Horses Commerce - Illustrative of intercourse with the apostasy Commerce - Increased the wealth of nations and individuals Commerce - Inland, by caravans Commerce - Iron and steel Commerce - Ishmaelites Commerce - Ivory Commerce - Jews Commerce - Land Commerce - Laws concerning Commerce - Lead Commerce - Linen Commerce - Maritime, by ships Commerce - Merchandise Commerce - Merchants Commerce - Ninevites Commerce - Oil Commerce - People of Tarshish Commerce - People of Tyre Commerce - Perfumes Commerce - Persons of distinction engaged in Commerce - Precious stones Commerce - Purple Commerce - Sellers and buyers Commerce - Silver Commerce - Slaves Commerce - Success in, led to pride, &c Commerce - Syrians Commerce - The barter of one commodity for another Commerce - The exchange of commodities for money Commerce - Timber Commerce - Tin Commerce - Trade Commerce - Traffic Commerce - Traffickers Commerce - Transportation of passengers Commerce - Under strict laws Commerce - Wares Commerce - White wool Commerce - Wine Commissary - For royal households Commonwealth, Figurative - Communion of Saints - According to the prayer of Christ Communion of Saints - Apostles Communion of Saints - Christ is present in Communion of Saints - Daniel Communion of Saints - David Communion of Saints - Delight of Communion of Saints - Each other Communion of Saints - Exhortation to Communion of Saints - God Communion of Saints - God marks, with his approval Communion of Saints - In exhortation Communion of Saints - In holy conversation Communion of Saints - In mutual comfort and edification Communion of Saints - In mutual sympathy and kindness Communion of Saints - In prayer for each other Communion of Saints - In public and social worship Communion of Saints - In the Lord's supper Communion of Saints - Jonathan Communion of Saints - Opposed to communion with the wicked Communion of Saints - Paul Communion of Saints - Saints in heaven Communion of Saints - The Church Communion of the Lord's Supper - Are guilty of the body and blood of Christ Communion of the Lord's Supper - Are visited with judgments Communion of the Lord's Supper - Both bread and wine are necessary to be received in Communion of the Lord's Supper - Discern not the Lord's body Communion of the Lord's Supper - Instituted Communion of the Lord's Supper - Is the communion of the body and blood of Christ Communion of the Lord's Supper - Newness of heart and life necessary to the worthy partaking of Communion of the Lord's Supper - Object of Communion of the Lord's Supper - Partakers of, be wholly separate to God Communion of the Lord's Supper - Prefigured Communion of the Lord's Supper - Self-examination commanded before partaking of Communion of the Lord's Supper - Was continually partaken of, by the Church Communion With God - Abraham Communion With God - Christ set an example of Communion With God - David Communion With God - Desire Communion With God - Elijah Communion With God - Enemies Communion With God - Enoch Communion With God - Exhortation to Communion With God - Have, in meditation Communion With God - Have, in prayer Communion With God - Have, in the Lord's supper Communion With God - Holiness essential to Communion With God - Illustrated Communion With God - Inseparable from love to God Communion With God - Is communion with the Father Communion With God - Is communion with the Holy Spirit Communion With God - Is communion with the Son Communion With God - Jacob Communion With God - Jews Communion With God - Job Communion With God - Job's friends Communion With God - Moses Communion With God - Nehemiah Communion With God - Noah Communion With God - Paul Communion With God - Pharaoh's daughter Communion With God - Promise to those who show Communion With God - Promised to the obedient Communion With God - Reconciliation must precede Communion With God - Saints Communion With God - Shobi, &c Communion With God - Should always enjoy Communion With God - The afflicted Communion With God - The chastened Communion With God - The compassion of God Communion With God - The poor Communion With God - The sense of our infirmities Communion With God - The weak Communion With God - The wicked made to feel, for saints Communism - Company - Evil Compasses, Carpenter's - Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Afflicted Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - An encouragement to prayer Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Diseased Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Necessary to his priestly office Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Perishing sinners Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Poor Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Tempted Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Weak in faith Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, the - Weary and heavy-laden Complicity - General references Compromise - Before litigation, enjoined Conceit - General references Conception, Miraculous - By Elizabeth Conception, Miraculous - By Hannah Conception, Miraculous - By Manoah's wife Conception, Miraculous - By Mary Conception, Miraculous - By Rachel Conception, Miraculous - By Rebekah Conception, Miraculous - By Sarah Concision - A term for circumcision. Condemnation - According to men's deserts Condemnation - Apostates ordained to Condemnation - Chastisements are designed to rescue us from Condemnation - Conscience testifies to the justice of Condemnation - Hypocrisy Condemnation - Impenitence Condemnation - Inseparable consequence of sin Condemnation - Of the wicked, an example Condemnation - Oppression Condemnation - Pride Condemnation - Saints are delivered from, by Christ Condemnation - The law is the ministration of Condemnation - The law testifies to the justice of Condemnation - The sentence of God against sin Condemnation - Unbelief Condemnation - Unbelievers remain under Condemnation - Universal, caused by the offence of Adam Condescension of God - Scriptures relating to Conduct, Christian - Abounding in the work of the Lord Conduct, Christian - Abstaining from all appearance of evil Conduct, Christian - Adorning the gospel Conduct, Christian - After the Spirit Conduct, Christian - As children of light Conduct, Christian - Being contented Conduct, Christian - Being liberal to others Conduct, Christian - Believing God Conduct, Christian - Believing in Christ Conduct, Christian - Blessedness of maintaining Conduct, Christian - Controlling the body Conduct, Christian - Doing as we would be done by Conduct, Christian - Fearing God Conduct, Christian - Following after that which is good Conduct, Christian - Following God Conduct, Christian - Following the example of Christ Conduct, Christian - Forgiving injuries Conduct, Christian - Fulfilling domestic duties Conduct, Christian - Hating defilement Conduct, Christian - Honestly Conduct, Christian - Honouring others Conduct, Christian - In newness of life Conduct, Christian - In the Spirit Conduct, Christian - Living peaceably with all Conduct, Christian - Loving Christ Conduct, Christian - Loving God Conduct, Christian - Loving one another Conduct, Christian - Obeying Christ Conduct, Christian - Obeying God Conduct, Christian - Overcoming the world Conduct, Christian - Perfecting holiness Conduct, Christian - Putting away all sin Conduct, Christian - Rejoicing in Christ Conduct, Christian - Rejoicing in God Conduct, Christian - Showing a good example Conduct, Christian - Shunning the wicked Conduct, Christian - Soberly, righteously, and godly Conduct, Christian - Striving for the faith Conduct, Christian - Subduing the temper Conduct, Christian - Submitting to Authorities Conduct, Christian - Submitting to injuries Conduct, Christian - Sympathising with others Conduct, Christian - To Christ Conduct, Christian - To righteousness Conduct, Christian - Visiting the afflicted Conduct, Christian - Worthy of God Conduct, Christian - Worthy of the Lord Conduct, Christian - Worthy of vocation Coney - Confectioner - Confederacies - Instances of Kings Confessing Christ - A test of being saints Confessing Christ - An evidence of union with God Confessing Christ - Apostles Confessing Christ - Church in Pergamos Confessing Christ - Consequences of not Confessing Christ - Ensures his confessing us Confessing Christ - Influences of the Holy Spirit necessary to Confessing Christ - John Confessing Christ - Man born blind Confessing Christ - Martha Confessing Christ - Martyrs Confessing Christ - Must be connected with faith Confessing Christ - Nathanael Confessing Christ - Necessary to salvation Confessing Christ - Paul Confessing Christ - Persecution should not prevent us from Confessing Christ - Peter Confessing Christ - Peter and John Confessing Christ - Stephen Confessing Christ - The fear of man prevents Confessing Christ - Timothy Confession of Sin - Aaron Confession of Sin - Daniel Confession of Sin - David Confession of Sin - Exhortation to Confession of Sin - Ezra Confession of Sin - Followed by pardon Confession of Sin - Forsaking sin Confession of Sin - God regards Confession of Sin - God requires Confession of Sin - Godly sorrow Confession of Sin - Illustrated Confession of Sin - Israelites Confession of Sin - Job Confession of Sin - Levites Confession of Sin - Nehemiah Confession of Sin - Peter Confession of Sin - Prayer for forgiveness Confession of Sin - Promises to Confession of Sin - Restitution Confession of Sin - Saul Confession of Sin - Self-abasement Confession of Sin - Should be full and unreserved Confession of Sin - Submission to punishment Confession of Sin - Thief Confusion - Of tongues Congestion - Congregation - Those who were excluded from Connivance - General references Cononiah - Name of two Israelites. Conscience - Accuses of sin Conscience - General references Conscience - Keep the faith in purity of Conscience - Ministers should commend themselves to that of their people Conscience - Of others, not to be offended Conscience - Of saints, pure and good Conscience - Of the wicked, defiled Conscience - Of the wicked, seared Conscience - Submit to authority for Conscience - Suffer patiently for Conscience - Testimony of, a source of joy Conscience - The blood of Christ alone can purify Conscience - We should have the approval of Conscience - Without spiritual illumination, a false guide Conscience - Witnesses in man Conscience Money - General references Conscription - Of soldiers Consecrated Things - Laws regarding Consecration - Personal Consistency - General references Conspiracy - Jonathan, falsely accused of Conspiracy - Law against Constancy - In beneficence Constancy - In friendship Constancy - In obedience Constancy - In prayer Constancy - In profession Constancy - Under suffering Constellations - General references Constellations - Orion Constellations - The serpent Constitution - Agreement between the ruler and people. Consumption - Contempt - A characteristic of the wicked Contempt - Authorities Contempt - Believing masters Contempt - Causes saints to cry to God Contempt - Children of Belial Contempt - Christ Contempt - Christ's little ones Contempt - False teachers Contempt - Folly of Contempt - Hagar Contempt - Michal Contempt - Ministers should give no occasion for Contempt - Nabal Contempt - Of ministers, is a despising of God Contempt - Often punished Contempt - Often turned into respect Contempt - Parents Contempt - Pride and prosperity prompt to Contempt - Saints Contempt - Saints sometimes guilty of Contempt - Sanballat, &c Contempt - Self-righteous prompts to Contempt - Sin of Contempt - The afflicted Contempt - The poor Contempt - Weak brethren Contempt - Young ministers Contentment - Agur Contentment - Barzillai Contentment - David Contentment - General references Contentment - God's promises should lead to Contentment - In their respective callings Contentment - Paul Contentment - Shunammite Contentment - The wicked want Contentment - With appointed wages Contentment - With food and raiment Contentment - With godliness is great gain Contentment - With what things they have Continence - General references Continents - General references Contingencies - In divine government of man Contracts - Between Laban and Jacob for cattle Contracts - Between Solomon and Hiram Contracts - Scriptures illustrative of the binding force of Convention - For counsel Conversation - General references Conversion - Affliction Conversion - By Christ Conversion - By God Conversion - By the power of the Holy Spirit Conversion - Commanded Conversion - Danger of neglecting Conversion - Duty of leading sinners to Conversion - Encouragement for leading sinners to Conversion - Exhortations to Conversion - Follows repentance Conversion - Is accompanied by confession of sin, and prayer Conversion - Is necessary Conversion - Is of grace Conversion - Is the result of faith Conversion - Ministers Conversion - Of Gentiles, predicted Conversion - Of Israel, predicted Conversion - Pray for Conversion - Promises connected with Conversion - Self-examination Conversion - The scriptures Conversion - To God Conversion - To saints Converts - »Choked« Converts - »Good ground« Converts - »Stony ground« Converts - »Wayside« Cooking - A kid might not be seethed in the mother's milk Cooking - Ephraim, a cake unturned Cooking - In the temple Cooking - Spice used in Coos - An island Paul visits, in the Mediterranean. Copper - Incorrectly translated brass Cor - A measure for liquids and solids, containing ten ephahs, or baths, and equal to the homer Cor - Rendered measure Coral - Corban - An oblation. Coriander - A spice. Cormorant - A bird forbidden as food. Corn - A product of Egypt Corn - A product of Palestine Corn - Eaten by the Israelites Corn - Figurative Corn - Ground Corn - Heads of, plucked by Christ's disciples Corn - In valleys Corn - Mosiac laws concerning Corn - Parched Corn - Shocks of, burnt Corn - Symbolic Cornerstone - General references Cosmetics - Cotton - Council - Apostolic Council - Of war Counsel - General references Counsel - Rejected Counsellor - A title of Christ Counsellor - A wise man, versed in law and diplomacy Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are eternal Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are faithfulness and truth Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are great Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are immutable Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are sovereign Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Are wonderful Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Attend to Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Despise Counsels and Purposes of God, the - None can disannul Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Reject Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Saints called and save according to Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Secret not to be searched into Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Shall be performed Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Should be declared by ministers Counsels and Purposes of God, the - The sufferings and death of Christ were according to Counsels and Purposes of God, the - The union of all saints in Christ, is according to Counsels and Purposes of God, the - The works of God according to Counsels and Purposes of God, the - Understand not Countenance - Angry Countenance - Cheerful Countenance - Fierce Countenance - Guilty Countenance - Health indicated in Countenance - Pride in Countenance - Reading of Countenance - Sad Countenance - Transfigured Country, Love of - General references Courage - Scriptures relating to Court - Circuit Court - Contempt of Court - Sentence of, final and obligatory Court - Superior and inferior Courts of Justice - All minor cases decided by Courts of Justice - All transfers of property made before Courts of Justice - Allusions to Courts of Justice - An advocate Courts of Justice - Appeals from, made to the emperor Courts of Justice - Both the accusers and accused required to appear before Courts of Justice - Called elders Courts of Justice - Called magistrates Courts of Justice - Conferred together before giving judgment Courts of Justice - Consisted of chief priest, &c Courts of Justice - Consisted subsequently of priests and Levites Courts of Justice - Corruption and bribery often practised in Courts of Justice - Could alone award death Courts of Justice - Decided on all appeals and difficult cases Courts of Justice - Decisions of, conclusive Courts of Justice - Examined on oath Courts of Justice - Examined the parties Courts of Justice - Exhorted to confess Courts of Justice - False witnesses in to receive the punishment of the accused Courts of Justice - Generally held in the morning Courts of Justice - Have authority from God Courts of Justice - Held at the gates Courts of Justice - Held at the seat of government Courts of Justice - Held first by Moses alone in the wilderness Courts of Justice - Illustrative of the last judgment Courts of Justice - Immediately executed Courts of Justice - In all cities Courts of Justice - Judges Courts of Justice - Judges of, appointed by the governor Courts of Justice - Mentioned in the latter part of sacred history Courts of Justice - Might have advocates Courts of Justice - Never examined their own citizens by torture Courts of Justice - Never interfered in any dispute about minor matters or about religion Courts of Justice - Not given till accused was heard Courts of Justice - Not to take bribes Courts of Justice - Officers Courts of Justice - Permitted to plead their own cause Courts of Justice - Place of, called the hall of judgment Courts of Justice - Presided over by high priest Courts of Justice - Presided over by the governor or deputy Courts of Justice - Presided over by the governor or the high priest Courts of Justice - Probably derived from the seventy elders appointed by Moses Courts of Justice - Pronounced the judgment of the court Courts of Justice - Recorded in writing Courts of Justice - Re-established by Ezra Courts of Justice - Re-established by Jehoshaphat Courts of Justice - Rode often on white asses Courts of Justice - Sat in high priest's palace Courts of Justice - Sat on the judgment-seat while hearing causes Courts of Justice - Sometimes examined by torture Courts of Justice - Sometimes held in synagogues Courts of Justice - Sometimes treated with insult Courts of Justice - Stood before the judge Courts of Justice - The complainant Courts of Justice - The evidence of two or more witnesses required in Courts of Justice - To decide according to the law Courts of Justice - To investigate every case Courts of Justice - To judge as for God Courts of Justice - To judge righteously Courts of Justice - To judge without respect of persons Courts of Justice - To promote peace Courts of Justice - Tormentors or executioners Courts of Justice - Witnesses first to execute Courts of Justice - Witnesses sometimes laid their hands on the criminal's head before punishment Covenant, the - Abraham Covenant, the - All saints interested in Covenant, the - Be mindful of Covenant, the - Blessings connected with Covenant, the - Caution against forgetting Covenant, the - Christ, the Mediator of Covenant, the - Christ, the Messenger of Covenant, the - Christ, the substance of Covenant, the - Confirmed in Christ Covenant, the - David Covenant, the - Fulfilled in Christ Covenant, the - God is ever mindful of Covenant, the - God is faithful to Covenant, the - Is a covenant of peace Covenant, the - Is everlasting Covenant, the - Is unalterable Covenant, the - Isaac Covenant, the - Israel Covenant, the - Jacob Covenant, the - Plead, in prayer Covenant, the - Punishment for despising Covenant, the - Ratified by the blood of Christ Covenant, the - Renewed under the gospel Covenant, the - The wicked have no interest in Covenants - (With death and hell,) of carnal security Covenants - (With stones and beasts, of the earth,) of peace and prosperity Covenants - Agreements between two parties Covenants - Clearly specified Covenants - Condemned for making, with idolatrous nations Covenants - Conformed by oath Covenants - Establishing friendship Covenants - Establishing peace Covenants - Followed by a feast Covenants - Forbidden to make, with the nations of Canaan Covenants - Frequently made with other nations Covenants - God often called to witness Covenants - Made by passing between the pieces of the divided sacrifices Covenants - Mutual protection Covenants - Names given to places where made Covenants - Of God's promises to man Covenants - Of good resolutions Covenants - Of the contract of marriage Covenants - Of the united determination of a people to serve God Covenants - Pillars raised in token of Covenants - Presents given as tokens Covenants - Procuring assistance in war Covenants - Promoting commerce Covenants - Ratified by joining hands Covenants - Regarded, as sacred Covenants - Salt a sign of perpetuity in Covenants - Selling land Covenants - Violated by the wicked Covenants - When confirmed, unalterable Covenants - Witnessed Covenants - Written and sealed Covetousness - A characteristic of the slothful Covetousness - A characteristic of the wicked Covetousness - Abhorred by God Covetousness - Achan Covetousness - Ahab Covetousness - Ananias &c Covetousness - Avoid those guilty of Covetousness - Babylon Covetousness - Balaam Covetousness - Beware of Covetousness - Comes from the heart Covetousness - Commended by the wicked alone Covetousness - Departure from the faith Covetousness - Domestic affliction Covetousness - Eli's sons Covetousness - Engrosses the heart Covetousness - Excludes from heaven Covetousness - Felix Covetousness - Foolish and hurtful lusts Covetousness - Forbidden Covetousness - Gehazi Covetousness - General references Covetousness - Hated by saints Covetousness - In saints Covetousness - Injustice and oppression Covetousness - Is idolatry Covetousness - Is never satisfied Covetousness - Is the root of all evil Covetousness - Is vanity Covetousness - Jewish people Covetousness - Judas Covetousness - Laban Covetousness - Lying Covetousness - Misery Covetousness - Murder Covetousness - Nobles of the Jews Covetousness - Pharisees Covetousness - Poverty Covetousness - Pray against Covetousness - Punishment of Covetousness - Reward of those who hate Covetousness - Samuel's sons Covetousness - Saul Covetousness - Shall abound in the last days Covetousness - Specially in ministers Covetousness - Theft Covetousness - To be mortified by saints Covetousness - Woe denounced against Covetousness - Young man Cow - Figurative Cow - Used for draught Cowardice - General references Coz - Father of Anub. Cozbi - Daughter of Zur. Cracknel - A biscuit or cake, hard baked. Crane - An amphibious bird. Creation - A subject of joy to angels Creation - According to God's purpose Creation - Approved of by God Creation - Beginning of Creation - By Christ Creation - By faith we believe, to be God's work Creation - By God Creation - By the command of God Creation - By the Holy Spirit Creation - Daily renewal of saints Creation - Fifth day, making birds, insects, and fishes Creation - First day, making light and dividing it from darkness Creation - For Christ Creation - For God's pleasure Creation - Fourth day, placing the sun, moon, and stars to give light, &c Creation - Glorifies God Creation - God as the sole object of worship Creation - God rested from, on the seventh day Creation - God to be praised for Creation - Groans because of sin Creation - In six normal days Creation - In the beginning Creation - Insignificance of man seen from Creation - Leads to confidence Creation - Renewal of the earth Creation - Second day, making the firmament or atmosphere, and separating the waters Creation - Sixth day, making beasts of the earth, and man Creation - The deity of God Creation - The formation of things which had no previous existence Creation - The glory and handiwork of God Creation - The goodness of God Creation - The new birth Creation - The power of God Creation - The wisdom of God Creation - Third day, separating the land from the water, and making it fruitful Creditor - Laws concerning Creditor - Merciful Creditor - Oppressions of Creditors - Bills or promissory notes Creditors - By imprisonment Creditors - By selling the debtor or taking him for a servant Creditors - By selling the debtor's family Creditors - By selling the debtor's property Creditors - Defined Creditors - Exacting debts from brethren during sabbatical year Creditors - Exacting usury from brethren Creditors - From the sureties Creditors - God's claim upon men Creditors - Might take interest from strangers Creditors - Mortgages on property Creditors - Often cruel in exacting debts Creditors - Pledges Creditors - Security of others Creditors - Sometimes entirely remitted debts Creditors - Taking millstones in pledge Creditors - The demands of the law Creditors - To return before sunset, garments taken in pledge Creditors - Violently selecting pledges Creditors - Were often defrauded Creeping Things - A general term for animals Creeping Things - Clean Creeping Things - Unclean Creeping Things - Uses of, in idolatrous worship Cremation - General references Crescens - A disciple with Paul at Rome. Crete - Character of the inhabitants of Crete - Visited by Paul Crete - Visited by Titus Crib - Used for grain Crime - Scriptures containing partial lists of Criminals - Confined in dungeons Criminals - Confined in prisons Criminals - Released at feasts Crisping Pins - Crispus - A ruler at Corinth. Cross - Borne by Jesus Cross - Borne by Simon Cross - Figurative Cross - Jesus crucified on Cross-Questioning - General references Crown - An ornament Crown - Figurative Crown - Made of gold Crown - Of thorns Crown - Of victory Crown - Prescribed for priests Crown - Set with gems Crown - Symbolic Crown - Worn by kings Crown - Worn by queens Crucifixion - Of disciples, foretold Crucifixion - Of two malefactors Crucifixion - The reproach of Cruse - A vessel for liquids. Crystal - A precious stone. Cubit - A measure of distance Cubit - Who can add to his height Cuckoo - A bird, forbidden as food. Cucumber - Cud - Chewing of, was one of the facts by which clean and unclean animals were distinguished. Cummin - A plant bearing a small aromatic seed. Cup - General references Cup - Made of Gold Cup - Made of silver Cup - Of the table of devils Cup - Used in the institution of the Lord's Supper Cupbearer - Curiosity - General references Curse - Against Adam and Eve Curse - Against Cain Curse - Against Canaan, Noah's son Curse - Against Gehazi Curse - Against Meroz Curse - Against the ground Curse - Against the serpent Curse - Barak commands Balaam to curse Israel Curse - Curses of the Mosaic Law Cursing - Apostolic Cursing - Of parents Cursing - Shimei curses David Cursing - The precepts of Jesus concerning Curtains - Figurative Curtains - For tabernacle Curtains - In the palace of Ahasuerus Cush - 1. Son of Ham Cushan - Poetic form of Cush. Cushi - 1. A messenger, who brought tidings to David Cushi - 2. Father of Shelemiah Cushi - 3. Father of Zephaniah Cuth - Called also Cuthah. A district of Asia, from which colonists were transported to Samaria. Cutting the Flesh for the Dead, Forbidden - Cymbal - Of brass Cymbal - Used in the tabernacle service Cymbal - Used in the temple service Cypress - Cyprus - An island Cyprus - Barnabas and Mark visit Cyprus - Barnabas born in Cyprus - Mnason, a disciple of Cyprus - Persecuted Jews preached the gospel at Cyprus - Visited by Barnabas and Saul Cyrene - A city in Libya Cyrene - Contained a synagogue Cyrene - Simon and Lucius belonged to Cyrenius - A governor of Syria. Cyrus - Issues a decree for the emancipation of the Jews and rebuilding the temple Cyrus - Prophecies concerning Dabbasheth - A place on the boundary line of Zebulun. Daberath - A town of Issachar Daberath - Assigned to the Levites Dagger - A short sword. Dagon - An idol of the Philistines Dagon - Temple of Daily Offering - Figurative Daily Offering - Sacrificial Daily Sacrifice, the - A lamb as a burnt offering morning and evening Daily Sacrifice, the - Acceptable prayer Daily Sacrifice, the - Christ Daily Sacrifice, the - Doubled on the sabbath Daily Sacrifice, the - Ordained in mount Sinai Daily Sacrifice, the - Peculiarly acceptable Daily Sacrifice, the - Perpetually observed Daily Sacrifice, the - Restored after the captivity Daily Sacrifice, the - Secured God's presence and favour Daily Sacrifice, the - Slowly and entirely consumed Daily Sacrifice, the - The abolition of, foretold Daily Sacrifice, the - Times of offering, were seasons of prayer Daily Sacrifice, the - With a meat and drink offering Dalmanutha - A town on the west coast of the Sea of Galilee. Dalmatia - A country on the eastern shore of the Adriatic. Dalphon - Son of Haman. Damages and Compensation - Damaris - A female convert of Athens. Damascus - An ancient city Damascus - Besieged by Rezon Damascus - Capital of Syria Damascus - Garrisoned Damascus - Laid under tribute to David Damascus - Luxury in Damascus - Paul's experiences in Damascus - Prophecies concerning Damascus - Recovered by Jeroboam Damascus - Taken by king of Assyria Damascus - Walled Damascus - Wilderness of Dan, the Tribe Of - A commercial people Dan, the Tribe Of - Bounds of its inheritance Dan, the Tribe Of - Descended from Jacob's fifth son Dan, the Tribe Of - Encamped north of the tabernacle Dan, the Tribe Of - Families of Dan, the Tribe Of - Led the fourth and last division of Israel Dan, the Tribe Of - Offering of, at dedication Dan, the Tribe Of - On Ebal, said amen to the curses Dan, the Tribe Of - Plundered Michah of his idols and his ephod Dan, the Tribe Of - Predictions respecting Dan, the Tribe Of - Reproved for not aiding against Sisera Dan, the Tribe Of - Restricted to the hills by Amorites Dan, the Tribe Of - Ruler appointed over, by David Dan, the Tribe Of - Samson was of Dan, the Tribe Of - Sent to seek new settlements Dan, the Tribe Of - Set up Micah's idols in Dan Dan, the Tribe Of - Some of, at coronation of David Dan, the Tribe Of - Strength of, entering Canaan Dan, the Tribe Of - Strength of, on leaving Egypt Dan, the Tribe Of - To divide the land Dan, the Tribe Of - To number the people Dan, the Tribe Of - To spy out the land Dan, the Tribe Of - Tool Laish and called it Dan Dancing - General references Dancing - Herodias' daughter dances before Herod Dancing - Idolatrous Daniel - 2. David's son. Called Chileab Daniel - 3. A descendant of Ithamar, and a companion of Ezra Dan-Jaan - A place near the source of the Jordan. Dannah - A city in the mountains of Judah. Darda - Called also Dara, a famous wise man. Darius - 1. The Mede, king of Persia Darius - 2. King of Persia, emancipates the Jews Darius - 3. The Persian Darkness - A course of sin Darkness - Abstruse and deep subjects Darkness - Anything hateful Darkness - Are full of Darkness - At the death of Christ Darkness - Before the destruction of Jerusalem Darkness - Called Night Darkness - Called the swaddling band of the sea Darkness - Cannot hide us from God Darkness - Caused by the setting of the sun Darkness - Causes us to go astray Darkness - Causes us to stumble Darkness - Created by God Darkness - Exhibits God's power and greatness Darkness - God creates Darkness - Great Darkness - Greatness and unsearchableness of God Darkness - Gross Darkness - Heavy afflictions Darkness - Ignorance and error Darkness - Inexplicable nature of Darkness - Keeps us from seeing objects Darkness - Live in Darkness - Often put for night Darkness - On mount Sinai Darkness - Originally covered the earth Darkness - Outer or extreme Darkness - Over the face of the earth Darkness - Over the land of Egypt Darkness - Perpetuate their designs in Darkness - Secrecy Darkness - Separated from the light Darkness - That may be felt Darkness - The children of Darkness - The grave Darkness - The power of Satan Darkness - The punishment of devils and wicked men Darkness - Thick Darkness - Walk in Darkon - A servant of Solomon. Dart - A light javelin Dart - Figurative Date - A fruit. Dathan - A conspirator against Moses. Daughter - Forbidden to be wife of her mother's husband Daughter - Given in marriage by parents Daughter - Property rights of Daughter - Sold in concubinage Daughter - Used also for granddaughter David - 2. A prophetic name for Christ Day - A creative period Day - A figure of spiritual illumination Day - Adversity Day - Anger Day - Artificial, the time of the sun's continuance above the horizon Day - Break of Day - Calamity Day - Darkness Day - Day of gladness Day - Day of good tidings Day - Day which the Lord has made Day - Day's journey, eighteen or twenty miles Day - Decline of Day - Destruction Day - Divided into twelve hours Day - Evening Day - Evil Day - First day of the week called the Lord's day Day - God's power Day - Good day Day - Later subdivided into twelve hours Day - Made for the glory of God Day - Morning Day - Natural, from evening to evening Day - Noon Day - Proclaims the glory of God Day - Prophetic Day - Prophetical, a year Day - Redemption Day - Sabbath day's journey, about two thousand paces Day - Salvation Day - Six working days ordained Day - Sixth day of the week called preparation day Day - Slaughter Day - Solemn day Day - Sometimes divided into four parts Day - Spiritual light Day - Succession of, secured by covenant Day - The light first called Day - The Lord Day - The path of the just Day - The time for labour Day - Time of judgment Day - Time of, ascertained by the dial Day - Times of adversity called »Day of the Lord« Day - Trouble Day - Under the control of God Day - Vengeance Day - Visitation Day - Wild beasts hide during Day - Wrath Daysman - A mediator. Daystar - Figurative of spiritual life. Deacon - Ordained by the apostles Deacon - Qualifications of Deacon - Translated minister Deacon - Translated servant Deaconess - Dead - Burnings of incense made for Dead Sea - Called East Sea Dead Sea - Called Former Sea Dead Sea - Called Salt Sea Dead Sea - Called Sea of the Plain Dead Sea - Prophecy concerning Dead, the - A priest not to mourn for, except when near of kin Dead, the - A state of deep affliction, &c Dead, the - Absence of all human passions Dead, the - All offerings to, forbidden Dead, the - Being incapable of motion Dead, the - Being without the Spirit Dead, the - By hired mourners Dead, the - Carcases Dead, the - Consecrated part of their crops to Dead, the - Corpses Dead, the - Deceased Dead, the - Diviners &c Dead, the - Even bones of, caused uncleanness Dead, the - Eyes of, closed by nearest of kin Dead, the - Faith without works Dead, the - Freedom from the law Dead, the - Freedom from the power of sin Dead, the - Heathenish expressions of grief for, forbidden Dead, the - High priest in no case to mourn for Dead, the - Ignorance of all human affairs Dead, the - Impotence Dead, the - In a house rendered it unclean Dead, the - Inability to glorify God Dead, the - Instances of, restored by Christ Dead, the - Instances of, restored to life before Christ Dead, the - Invoked and consulted Dead, the - Lasted many days Dead, the - Loud and clamorous Dead, the - Man's state by nature Dead, the - Nazarites not to touch or mourn for Dead, the - Offered sacrifices for Dead, the - Regard often shown to the memory of Dead, the - Return not to this life Dead, the - Testified by change of apparel Dead, the - Testified by covering the head Dead, the - Testified by rending the garments Dead, the - Testified by taring the hair Dead, the - The Jews looked for a resurrection from Dead, the - They who have departed this life Dead, the - Those defiled by, removed from the camp Dead, the - Those who are not Dead, the - Too soon forgotten Dead, the - Tore themselves for Dead, the - Touching of, caused uncleanness Dead, the - Uncleanness contracted from, removed by the water separation Dead, the - Very great Dead, the - Were washed and laid out Dead, the - Were wrapped in lined with spices Dead, the - With plaintive music Deafness - Figurative of moral insensibility Deafness - Inflicted by God Deafness - Law concerning Deafness - Miraculous cure of Death - Apostrophe to Death - Figurative of regeneration Death - Of the righteous Death - Of the wicked Death - Preparation for Death - Unclassified scriptures relating to Death of Christ, the - A stumbling block to Jews Death of Christ, the - Acceptable, as a sacrifice to God Death of Christ, the - Accompanied by supernatural signs Death of Christ, the - Accursed Death of Christ, the - Appointed by God Death of Christ, the - Commemorated in the ordinance of the Lord's supper Death of Christ, the - Demanded by the Jews Death of Christ, the - Emblematical of the death to sin Death of Christ, the - Exhibited His humility Death of Christ, the - Foolishness to Gentiles Death of Christ, the - Foretold Death of Christ, the - Foretold by Christ Death of Christ, the - Ignominious Death of Christ, the - In the company of malefactors Death of Christ, the - Inflicted by the Gentiles Death of Christ, the - Necessary for the redemption of man Death of Christ, the - Prefigured Death of Christ, the - Was undeserved Death of Christ, the - Was voluntary Death of Saints, the - A crown of life Death of Saints, the - A joyful resurrection Death of Saints, the - A sleep in Christ Death of Saints, the - Aaron Death of Saints, the - Abraham Death of Saints, the - Christ's presence Death of Saints, the - Comfort Death of Saints, the - Disregarded by the wicked Death of Saints, the - Dorcas Death of Saints, the - Elisha Death of Saints, the - Faith Death of Saints, the - God is with them in Death of Saints, the - God preserves them to Death of Saints, the - Hope Death of Saints, the - Illustrated Death of Saints, the - Is blessed Death of Saints, the - Is gain Death of Saints, the - Isaac Death of Saints, the - Jacob Death of Saints, the - Joshua Death of Saints, the - Met with resignation Death of Saints, the - Met without fear Death of Saints, the - Moses Death of Saints, the - One thief Death of Saints, the - Peace Death of Saints, the - Precious in God's sight Death of Saints, the - Removes from coming evil Death of Saints, the - Rest Death of Saints, the - Sometimes desired Death of Saints, the - Survivors consoled for Death of Saints, the - The wicked wish theirs to resemble Death of Saints, the - Waited for Death of the Wicked, the - Absalom Death of the Wicked, the - Ahab Death of the Wicked, the - Ananias, &c Death of the Wicked, the - Athaliah Death of the Wicked, the - Belshazzar Death of the Wicked, the - Frequently marked by terror Death of the Wicked, the - Frequently sudden and unexpected Death of the Wicked, the - God has no pleasure in Death of the Wicked, the - Haman Death of the Wicked, the - Herod Death of the Wicked, the - Illustrated Death of the Wicked, the - Is in their sins Death of the Wicked, the - Is without hope Death of the Wicked, the - Jezebel Death of the Wicked, the - Judas Death of the Wicked, the - Korah, &c Death of the Wicked, the - Like the death of beasts Death of the Wicked, the - Punishment follows Death of the Wicked, the - Sometimes without fear Death of the Wicked, the - The remembrance of them perishes in Death, Eternal - A lake of fire Death, Eternal - A mist of darkness for ever Death, Eternal - A resurrection to damnation Death, Eternal - A resurrection to shame &c Death, Eternal - Banishment from God Death, Eternal - Christ, the only way of escape from Death, Eternal - Damnation of hell Death, Eternal - Destruction Death, Eternal - Everlasting punishment Death, Eternal - God alone can inflict Death, Eternal - Illustrated Death, Eternal - Indignation, wrath, &c Death, Eternal - Outer darkness Death, Eternal - Perishing Death, Eternal - Saints shall escape Death, Eternal - Self-righteousness leads to Death, Eternal - Shall be inflicted by Christ Death, Eternal - Society with the devil &c Death, Eternal - Strive to preserve others from Death, Eternal - The necessary consequence of sin Death, Eternal - The portion of the wicked Death, Eternal - The second death Death, Eternal - The wages of sin Death, Eternal - The way to, described Death, Eternal - The worm that dies not Death, Eternal - The wrath to come Death, Natural - A sleep Death, Natural - Abolished by Christ Death, Natural - All shall be raised from Death, Natural - Being cut down Death, Natural - By Adam Death, Natural - Christ delivers from the fear of Death, Natural - Conquered by Christ Death, Natural - Consequence of sin Death, Natural - Consideration of, a motive to diligence Death, Natural - Departing Death, Natural - Enoch and Elijah were exempted from Death, Natural - Fleeing as a shadow Death, Natural - Gathering to our people Death, Natural - God requiring the soul Death, Natural - Going down into silence Death, Natural - Going the way whence there is no return Death, Natural - Illustrates the change produced in conversion Death, Natural - Levels all ranks Death, Natural - Lot of all Death, Natural - None subject to in heaven Death, Natural - Ordered by God Death, Natural - Pray to be prepared for Death, Natural - Prepare for Death, Natural - Puts an end to earthly projects Death, Natural - Putting off this tabernacle Death, Natural - Regard, as at hand Death, Natural - Returning to dust Death, Natural - Shall finally be destroyed by Christ Death, Natural - Strips of earthly possessions Death, Natural - The earthly house of this tabernacle being dissolved Death, Natural - When averted for a season, is a motive to increased devotedness Death, Natural - Yielding up the spirit Death, Spiritual - A call to arise from Death, Spiritual - Alienation from God is Death, Spiritual - Carnal-mindedness is Death, Spiritual - Deliverance from, is through Christ Death, Spiritual - Hypocrisy is Death, Spiritual - Illustrated Death, Spiritual - Is a consequence of the fall Death, Spiritual - Is the state of all men by nature Death, Spiritual - Living in pleasure is Death, Spiritual - Love of the brethren, a proof of being raised from Death, Spiritual - Saints are raised from Death, Spiritual - Spiritual ignorance is Death, Spiritual - The fruits of, are dead works Death, Spiritual - Unbelief is Death, Spiritual - Walking in trespasses and sins is Debir - 1. King of Eglon Debir - 3. A place near the valley of Achor Debt - General references Debt - Security for Debtor - Laws concerning Debtor - Unclassified scriptures relating to Decalogue - Called Tables of Testimony Decalogue - Called Words of the Covenant Decalogue - Divine authority of Decalogue - Examples of Decalogue - Written by God Decapolis - Ten cities situated in one district on the east of the Sea of Galilee. Deceit - A characteristic of antichrist Deceit - A characteristic of the Apostasy Deceit - Are full of Deceit - Are workers of Deceit - Avoid Deceit - Blessedness of being free from Deceit - Characteristic of the apostasy Deceit - Characteristic of the heart Deceit - Chief Priests Deceit - Christ was perfectly free from Deceit - Comes from the heart Deceit - David Deceit - Delight in Deceit - Delivered from those who use Deceit - Devise Deceit - Doeg Deceit - False witnesses use Deceit - Forbidden Deceit - Free from Deceit - God abhors Deceit - Hatred often concealed by Deceit - Herod Deceit - Hypocrites devise Deceit - Hypocrites practice Deceit - Hypocrites practise Deceit - Impose on others by Deceit - Increase in Deceit - Is falsehood Deceit - Job's friends Deceit - Joseph's brothers Deceit - Keeps from knowledge of God Deceit - Keeps from turning to God Deceit - Laban Deceit - Leads to lying Deceit - Leads to pride and oppression Deceit - Ministers should lay aside Deceit - Often accompanied by fraud and injustice Deceit - Pharaoh Deceit - Pharisees Deceit - Pray for deliverance from those who use Deceit - Preach Deceit - Punishment of Deceit - Purposed against Deceit - Rebecca and Jacob Deceit - Should beware of those who teach Deceit - Should lay aside, in seeking truth Deceit - Shun those addicted to Deceit - Sport themselves with Deceit - The devil Deceit - The folly of fools is Deceit - The kisses of an enemy are Deceit - The tongue an instrument of Deceit - The tongue, the instrument of Deceit - Use, to each other Deceit - Use, to themselves Deceit - Utter Deceit - Work Deception - By the old prophet Decision - A divided service Decision - A prophet Decision - Abraham Decision - Asa Decision - Being on the Lord's side Decision - Blessedness of Decision - Caleb Decision - David Decision - Double-mindedness Decision - Exhortation to Decision - Exhortations to Decision - Following God fully Decision - General references Decision - Halting between two opinions Decision - Joshua Decision - Keeping the commandments of God Decision - Loving God perfectly Decision - Moses Decision - Necessary to the service of God Decision - Not setting the heart aright Decision - Paul Decision - Peter Decision - Ruth Decision - Seeking God with the heart Decision - Serving God Decision - Turning to the right or left Decision, Valley of - Decrees - Ecclesiastical, of the church at Jerusalem Decrees - Of the Medes, irrevocable Dedan - 1. Son of Raamah Dedan - 2. Son of Jokshan Dedan - 3. A country, probably bordering on Edom Dedanim - Descendants of Dedan. Dedication - Applied to the repair and maintenance of the temple Dedication - By idolaters in setting up idols Dedication - Consecration of a place of worship Dedication - Devoting any thing to sacred uses Dedication - Esteemed holy Dedication - Feast of Dedication - For support of priests Dedication - Given to propitiate enemies Dedication - Houses when built Dedication - Illustrated of devotedness to God Dedication - Law respecting the release of Dedication - Levites place over Dedication - Of houses Dedication - Of property often perverted Dedication - Of Samuel by his mother Dedication - Of the wall of Jerusalem Dedication - Persons Dedication - Placed with the treasures of the Lord's house Dedication - Property Dedication - Second temple Dedication - Solemn confirmation of a covenant Dedication - Solomon's temple Dedication - Special chambers prepared for Dedication - Spoils of war Dedication - Tabernacle Dedication - Temple of Solomon Dedication - Tribute from foreigners Dedication - Walls of cities Deed - To land Deer - Coloring of Deer - Designated among the clean animals, to be eaten Deer - Fleetness of Deer - Gentleness of Deer - Provided for Solomon's household Deer - Surefootedness of Defilement - Being alone with a dead body Defilement - Blood shedding Defilement - Burning the red heifer Defilement - Causes of, improperly enlarged by tradition Defilement - Ceremonial, abolished under the gospel Defilement - Child bearing Defilement - Cleansed by legal offerings Defilement - Eating things that died Defilement - Eating unclean things Defilement - Egyptian usage, concerning Defilement - Following the sins of the heathen Defilement - Forbidden to the Jews Defilement - Furniture, &c Defilement - Garments Defilement - Gathering the ashes of the red heifer Defilement - Giving children to Molech Defilement - Going into a leprous house Defilement - Having a leprosy Defilement - Having an issue, &c Defilement - Houses Defilement - Laws relating to Defilement - Making and serving idols Defilement - Moral, punished Defilement - Mourning for the dead Defilement - Neglecting purification from, punished by cutting off Defilement - Not to eat holy things while under Defilement - Of priest Defilement - Of sin Defilement - Of unholy doctrines Defilement - Punished for eating of the holy things while under Defilement - Sacrificing the red heifer Defilement - Seeking after wizards Defilement - Specially required to avoid Defilement - The land Defilement - The person Defilement - The sanctuary Defilement - Those under, removed from the camp Defilement - To decide in all cases of Defilement - Touching a dead beast Defilement - Touching a dead body or a bone Defilement - Touching a grave Defilement - Touching an unclean person Defilement - Touching anything defiled by an issue, &c Degrees - Or steps in the dial of Ahaz. Dehavites - Dekar - Father of one of Solomon's purveyors. Delaiah - 1. Head of the twenty-third division of the priestly order Delaiah - 2. A prince of Judah Delaiah - 3. A progenitor of certain Babylonish captives Delaiah - 4. Father of a false prophet Delaiah - 5. A descendant of the royal line of Judah Delighting In God - Blessedness Delighting In God - Commanded Delighting In God - Communion with God Delighting In God - In heart despise Delighting In God - Observing the sabbath leads to Delighting In God - Pretend to Delighting In God - Promises to Delighting In God - Reconciliation leads to Delighting In God - The comforts of God Delighting In God - The goodness of God Delighting In God - The law of God Delilah - Samson's paramour. Deliverer - Appellation of Jesus. Deluge, the - (Unexpectedness of,) of suddenness of Christ's coming Deluge, the - A pledge of God's faithfulness Deluge, the - Came suddenly and unexpectedly Deluge, the - Causes of its abatement Deluge, the - Complete destruction of whole earth effected by Deluge, the - Confirmed by covenant Deluge, the - Date of its commencement Deluge, the - Date of its complete removal Deluge, the - Decrease of gradual Deluge, the - Entire face of the earth changed by Deluge, the - Extreme height of Deluge, the - Flood Deluge, the - Forty days' incessant rain Deluge, the - Increased gradually Deluge, the - Long-suffering of God exhibited in deferring Deluge, the - Noah forewarned of Deluge, the - Noah, &c, saved from Deluge, the - Of baptism Deluge, the - Of the destruction of sinners Deluge, the - Opening up of the fountains of the great deep Deluge, the - Promised Deluge, the - Sent as a punishment for the extreme wickedness of man Deluge, the - The rainbow a token Deluge, the - The wicked warned of Deluge, the - Time of its increase and prevailing Deluge, the - Traditional notice of Deluge, the - Waters of Noah Demas - A companion of Paul Demas - Deserts Paul Demetrius - 1. A silversmith, noted for raising a riot Demetrius - 2. A Christian mentioned in 3 John 1:12 Demons - Adversaries of men Demons - Believe and tremble Demons - Cast out by Jesus Demons - Disciples could not expel Demons - Jesus falsely accused of being possessed of Demons - Messages given false prophets by Demons - Parable of the man repossessed Demons - Power over, given the disciples Demons - Punishment of Demons - Sceva's sons exorcise Demons - Sent to foment trouble between Abimelech and the Shechemites Demons - Testify to the divinity of Jesus Demons - To be judged at the general judgment Demons - Worship of Demons - Worship of, forbidden Denial of Christ - A characteristic of false teachers Denial of Christ - Christ will deny those guilty of Denial of Christ - In doctrine Denial of Christ - In practice Denial of Christ - Is the spirit of Antichrist Denial of Christ - Leads to destruction Denial of Christ - Peter Denial of Christ - The Jews Dens - Used as places of refuge Depravity of Man - General references Deputy - An officer who administers the functions of a superior in his absence. Derbe - Gaius born in Derbe - Paul flees to Derbe - Visited by Paul and Silas Derision - The wicked held in, by God Desert - An arid region bearing only a sparse vegetation Desert - Figurative Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - A mixed multitude accompanied them in Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Aaron and his sons selected for priesthood Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Aaron and Miriam envy Moses Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Aaron dies Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Across the arnon Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Across the brook Zered Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Across the river Jordan Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - All formerly numbered over twenty years old, except Caleb and Joshua, dead Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Amalek opposes Israel Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Amalek overcome Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Appointment of Joshua Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Arad conquered Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - As a punishment Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Balaam not permitted to curse Israel Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Balak sends for Balaam Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Between baalzephon and pihahiroth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Brazen serpent raised up Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - By a circuitous route Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - By the Red Sea Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Called Hormah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Called Massah and Meribah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Called Meribah to commemorate the murmuring Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Called Taberah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Caused universal terror and dismay Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Circumcision omitted during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Commenced from Rameses in Egypt Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Commenced in haste Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Complaining punished by fire Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Conducted with regularity Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Constant goodness and mercy of God to them during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Covenant made Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Date of its commencement Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Delayed seven day for Miriam Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Difficulty and danger of Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Exhorted to look to God Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Faith exhibited in passing Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Fiery serpents sent Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Flesh promised Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - God's choice of Aaron confirmed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - God's glory shown to Moses Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Golden calf made Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Guilty spies slain by plague Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Illustrative of the pilgrimage of the church Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Israel punished Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Israel seduced to idolatry, &c by advice of Balaam Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Israel's song of praise Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Jethro's visit Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Joshua ordered to cross Jordan Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Judges appointed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Justice administered during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Korah, &c punished Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Levites set apart Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Manna sent Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Marked by constant murmurings and rebellions Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Midianites destroyed and Balaam slain Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Miriam dies and is buried Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Miriam punished by leprosy Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moral law given Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moral law written on tables Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moses and Aaron punished Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moses beholds Canaan Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moses commanded to send spies Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moses dies and is buried Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Moses striking the rock instead of speaking to it, disobeys God Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Murmuring for bread Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Murmuring for water Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Murmuring of the mixed multitude and of Israel, for flesh Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Murmuring of the people Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Murmuring of the people on account of bitter water Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Nadab and Abihu destroyed for offering strange fire Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Obstructed, &c by the surrounding nations Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Og conquered Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Order for making the tabernacle, &c Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Order of encamping during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Order of marching during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Order to pass through Ar Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Orders given respecting Ammon Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Orders given respecting Edom Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Orders given respecting Moab Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Overtaken by Pharaoh Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Passover first commemorated Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - People punished for idolatry Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - People smitten by Amalek for going up without the Lord Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Persons selected as spies Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Pharaoh and his host destroyed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Plague sent Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Plague stayed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Punishment for rebellion Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Quails given for one night Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Quails sent for a month Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Rebellion of Korah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Red Sea divided Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Return to the plains of Moab Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Returned by the way to the Red Sea Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Reubenites, &c obtained the land taken from the Amorites Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Sabbath breaker stoned Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Second murmuring for water Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Second numbering of the people Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Seventy elders appointed to assist Moses Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Several of these stations probably revisited Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Sihon conquered Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Spies bring back evil report Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Spies sent Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Tabernacle first set up Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Tables of testimony broken Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Territory acquired during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The Amorites refuse a passage to Israel Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The cloud removed to the rear Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The king of Edom refuses a passage Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The law of female inheritance settled Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The law rehearsed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The law written by Moses Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The people anxious to have the land of Canaan searched Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The people terrified and rebel Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - The tables of testimony renewed Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Their clothing preserved during Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Their healthy state commencing Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Their murmuring punished Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Their number commencing Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Third numbering Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Through the Red Sea Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Through the wilderness of Shur or Etham Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Through the wilderness of Sin Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Time occupied in going from Kadeshbarnea to this station Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Almondiblathaim Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Alush Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Bamoth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To beer or the well Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - TO BENE-JAAKAN Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Dophkah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Ebronah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Elim Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Etham Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Eziongaber Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Haradah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Hashmonah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Hazeroth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Horhagidgad or GudGodah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Ijeabarim before Moab Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Jotbathah or land of rivers Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Kadeshbarnea in wilderness of Rithmah or Paran Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Kehelathah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Kibrothhattaavah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Libnah or Laban Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Makheloth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Marah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Mattanah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Mithcah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Moseroth or Mosera Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Mount Hor Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Mount Shapher Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Mount Sinai Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Nahaliel Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Oboth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To prove and humble them, &c Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Punon Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Rephidim Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Rimmonparez Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Rissah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Succoth Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Tahath Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Tarah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To teach them to live on God's word Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To the mountains of Abarim Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - To Zalmonah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - TO ZARED OR DIBON-GAD Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Tribe of Levi taken instead of the first-born Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Two spies sent to Jericho Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Under God's guidance Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Under God's protection Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Under Moses as leader Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Water brought from the rock Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Water sweetened Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Why called Kibrothhattaavah Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - With miraculous provision Desert, Journey of Israel Through The - Worship of God celebrated during Deserts - Arabian or great desert Deserts - Barrenness Deserts - Beersheba Deserts - Bethaven Deserts - Clouds of sand and dust Deserts - Damascus Deserts - Danger of travelling in Deserts - Desolate Deserts - Desolation by armies Deserts - Dry and without water Deserts - Edom Deserts - Engedi Deserts - Gibeon Deserts - Great and terrible Deserts - Guides required in Deserts - Heath often found in Deserts - Infested with robbers Deserts - Infested with serpents Deserts - Infested with wild beasts Deserts - Inhabited by wandering tribes Deserts - Jeruel Deserts - Judea Deserts - Kadesh Deserts - Kedemoth Deserts - Maon Deserts - Mirage or deceptive appearance of water Deserts - Near Gaza Deserts - Of the Red Sea Deserts - Paran Deserts - Parts of, afforded pasture Deserts - Shur Deserts - Simoom or deadly wind Deserts - Sin Deserts - Sinai Deserts - The disaffected fled to Deserts - The Gentiles Deserts - The persecuted fled to Deserts - The world Deserts - Those deprived of blessings Deserts - Tornadoes or whirlwinds Deserts - Trackless Deserts - Uncultivated Deserts - Uninhabited and lonesome Deserts - Uninhabited places Deserts - Vast barren plains Deserts - Waste and howling Deserts - What affords no support Deserts - Zin Deserts - Ziph Design - In nature, evidence of Despair - Ahithophel Despair - Blasphemy Despair - Cain Despair - Continuing in sin Despair - Judas Despair - Produced in the wicked by divine judgments Despair - Saints enabled to overcome Despair - Saints sometimes tempted to Despair - Shall seize upon the wicked at the appearing of Christ Despair - Trust in God, a preservative against Despondency - General references Detectives - General references Deuel - Called also Reuel. Captain of the tribe of Dan. Devil, the - A fowler Devil, the - A roaring lion Devil, the - A serpent Devil, the - A sower of tares Devil, the - A wolf Devil, the - Afflicted by, only as God permits Devil, the - Are the children of Devil, the - Assumes the form of an angel of light Devil, the - Blinded by Devil, the - Cast down to hell Devil, the - Cast out of heaven Devil, the - Completed by his death Devil, the - Cowardly Devil, the - Deceitful Devil, the - Deceived by Devil, the - Do the lusts of Devil, the - Ensnared by Devil, the - Everlasting fire is prepared for Devil, the - Fierce and cruel Devil, the - Fowls Devil, the - Hinders the gospel Devil, the - Illustrated Devil, the - In casting out the spirits of Devil, the - In destroying the works of Devil, the - In empowering his disciples to cast out Devil, the - In resisting his temptations Devil, the - Malignant Devil, the - Opposes God's work Devil, the - Overcome Devil, the - Perverts the Scripture Devil, the - Possessed by Devil, the - Powerful Devil, the - Predicted Devil, the - Presumptuous Devil, the - Proud Devil, the - Punished, together with Devil, the - Shall be condemned at the judgment Devil, the - Shall finally triumph over Devil, the - Should be armed against Devil, the - Should be watchful against Devil, the - Should resist Devil, the - Sifted by Devil, the - Sinned against God Devil, the - Subtle Devil, the - Tempted by Devil, the - Tempted Christ Devil, the - The Apostasy is of Devil, the - The author of the fall Devil, the - Troubled by Devil, the - Turn aside after Devil, the - Wicked Devil, the - Works lying wonders Devotedness to God - A characteristic of saints Devotedness to God - Abounding Devotedness to God - Bearing the cross Devotedness to God - Christ, an example of Devotedness to God - Doing all to God's glory Devotedness to God - Epaphroditus Devotedness to God - Giving up all for Christ Devotedness to God - In life and death Devotedness to God - Joanna, &c Devotedness to God - Joshua Devotedness to God - Living to Christ Devotedness to God - Loving God Devotedness to God - Our creation Devotedness to God - Our preservation Devotedness to God - Our redemption Devotedness to God - Paul Devotedness to God - Persevering Devotedness to God - Peter, Andrew, James, John Devotedness to God - Self-denial Devotedness to God - Serving God Devotedness to God - The call of God Devotedness to God - The death of Christ Devotedness to God - The goodness of God Devotedness to God - The mercies of God Devotedness to God - Timothy Devotedness to God - Unreserved Devotedness to God - Walking worthy of God Devotedness to God - Want of, condemned Devotedness to God - With our bodies Devotedness to God - With our members Devotedness to God - With our spirit Devotedness to God - With our substance Dew - A merciful providence Dew - Absence of Dew - Called the dew of heaven Dew - Figurative Dew - Forms imperceptibly Dew - Forms in the night Dew - From the clouds Dew - Miraculous profusion and absence of Diadem - Dial - A contrivance for indicating time by the sun's rays. Diamond - One of the jewels in the breastplate. Diana - Goddess of the Ephesians. Diblaim - Father of Hosea's wife. Diblath - An unknown place. Dibri - Father of Shelomith. Didymus - Surname of Thomas. Diet of the Jews, the - A hymn sung after Diet of the Jews, the - Articles of, often sent as presents Diet of the Jews, the - At noon Diet of the Jews, the - Bread Diet of the Jews, the - Butter Diet of the Jews, the - Cheese Diet of the Jews, the - Dried fruit Diet of the Jews, the - Expressed by bread and water Diet of the Jews, the - Fish Diet of the Jews, the - Flesh Diet of the Jews, the - Fruit Diet of the Jews, the - Generally prepared by females Diet of the Jews, the - Herbs Diet of the Jews, the - Honey Diet of the Jews, the - In Egypt Diet of the Jews, the - In patriarchal age Diet of the Jews, the - In the evening Diet of the Jews, the - In the morning, sparingly Diet of the Jews, the - In the wilderness Diet of the Jews, the - Men and women did not partake of together Diet of the Jews, the - Milk Diet of the Jews, the - Of the poor, frugal Diet of the Jews, the - Of the rich, luxurious Diet of the Jews, the - Often reclining Diet of the Jews, the - Often sitting Diet of the Jews, the - Oil Diet of the Jews, the - Parched corn Diet of the Jews, the - Purification before Diet of the Jews, the - Thanks given before Diet of the Jews, the - Vinegar Diet of the Jews, the - Water Diet of the Jews, the - Wine Diet of the Jews, the - With the hand Diklah - Son of Joktan, and name of a district inhabited by his descendants. Dilean - A city of Judah. Diligence - Apollos Diligence - Apostles Diligence - Christ, an example Diligence - Cultivating Christian graces Diligence - Discharging official duties Diligence - Favour Diligence - Figurative Diligence - Following every good work Diligence - God rewards Diligence - Guarding against defilement Diligence - Hearkening to him Diligence - Hezekiah Diligence - Honour Diligence - Illustrated Diligence - Instructing children Diligence - Is not in vain Diligence - Jacob Diligence - Jesus an example of Diligence - Keeping the heart Diligence - Keeping the souls Diligence - Labours of love Diligence - Lawful business Diligence - Leads to assured hope Diligence - Making our call, &c, sure Diligence - Nehemiah, &c Diligence - Obeying him Diligence - Onesiphorus Diligence - Paul Diligence - Preserves from evil Diligence - Prosperity Diligence - Psalmist Diligence - Required in the service of God Diligence - Ruth Diligence - Saints should abound in Diligence - Seeking him Diligence - Seeking to be found spotless Diligence - Self-examination Diligence - Should be preserved in Diligence - Striving after perfection Diligence - Teaching religion Diligence - Titus Dimnah - A Levitical city of Zebulun. Dinah - Daughter of Jacob and Leah Dinhabah - A city of Edom. Dinner - Eaten at noon Dionysius - A convert of Paul. Diotrephes - A false teacher. Diplomacy - Corrupt practices in the officers of Nebuchadnezzar's court to secure the destruction of Daniel Diplomacy - General references Disciple - First called Christians at Antioch Disciple - Of Jesus Disciple - Of John the Baptist Disciple - The seventy sent forth Discipleship - Tests of Discipline - Of armies, for disobedience of orders Discipline of the Church - Decency and order, the objects of Discipline of the Church - Exercise, in a spirit of charity Discipline of the Church - Is for edification Discipline of the Church - Maintaining sound doctrine Discipline of the Church - Ministers authorised to establish Discipline of the Church - Ordering its affairs Discipline of the Church - Prohibits women preaching Discipline of the Church - Rebuking offenders Discipline of the Church - Removing obstinate offenders Discipline of the Church - Should be submitted to Disease - Figurative Disease - Physicians employed for Disease - Sent from God Disease - Threatened as judgments Disease - Treatment of fractures Diseases - Abscess Diseases - Ague Diseases - Anointed Diseases - Art of curing, defective Diseases - Atrophy Diseases - Blindness Diseases - Boils and blains Diseases - Children subject to Diseases - Complicated Diseases - Consumption Diseases - Deafness Diseases - Debility Diseases - Demoniacal possession Diseases - Dropsy Diseases - Dumbness Diseases - Dysentery Diseases - Emerods Diseases - Fever Diseases - God often entreated to cure Diseases - Illustrative of sin Diseases - Impediment speech Diseases - Incurable Diseases - Inflammation Diseases - Intemperance a cause of Diseases - Issue of blood Diseases - Itch Diseases - Lameness Diseases - Leprosy Diseases - Loathsome Diseases - Loss of appetite Diseases - Lunacy Diseases - Medicine used for curing Diseases - Melancholy Diseases - Not looking to God in, condemned Diseases - Often brought from other countries Diseases - Often divinely cured Diseases - Often divinely supported Diseases - Often laid in the streets to receive advice from passers by Diseases - Often sent as punishment Diseases - Often through Satan Diseases - Over-excitement a cause of Diseases - Painful Diseases - Palsy Diseases - Physicians undertook the cure of Diseases - Plague Diseases - Regarded as visitations Diseases - Scab Diseases - Sins of youth a cause of Diseases - Sunstroke Diseases - Tedious Diseases - Ulcers Diseases - Were many and divers Diseases - Worms Dishan - Son of Seir. Dishon - 1. Son of Seir Dishon - 2. Grandson of Seir Dishonesty - General references Disobedience to God - A characteristic of the wicked Disobedience to God - Acknowledge the punishment of, to be just Disobedience to God - Adam and Eve Disobedience to God - Bitter results of, illustrated Disobedience to God - Brings a curse Disobedience to God - Denunciations against Disobedience to God - Forfeits his favour Disobedience to God - Forfeits his promised blessings Disobedience to God - Heinousness of, illustrated Disobedience to God - Israel Disobedience to God - Jonah Disobedience to God - Men prone to excuse Disobedience to God - Moses, &c Disobedience to God - Nadab, &c Disobedience to God - Pharaoh Disobedience to God - Provokes his anger Disobedience to God - Saul Disobedience to God - Shall be punished Disobedience to God - The prophet Disobedience to God - The wicked persevere in Disobedience to God - Warnings against Dispersion - After building the tower of Babel Dispersion - Of the Jews, foretold Dissension - In churches Dissipation - Dangers of Distaff - Ditch, Figurative - Divination - A lucrative employment Divination - A system of fraud Divination - All who practised it, abominable Divination - An abominable practice Divination - Astrologers Divination - Books of, numerous and expensive Divination - Charmers Divination - Connected with idolatry Divination - Consulted in difficulties Divination - Consulters of familiar spirits Divination - Could not injure the Lord's people Divination - Cups Divination - Diviners Divination - Dreams Divination - Enchanters Divination - Enchantments Divination - False prophets Divination - Forbade seeking to Divination - Forbade to the Israelites the practice of Divination - Frustrated by God Divination - Inspecting the inside of beasts Divination - Magicians Divination - Necromancers Divination - Observing heavenly bodies Divination - Observing times Divination - Punished those who sought to Divination - Punished with death those who used Divination - Raising the dead Divination - Regarded as wise men Divination - Regarded with awe Divination - Rods Divination - Soothsayers Divination - Sorcerers Divination - Sorcery Divination - The flight of arrows Divination - The Jews prone to Divination - Used mysterious words and gestures Divination - Witches Divination - Wizards Divisions - Are proof of a carnal spirit Divisions - Avoid those who cause Divisions - Condemned in the church Divisions - Desire of Christ Divisions - Evil of, illustrated Divisions - Forbidden in the church Divisions - Purpose of Christ Divisions - Spirit of the church Divisions - Unbecoming in the church Divisions - Unity of Christ Divorce - Afflicted by Divorce - By the Mosaic law Divorce - Could marry after Divorce - Could obtain Divorce - Disobedience of the wife to the husband, a sufficient cause for, in the Persian empire Divorce - Figurative Divorce - Forbidden by Christ except for adultery Divorce - Forced on those who had idolatrous wives Divorce - General references Divorce - Illustrative of God's casting off of the Jewish church Divorce - Jews condemned for love of Divorce - Law of marriage against Divorce - Married after, could not return to first husband Divorce - Not allowed to those who falsely accused their wives Divorce - Of captives, regulated by law Divorce - Of servants, regulated by law Divorce - Often sought by the Jews Divorce - On account of hardness of heart Divorce - Priests not to marry women after Divorce - Prohibition of, offended the Jews Divorce - Responsible for vows after Divorce - Sought on slight grounds Doctor - A teacher, or master. Doctrines - General references Doctrines - Set forth by church councils Doctrines of the Gospel, the - A faithful walk adorns Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Are from God Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Are godly Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Are taught by Scripture Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Attend to Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Be nourished up in Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Bring no reproach on Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Continue in Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Doting about questions, &c Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Hold steadfastly Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Hold, in sincerity Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Ignorant Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Immorality condemned by Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Lead to fellowship with the Father and with the Son Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Lead to holiness Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Not endured by the wicked Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Not to be received Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Proud Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Saints abide in Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Saints obey, from the heart Doctrines of the Gospel, the - Speak things which become Doctrines of the Gospel, the - The obedience of saints leads to surer knowledge of Doctrines of the Gospel, the - To be avoided Doctrines, False - All men Doctrines, False - Attract many Doctrines, False - Bring reproach on religion Doctrines, False - Corrupt and reprobate Doctrines, False - Covetous Doctrines, False - Cruel Doctrines, False - Curse on those who teach Doctrines, False - Deceitful Doctrines, False - Deceive many Doctrines, False - Destructive to faith Doctrines, False - Hateful to God Doctrines, False - Ministers Doctrines, False - Not to be countenanced Doctrines, False - Pervert the gospel of Christ Doctrines, False - Proud and ignorant Doctrines, False - Punishment on those who teach Doctrines, False - Saints Doctrines, False - Shall abound in the latter days Doctrines, False - Shall be exposed Doctrines, False - Should be avoided Doctrines, False - Speak perverse things Doctrines, False - The wicked given up to believe Doctrines, False - The wicked love Doctrines, False - Try, by Scripture Doctrines, False - Ungodly Doctrines, False - Unprofitable and vain Dodanim - Called Rodanim Dodanim - Descendants of Noah Dodavah - A Prophet. Dodo - 1. A descendant of Issachar Dodo - 3. A Bethlehemite Doeg - An Edomite, present when Ahimelech helped David Doeg - Slew eighty-five priests Doer - Of the word Dog - Epithet of contempt Dog - Figurative Dog - Greyhound Dog - Price of, not to be brought into the sanctuary Dog - Shepherd dogs Dog, the - (Dead,) of the mean Dog, the - (Dumb,) of unfaithful ministers Dog, the - Carnivorous Dog, the - Dangerous and destructive Dog, the - Despised by the Jews Dog, the - Employed in watching flocks Dog, the - Fed with the crumbs, &c Dog, the - Fond of blood Dog, the - Impatient of injury Dog, the - Infested cities by night Dog, the - Manner of, in drinking alluded to Dog, the - Nothing holy to be given to Dog, the - Of apostates Dog, the - Of covetous ministers Dog, the - Of false teachers Dog, the - Of fools Dog, the - Of Gentiles Dog, the - Of obstinate sinners Dog, the - Of persecutors Dog, the - Price of, not to be consecrated Dog, the - Sacrificing of, an abomination Dog, the - Things torn by beasts given to Dog, the - Unclean Domicile, Rights of - Door - Doors of the temple made of two leaves, cherubim and flowers carved upon, covered with gold Door - Hinges for Door - Made of gold Door - Posts of, sprinkled with the blood of the paschal lamb Door - The law to be written on Doorkeepers - Of palaces Doorkeepers - Of the temple Dophkah - Camping place of the Israelites. Dor - A town and district of Palestine Dor - Allotted to Manasseh, although situated in the territory of Asher Dor - Conquered by Joshua Dorcas - Called also Tabitha, a pious woman of Joppa. Dothan - A district and town in Palestine Dothan - Syrian army made blind at Doubting - Exemplified Doubting - General references Dough - First of, offered to God Dough - Kneaded Dough - Part of, for priest Dove, the - (In its flight,) of the return of Israel from captivity Dove, the - Clean and used as food Dove, the - Comeliness of countenance Dove, the - Dwells in rocks Dove, the - Frequents streams and rivers Dove, the - Impiously sold in the court of the temple Dove, the - Mournful tabering of, alluded to Dove, the - Of converts to the church Dove, the - Of mourners Dove, the - Of the church Dove, the - Of the Holy Spirit Dove, the - Of the meekness of Christ Dove, the - Offered in sacrifice Dove, the - Richness of plumage Dove, the - Sent from the ark by Noah Dove, the - Simplicity Dove, the - Softness of eyes Dove, the - Sweetness of voice Dove, the - The harbinger of spring Dove, the - Why considered the emblem of peace Dove, Turtle - Burnt offering of Dove, Turtle - Domesticated Dove, Turtle - Harmlessness of, typical of Christ's gentleness Dove, Turtle - Market for, in the temple Dove, Turtle - Mourning of Dove, Turtle - Nests of Dove, Turtle - Sacrificial uses of Dove, Turtle - Sent out from the ark by Noah Dove, Turtle - Sin offering, for those who touched any dead body Dove, Turtle - Symbolic of the Holy Spirit Dove, Turtle - Trespass offering of, for the impecunious Dowry - General references Dragon - A poisonous serpent Dragon - A serpent of the desert Dragon - A serpent of the sea Dragon - A term applied to Pharaoh Dragon - A term applied to Satan Dragon - A wolf Dragon - Interpreted as a whale, in Dragon - Serpent Dragon - Symbolic Dragon, the - (Poison of,) of wine Dragon, the - A species of, in rivers Dragon, the - Deserted cities Dragon, the - Dry places Dragon, the - Its mournful voice alluded to Dragon, the - Its snuffing up the air alluded to Dragon, the - Its swallowing of its prey alluded to Dragon, the - Its wailing alluded to Dragon, the - Of cruel and persecuting kings Dragon, the - Of enemies of the church Dragon, the - Of solitary habits Dragon, the - Of the devil Dragon, the - Of wicked men Dragon, the - Often of a red colour Dragon, the - Poisonous Dragon, the - Powerful Dragon, the - The wilderness Dram - Called also Drachm. A Persian coin of differently estimated value. Drawing - Of pictures on tile Dream - Delusive Dream - Evanescent Dream - False prophets pretended to receive revelations through Dream - Vanity of Dreams - Abimelech Dreams - Anxious to have, explained Dreams - Condemned for pretending to Dreams - Consulting magicians on Dreams - Daniel Dreams - Enemies of the church Dreams - Excess of business frequently leads to Dreams - God the only interpreter of Dreams - God's will often revealed in Dreams - Impure imaginations Dreams - Jacob Dreams - Joseph Dreams - Laban Dreams - Midianite Dreams - Nebuchadnezzar Dreams - Not to be regarded in Dreams - Often by imaginary Dreams - Often perplexed by Dreams - Pharaoh Dreams - Pharaoh's butler and baker Dreams - Pilate's wife Dreams - Pretended to Dreams - Prosperity of sinners Dreams - Put great faith in Dreams - Solomon Dreams - Vanity of trusting to natural Dreams - Visions in sleep Dreams - Wise men Dress - Ceremonial purification of Dress - Changes of raiment, the folly of excessive Dress - Men forbidden to wear women's, and women forbidden to wear men's Dress - Mixed materials in, forbidden Dress - Not to be held over night as a pledge for debt Dress - Of fig leaves Dress - Of skins Dress - Presents made of changes of raiment Dress - Rules with respect to women's Dress - Symbolic, filthy, of iniquity Drink Offering - Antiquity of Drink Offering - Devotedness of ministers Drink Offering - For public sacrifices provided by the state Drink Offering - Idolaters often used blood for Drink Offering - Not poured on the altar of incense Drink Offering - Offered to the queen of heaven Drink Offering - Offering of Christ Drink Offering - Omission of, caused by bad vintage Drink Offering - Pouring out of the Spirit Drink Offering - Quantity appointed to be used for each kind of sacrifice Drink Offering - Reproved for offering, to idols Drink Offering - Sacrifices accompanied by Drink Offering - Vanity of offering, to idols Driving - Rapid, by Jehu Dromedary - Dropsy - Dross, Figurative - Drought - Figurative Drought - General references Drought - Sent by God as a judgment Drunkard - General references Drunkenness - Avoid those given to Drunkenness - Belshazzar Drunkenness - Benhadad Drunkenness - Caution against Drunkenness - Contempt of God's works Drunkenness - Corinthians Drunkenness - Elah Drunkenness - Error Drunkenness - Excludes from heaven Drunkenness - False teachers often addicted to Drunkenness - Figurative Drunkenness - Folly of yielding to Dru